To Fake or Not to Fake Mid Afternoon Mental Moment

Why the grumpy faces?  Everyone seems so ..cranky.  Except for you over there…yes YOU.  You know who you are.  You look happy?

grumpy, angry, mad

Ahhh its Monday again.  How many Mondays does it take to…

Yea I got nowhere to go with that.  I was trying to cover up the fact that I jsut realized…    

I still don;t have a Monday sign.  How can I forget Monday?  (believe me I tried)

I could have faked it when I realized I was still missing a day.  But what a coinkydink…  today’s

Mental Moment

happens to be about faking it…

What’ is IT?

Well anything really.

There are lots of things you can fake and in a pinch and  it may be the right decision.

Faking happiness on a Monday will have you sticking out like a turd in a punch bowl.  Just saying

Have you ever heard that saying “Fake it til you make it?”

I think it’s a bunch a hooey bunk.  That’s just of course my slightly cracked observation but consider this:

If you are faking it (let’s give IT a name and call it …Anything that is sustained in life…  so LIFE)  then what happens if:

1.  You never make it?  I used to fake a lot of things that I still have absolutely no ability to perform to the standard acceptable result.

2.  You go out in a thunderstorm and get zapped a bolt of lightning … while you are faking it but before you are making it?

Does that mean the sum of your life is that …it was fake?

I realize these silly idioms were probably made with small fakey things in mind, like having to introduce someone you just met to a group and you realize you forgot their name….   fake it baby!  (you can in so many ways….trust me on this one)

To illustrate the point perfectly.. here is the BEST FAKER SCENE EVVEERRRR!!!

and when if come to faking that..why would anyone want to?  That’s biting off your nose to spite your face.  Which is a Mental Moment for another day.


To your Mental State, Whatever it May Be….

Mine’s real.. I couldn’t fake this mental crap if I tried.  I could see why you may want to though…never a dull moment ..nope.

Lizzie Cracked

14 thoughts on “To Fake or Not to Fake Mid Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. I can’t view the video on my blackberry but I am willing to bet money(if I had any) that it is the scene from when Harry Met Sally. Can you keep a secret? I um well, at the end of the relationship with JC I used to “fake” it; I didn’t feel it cuz he was such an A-hole but I wanted him to think he was the greatest (like he does) haha if he only knew….but it’s our little scecret now, you, me and the thousands of people who might read this blog.

  2. Let’s be frank. I am not that good an actress. Wait, let me put it another way. I refuse to be that good an actress. I know I can because I had a wicked drama professor who thought the perfect role for me was the Mock Turtle in Alice in Wonderland. (Did you read the post where I talk about my singing? ) I did the role justice, but if what I am is not acceptable, then, go on to someone who is. Period.

    1. well said.. it took me a while to figure that out. I was a really good faker, in hs I had an eating disorder and anxiety through the roof and depression.. well, bipolar actually but didnt know it then. But anyone that looked at me.. I was a perfect straight A student, pretty smart… it was winter, When it all came out ah nuts.. I faked it so well I convinced myself I was happy (might have beeb that I lived on Laffy Taffy’s ?) til I found out I wasn’t then … because of the outcome.. I went back to faking it. It sucked. and no..I dont think I have read that yet.. I will have to check it out.

      1. Life is entirely too short to fake it. I learned that really really really early. I saved my eating disorders for after school. It would have been wasted in a place I was voted ugliest in my class seven years in a row. The laugh was on them. My husband thought I was beautiful and that is what mattered to me. xxx

  3. An excellent moment, as always.
    I’d say that fake it til you make it can still be useful depending on the situation, and how the person faking it defines it.

    Great video clip!

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