Keep em on Their Toes, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment


Eye contact
Eye contact – Hey Its important!    Photo credit: recursion_see_recursion)

You want to know where my sign is?  It got held up at security.  

Today for our

Mental Moment

we are going to try something different.  Getting a little interactive.

Cimon its Monday….  Whatever you are doing I want you to stop and look around you.

The first person that makes eye contact with you say something random.  Whatever you  think of….

Here I will give you some ideas…

  • If you are say…on a train on your way home stand up and shout I WANT A PONY !
  • If you are driving, at the next stop light roll down the window and ask the person in the car beside you for some  Grey Poupon.
  • If you are still at work , just say hi to someone you don;t normally talk to, then maintain steady, intense eye contact.
  • Proclaim loudly ” I am a Cucumber of God!
  • In Walmart or other grocery stores, go to the dairy section and when someone comes up next to you say,  “You have to have real butter for a butter canoe.  Shut UP! Parkay..  you are not butter! “
  • Sing the Monkey Song.  If it doesn;t have a tail it’s not a monkey – then be sure to point out all the non tailed things that are apes…even if they have a monkey kinda shape…
Do you see how much fun we have had with Mental Moments?  I am so very pleased.

You get the idea?  ok.  GO!  (and here is some music for you to enjoy too….)

I want reports on what you did and how it went.  Go Go Go!

What are you waiting for?  DO IT!  oh..the video..ok…


To Your Mental State Whatever it May be…

I am feeling a little crazy, just thought I’d share.  I like to do that you know  😉

On a side note – sorry this was later than usual.  my scheduled publish didn’t work.  I realize that some of you are eating dinner – like on the east coast.  you can wait til tomorrow morning.  Just do it….  Would I steer you wrong? As long as you keep your clothes on and your hands to yourself, you will be fine…just fine 🙂  Oh no sudden movements either.  

ok FINE!  I set it wrong.  Back tomorrow same Cracked time – ok earlier than today – same Cracked channel.  

Lizzie Cracked


9 thoughts on “Keep em on Their Toes, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. I just looked at the 7 yr old and yelled ‘Gorilla’ and he wasn’t impressed.

    I will try again later.

    Do we HAVE to keep our clothes on? Cuz I’m pretty sure if I take my clothes off and THEN yell ‘gorilla’ while outside, someone will be impressed!!

    1. I think you are right… legal said I had to say that.. wouldnt want to get sued for soneone streaking and then me getying blamed … 🙂 between you and me… you an do whatever you want.. just DO IT ! Gorilla ws really clever btw… I like it

  2. Lizzie–you’re just too much. Where do you come up with this stuff? You have a truly creative brain–if you ever think of putting together some of your posts into a compilation, I think you’d have an avid audience for a book or e-book. I mean, where else could they get a view of the world like yours?

    1. awww thanks 🙂 I don;t know where it comes from – well some if it from movies and stuff…and if I could harness the other 500,000 ideas that ping in my brain in any given minute / day / week… 500,000 a week is still pretty productive, just imagine what fun THAT would be! 🙂 I am thinking about that though…oh I caught that one now I just have to act on it…sigh…YES MoodtraK..ok.. I am ON it thanks 🙂

  3. I think I will walk into a crowded room and yell out that my pony would like a cucumber of god slathered in grey poupon before he rides off in his butter canoe to search of the non-tailed monkey-shaped apes.

    And I will do it while staring at EVERYONE!!!

  4. Lizzie, I haven’t seen anyone today because I’m in a mind-bend warp. We Bipoles are like Tadpoles, potential is the nature of the beast. I think I’ll go to Whist game tonight and yell Fire, or maybe that’s not so smart 😦 I’ll yell Water!

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