Freedom – Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

A Fourth of July fireworks display at the Wash...

Today is the day in the United States we celebrate our Independence.  I think that it is easy to forget the meaning of these holidays like Memorial Day…Labor Day,  Fourth of July..  they all had real and deep meaning when they were started and now it seems like just a celebration because we get a day or 2 or 3 off of work.. and bbq..and maybe cold beer.

Anyways for

Today’s Mental Moment…

I thought a lot about working freedom of mind and self in to the whole independence day theme ..

I was going deep but then I realized oh yeah… it’s a holiday.

So here is a song that I think if you haven;t heard…  in the United States for sure, you must have lived in a cave, or I suppose the possibility that you weren’t  even born is …

This was the anthem of the time the first few years I was in the Army.  We were in the middle of Operation Desert Shield, then Desert Storm.  They played it everywhere and no matter what, I got a little choked up every time I heard it.

(it’s possible that I may have heard it so much that it just….  ok nevermind)

To all my readers in different countries, it may seem a little cocky  – I have actually heard that said before but today of all days is the day for it…

I am proud to be an American..

Let’s take a moment and remember why we have the day off today.  And be thankful.  Be proud.

And please, be responsible.  Don;t drink and drive, or light firecrackers in your hands.

It’s all fun and games til someone loses an eye, or a finger…


TO your Mental State, Whatever it may be.

Lizzie Cracked

8 thoughts on “Freedom – Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Same thing happens to me. I have a Fourth of July Bear that sings it. We killed the batteries in that thing playing it.

    1. Im surprised that it lived until the batteries died… just saying its a very moving song but those bears.. have a way of mauling it… didi it sing along too or just the music?

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