Gratitude is Not That Hard, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

And Here it is the day before the day you all wait for every week..

Thursday, Beach Day

Ok sorry, thank you for pointing that out to me.  The day you all wait for every week is Friday.  I wrote it and it appeared to be Thursday was the day before which would make today..Wednesday which we know it isn’t because yesterday was Wednesday.

I truly appreciate you pointing that out to me…  little voice, conscience, Jiminy Cricket..type.. um..

Today’s Mental Moment

is about gratitude.

Gratitude is an attitude.  A state of mind.  If you teach yourself to be thankful for the little things in life, you have a much more content outlook.  If you are thankful for what you have then you won’t be bitter about what you don’t.

I really believe this is true.

But more pointedly, the kind of gratitude I wanted to share is the gratitude we show others who take the time to do something nice for us, or get us a gift, or take the time to help us…or anything…  just because.

I bet all of you knows at least one person, and maybe its you that has a hard time accepting gifts or help or kind deeds.  Maybe, if it is someone you know, you wonder why they are that way.  If it’s you have you ever paused to think what it is that makes you uncomfortable?

Consider This:

It may seem that a person is ungrateful for what you have done because they don’t acknowledge it right away, or don’t get excited, or don’t say anything all.

And if you have given the gift, deed, or help, you might feel a little deflated.  You wanted the person to be happy, maybe it was to lift their spirits.  You wanted the person to love it.  You put your time and effort and hard work into it, or specifically thought of that person when you saw something and had to get it for them.

And you get….   toe scuffing…crickets chirping…

It is..  a crash after the high if you will.  ( if you love to give gifts and do nice things for your friends just because you know exactly what I mean right?)

The person you have given to, is probably not ungrateful.

Maybe they wonder what they did to deserve this.

Some may wonder what is it you want from them.

Others may worry because there is no way they can give back in kind.. forgetting that being a friend is gift too.

They are so completely overwhelmed and happy that it seems that the mere words thank you aren’t enough.  This is especially difficult in the virtual world where you can’t run up to someone and give them a huge hug and be like a slobbery exuberant puppy.. and if you tend to go on and on and on because thank you isn’t enough and you don;t know how else to let it be known that you are so very grateful ….  I um..have a little experience with that one..just a tad..

I don’t do things or give to or help anybody with the expectation of return, I just do what I feel and often, for every one gift or whatever that I do, there are a hundred more ideas swimming around in my brain for others.  they will come out eventually when the time is right.  And I don’t want anything in return.

Except to see that you are happy, that what  I did put a smile on your face, that it made a difference to you.  That gives me joy, and you have given me a gift in return.  See how that works?

Let me offer a little demonstration.

To my readers and steadfast loyal followers, these Mental Moments are my gift to you.  They may not always be what you want them to be, sometimes you want funny and the moment gets you thinking, some days you have other things that the moment doesn’t pertain to. There are days when you want to just watch a funny video and not read a bunch but because that is what I offer for the day, you read anyways.   Some days I am ON IT…some days, I can’t find it in less than 8000 words but you stick with me and you come and every time you comment and let me know I brought it on home, and every time you comment after I took you on a circular diversion, it beings me joy.  You show me gratitude by being here and your gratitude, gives me purpose.  Thank you….

See that?  it was like a big circle..  I give to you and you are grateful and give it back and I am grateful and on it goes and we are all happy and ….it probably has a tail.  Today is one of those patience trying days and you have been great.  Tomorrow we will do something fun.  (and here we go again 🙂

A couple of things before I let you go, if you have a hard time saying thank you here are a couple of things you might consider;

  • If you are given an opportunity, give it your best shot.  If you aren’t interested,  be honest.
  • If you are given a gift, say thank you.  It isn’t inadequate, it returns the gift to the giver.  The circular thing there…
  • You are worthy, don’t ever feel that you aren’t.  If someone thought to give you something or do something for you, whatever it is, you are worthy of having it.

I am sure there is more….  if you are the giver and you give to a person who seems uncomfortable

  • keep in mind that it is probably something deeper then you.
  • let them know you did it because you thought of them or think they are special and deserve it.
  • encourage them to be honest, and don;t be upset if you miss the mark.  If you did it from your heart, I bet you won’t and if they know they don’t have to act like they like it if they don’t, except they will, it makes it easier to accept any kind of gift.

Gratitude is an attitude, if you are grateful for the small things, for everything you have or are given, you will understand that you are worthy of it.  Every bit.

To Your Mental State, Whatever it May Be.

Lizzie Cracked


30 thoughts on “Gratitude is Not That Hard, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. You nailed this one, Lizzie. It is an attitude. I am a giver. I always have been. (I am a regifter, too, but that is another mental moment on my space.) I never look for anything in return, I do it to make other’s lives easier. I am a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel for $8 an hour. If I know something which will make things (faster, easier, better), I would be remiss NOT to give.

    And thank you is always more than enough. Just to be truthful, I like when someone says, “You know, I really hate this.” Why? It lets me know how to better tailor the things I do choose to give. There is no downside to the truth…ever.

    Much love ❤

    1. awwww you just always kow the right things to say and I really appreciate that…. and as far as mental moments go… I should be thanking you for inspiring them… (thanks 🙂 ) have you forgotten how the mental moment came to be ? 😉

      1. I take no credit for your expressions of brilliance.
        Of course, if you take up surfing and start winning all the competitions, I’m totally taking credit for that. 😀

    1. thank you! and you are very much appreciated as well.. even when I do a crappy job at showing it… thanks for not giving up on your wayward and flighty cyber daughter… 🙂

  2. So very right on…Somehow along life’s way some people can’t wrap their head around the fact that they are special and loved….and so have trouble sometimes accepting good and nice things happening to them…’been there done that’…..but thankfully I am in a much better place right now …..Diane

    1. THat is something to surely be grateful for and also that you recognize it…it is hard to see the good if you don;t think you are worth it and gifts can be torturous when you are hung up on all that stuff.;;.. its a great feeling to know that we are worthy and to give AND receive with a open and loving heart.. 🙂

  3. Wow, your blog is a wonderful maze – so much happening I need weeks to explore – anyway, just wanted to say thank you for visiting art rat cafe and taking the time to comment…

    1. Pete I am always grateful to see your smiling mug… what? it kinda looks like it is smiling sometimes at a certain angle…right there! Whether you talk shit or whisper sweet nothings in my ear I am very thankful you are here… and you are damn lucky cause I will take either one from you anytime so you don;t have to guess .so you should be grateful for that… 😀

      1. Now that’s what i am talking about! This is why i read your shit! And its 90% whisper my dear and only 10% shit talking only because you my dude and i know you can dish it as good as you take it. Peacccccccceeee. What up Guapo! You need my book on how to check your woman! Ohhhhhhhh snap Lizzie you hang with Ginger?

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