We all need Recess, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Once again folks, friends,  followers,  fortunate people….

We are all human

Are you wondering how redundant I can be?  Just curious, because if you are I can really be if I try.   Or if I want to be annoying.   It would be I think a little bit of a ..ummm..  trying to get attention, like a kid.  Saying the same thing over and over again.  Except I can say it with different words so I can go on much longer before someone gets annoyed.

Yes, I am easily amused.  Like a little kid I find joy in the strangest of undertakings.   

Now, back to where I was actually going…

Once again, it seems to be THAT day..  maybe I declare that we shall not say that day on here.. so you all an just get away from it for a moment.

I tried to say we can skip it, but I got in trouble for that.  So lets call it


How’s that?  Now use your imaginations and pretend we are in a different time frame of a day that isn;t called the day that shall not be named.  I will give you a second to adjust…and ..  there.

Cool huh?

Today’s Mental Moment

is about Recess.    (see how I did that there?)   talked about imagination and then…  yea you got it I know..smartypantsies.

When we were in elementary school we had recess.  It was fun and a nice break from sitting in a classroom feeling oppresed and having to pee really bad but not being able to becasue the last thing you want to do is raise your hand and have the whole class look at you while you ask to use the restroom.

Another Mental Moment can come out of that.  Back to recess,. ..

The bell would ring and everyone would jump up, the teacher would yell and then out we would go to the playground to run, swing, annoy the crap out of each other, swing on the monkey bars, whatever it was that let out the energy that was bundled in side and ….freed out minds.

Yep, we stopped thinking about math and reading and just thought about playing.  And after 20 minutes we went back inside with a fresh outlook and ability to focus (ideally  sometimes not so much but enough to be worth it)

Kind of seems like we should all have recess.  Mental Moments are kind of like recess…

Consider This:

Just because we are grown up …  or are supposed to be.

(I’m not really, I am only drawn that way but) … being grown should not take out our fun meter.

All the talk of the inner child and how nurturing your inner child will heal your life….   It’s a little heavy but then again I have an inner child that isn’t really so inner.  In fact, my inner child has taken over and now I have an inner grown up..  but the point is whether you subscribe to the inner child and all the stuff that goes with it,…

There is still somewhere in you, a kid,  Tell me I am wrong.  GO ahead, I triple dog dare you.  Anytime we do something silly, its our inner kid.  And some people I know that don;t hide their inner kid are some of the coolest and funnest people to be around.  But here is the crux of the biscuit…

We still have that inner kid in there that not only wants to play, but benefits from it.

You need to have stuff that isn’t all work and seriousness and …stuff, to free your mind and give it some room to run.  All work and no play makes (insert your name here) a dull  ( girl / boy)   is not only true, it can be detrimental to your overall health and well-being.

If you are overwhelmed with  grown up responsibilities, being a parent or a caregiver or any of the gazillion other things that can exhaust us, and you don’t take care of you, then how can you be a rock (in a good way) for someone else if you are run down, wore out, brain-dead from the constant drudgery of said grown up responsibilities.

Taking care of yourself means getting enough sleep and food and taking the time you need for you, so that you can be who you need to be at work, family , whatever….  and one of the best ways to give yourself a break?

Yup you got it.  Recess.

Let your inner kid out every day to play.  However that looks or what ever it is to you.  Whether it be coloring or reading or swinging on the swings…   maybe its playing silly practical jokes on people or eating ice cream with sprinkles…  (extra sprinkles even)

Loosen up, let go, don;t worry if grown ups don;t…. pha!  I am not real popular with the grown up police and I havent gotten in big trouble yet.

You might find a different outlook on life, and if you are worn out, it might give you the boost you need to get through whatever you need to and still be the best you.

Go. Play.


To your Mental State, Whatever it may be…

(think 8 – 12 years old and let’s go to the playground!)

Lizzie Cracked

13 thoughts on “We all need Recess, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. I don’t need the triple dog dare….just need to actually let loose the child. There are days when recess seems to not come in time and the inner child is beating on my brain to be released, eager and ready to play. I need to learn to let go. This is a great reminder.

    Loved the video (despite it is a McDonalds commercial)

    1. Come out and play! SLide down my rainbarrel into my sellar door and we’ll be jolly friends for ever more more !!! I am probably more if a kid now than I was as a kid.. I was very serous and responsible…what? it’s true.! When ever the other kids wanted to do something I would be the one who said – but…. and worry incessantly about the possible outcomes. I was tired by the time I was in my mid twenties… My kids are sometimes exasperatted wit me but I also get the extra note on my creds of “fun” the part of the inner cild stuff I really understand is that I let myself do things that I didn;t get to as a kid… or loved to do as a kid.. I am a lot happier.. Maybe that I don;t worry enough now and I am sometimes … irresponsible for lack of a better word but some of that is just from the thing that I have … not an excuse but trying to fight it was exhausting, letting my kid have some fun… life is better. Even when everything is horrible..no money, no food, how am I gonna get this and pay for that… I still play.. my playground is better than grown up world any old day of the week… 🙂

    1. there was a comment in reply to your comment right here.. i swear it cause I said I spy something that is shiny and that its one of the things I love about you that you are abe to be your inner child…. humph… where is my comment?

  2. I love this post! In fact, I love your whole blog! I was so mad when I found out that kids don’t get recess in middle school. Now the only break we get is lunchtime but, it’s just not the same. I’d always look forward to being outside in the fresh air with all of my people. It’s just sad.

    1. thank you so much.. I declare that we make recess a national past time… or something lijke that… and middle school is de too young to take away soe importatnt thing like that… for sure.

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