The Organization of Structure, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

I know you think I went crazy again…  oh well wait a minute..

Ok Let’s try again.

Tuesday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The title you may find confusing.. organization of structure?  I have a plan…  du du dudummmmmm…   (are ya feeling it?)

It’s ok if you are confused by the titles of these Mental Moments.  In fact, it works better for me.  If you come here in a bit of confusion and then I make my point..nail it, hit it right on..  then you leave thinking,

Wow that Lizzie sure can clear things up.  It’s another facet of psychological warfare that will soon be revealed, however, for this case and for all of you let’s dispense with the warfare part.  It sounds so violent.  And I am but a humble light bringer, a left over hippy…  Make Love not war and …stuff.

I could have called it;

A few Marbles Short of a Handful

Where’s my Hairbrush?

ummm…  ok well I think you might get the idea that

Today’s Mental Moment

is about organization, and structure.  The structure of organization, no wait…  the organization of structure.

We all have some sort of structure in our lives.  The most very basic one of course is our circadian rhythm, which for the most part and most people runs on a 22-24 hour cycle.  It is your bodies internal system which tells you when to eat, sleep, fart, ok, maybe not fart, but things like it that I am sure you can figure out for yourselves.

Most people who aren’t a few marbles short.  Like me.  I have a free-flowing rhythm.  A fly by the seat of my pants rhythm.  Sounds fun I know but it is not overly functional in a lot of ways.  On the reverse side there is some one who is so structured that they do everything the same everyday, like clockwork.  circadian clockwork.

There has to be a happy medium.  And that is where normal (using the term loosely) lies.  Or is it lays?  Well I don’t know and since my inspiration came late by normal parameters, I am not going to stop and look it up.

Consider this:

We all need some sort of structure.  It is comforting and allows us to not feel constantly in a state of stress which is not good for us.  Have you ever been looking for something that you put in the same place everyday and then it’s not there?  Your car keys?  Important papers?  And it always happens the day you wait til the last minute to find it and you are late.  Well that;s how it always happens for me.  Mostly because I am always waiting til the last minute and always running late.  There is …  some structure in the fact I know this about myself.

A type A person would be thrown completely out of sorts.  I would be out of sorts if it were right there where it was supposed to be.

If you are like me, and sometimes have an overwhelming urge to get your life organized, then it is a signal to you that you are feeling out of control.  Or that you have no control over anything.  Now,  I am used to that feeling so it takes a whole heck of a lot to make me feel an overwhelming need to get organized.  And I try but even if I get it together, it will go back to my usual…structure.

Type A’s are extremely organized and very much in control.  That is their structure.

Structure is comforting and necessary.  Do you see what I am getting at here?

The organization of structure is whatever it is for you.  If you work within your limits and abilities, and can function without stress, then you are organized.

It’s when you try to change your structure of organization that things get knocked wonky.  Or how about when you try to change someone else to do it your way?  Think about it.

Have you ever felt an overwhelming need for organization and tried something that was not part of your normal structure?  How did that go for you?

Do what works for you.  Listen to the voice telling you that you may need to change something but don’t try to be someone, or do something you aren’t.   If you are happy with how you are going, keep going.

Nobody has the upper hand when it comes to organization and structure.  Well, the people who understand themselves and work with what they have, they do.  But the right way is what work for you.  Period.

Here’s a little clip from a great example of two people on extreme ends of the structure and organization scale.  Just for fun.



To your Mental State, Whatever it May Be…

Lizzie Cracked



16 thoughts on “The Organization of Structure, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Wow Lizzie, you sure cleared things up! 😉
    An excellent moment, as always.

    And, for the record, I go ballistic when my keys aren’t there, but always end up laughing when I find them in the fridge. Yes, that happens.

    Don’t let anybody force their systems on you.

    1. the fridge? wowww.. I can’t think of anything to top that.. off the top of my head anyways.. things are kind of locked up in there.. but I bet if I ponder it, I might find something.. thanks for the chuckle,
      Hey….do you include the fridge as a place to look everytime you lose your keys mow? It’s part of your structure?.. and it’s fitting. In a good way. 😉
      next we should discuss getting from point A to Mexico… I am working on that still though

  2. That clip was funny..You’re right should never change to try and be ‘structured’ if you’re not so inclined and I’m not….my husband on the other hand …well can’t do anything about it now..we’ve been married too long lol….Diane

    1. that’s another good point about the organization of structure ,,,getting into relationships we we sometimes end up with someone who is the opposite of us…for example the odd couple and it can work and be really good for both people,, as long as neither tries to make huge changes in the other.. over the years, they start moving toward each other… right? Do you think maybe you have adopted some of his structure and vice versa?

      1. Definitely..I was very shy and introverted when we met and he the total opposite…but over the years we have melded somewhat and gravitated towards the middle point…..Diane

  3. After so many times losing stuff, I developed a healthy OCD about my pocketry. I have to have my wallet and keys in my right pocket, and my cell phone in my left. If I don’t feel the weight, I don’t feel right. Even in the morning when I get up in my posh sleeping garments and eat the breakfast the cook has made and the butler has brought. Just kidding@!

      1. and a structure that allays your fears? I dunno just saying.. thats why we create structure and organization.. isn;t it? Its comfortable and secure… You have your pocket stuff and know how it feels and with that you are not afraid – oir not as afraid maybe…. you think ? or am I just talking shit…

  4. I don’t really want to be ‘organized’ but enjoy playing at it by making lists – they are a form of poetry to me – then I lose the lists. I read a Sci Fi once that postulated there were thousands of inter-dimensional holes in our world, like in a cullender. Lost items fall through these holes and reappear in other worlds where they are collected as a hobby by the other world dwellers. If they don’t want the items they push them back through the holes and we ‘find’ them!
    Thanks for all of your explorations and Likes at art rat cafe – much appreciated…

    1. oh good gosh – what a thought… our stuff comes back to us if the others ih the other place dont want them… oh my… ver ycool actually but .. I like lists.. I used o make them all the tijme until my therapist told me not to and got me down to paper and crayon – which was actually – art? why yes I think so…

  5. I was for many years very disorganized, chaotic in truth. Then I became overly controlling, this added a very high level of stress to my world. Now, though there are parts of my life I like to control (maybe to much) I allow a certain amount of controlled chaos in as well. This seems to be a good balance.

    Love the clip by the way! You have cleared things up. I married Oskar

    1. Well he is a lot better looking – just saying.. glad you found balance. I have tried so many dffferent systems and stuff over the years I had one that worked super well but I didn’t know w hat I was getting into – it sisn;t seem like ..complicated at the tine which is a miracle I actually managed to keep it together really well fir about 6 years,,, but I can;t get back into it even though I\know i can make it wok….sigh… I fight it all the way…

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