Never a Dull Moment Mid Afternoon Mental Moment



Anthology (The Moody Blues album)

Sorry just singing The Moody Blues
I thought of it as soon as I put Tuesday up there  Just popped right into my head out of nowhere.  Good tune.  

Yes is Tuesday and its Afternoon, whether it still qualifies as mid-afternoon well…. we could probably find a way to make it work…

Anyways, it’s just like that around here.  Never a dull moment.

Which got me to thinking about, dull moments, or specifically being predictable.

Some people like that kind of structure of having predictable things, and stuff…friends that are predictable.

I know this may come as a big surprise to you but I am not a very structured person.  Oh I try believe me.

True Story….

Anyways, as far as beig predictable and all that, I think to each his own and good enough so if you like that sort of thing that’s great.

But it never hurts to have a friend or two that never cease to amaze you.  Amuse you, or maybe frustrate you a little…just so you know you are alive…or something.

Like little Katie here from Horton Hears a Who…

DO you have a Katie in your life?  I think everyone needs one.  Just to keep things interesting.

Until you get one, you got me.  And Mental Moments.

Never a dull moment indeed.


To your Mental State, Whatever it may be….

Lizzie Cracked

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