Revenge is Best (not?) Served…, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Friday, Sparkly Friday

Mental Moment

Yay!  Its Friday again. Do they keep taking days out of the week?  What am I missing?   Short week

At least mentally.  

Today;s Mental Moment is a bit of a cautionary tale.

Have you heard that revenge is a dish best served cold?

I always took it to mean that if you are going to get your revenge on someone who has wronged you or someone you care about, it’s best to wait a while.

There are a few pretty good reasons for this.  The person who wronged you, will let their guard down as time goes by so that the longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will catch them by surprise,

It also gives the revenge seeker, the server of the dish, the ability to look at their plan with much less emotion then right after the wrong was done to them.  When you are upset or angry, it can cause you to be careless.

It can also cause  increased intake in the form of comfort food like…um donuts!  and  chocolate or whatever else you might tend to indulge in when you are feeling angsty or agitated.  When that happens it is even harder to concentrate on what  you are planning, therefore to make more mistakes.,

Last and I think most important, is that if you wait until some time has passed, and you have cut the treats down to manageable, the petty slip ups, the minor infractions the ways in which we were oh so wronged, tend to dissipate.

It just doesn’t seem so important in the big scheme of things, and you have better things to do.

If after some period if time you can not shake it, then go ahead plot your revenge.

Practical jokes are the best kind.  And of course you would not want to hurt anyone Right>?

I think it’s another way of saying cool your heels, don;t be hasty,   Let calmer heads prevail.   That’s just my slightly cracked observation on the dish of revenge and why it is served cold (with a nice Chianti and a side of fava beans? )

I think its more for our own benefit, disguised as the belief that it is for maximum get em back factor.

Something to think about.

Let’s take a look at Sheldon’s revenge from The Big Bang Theory.  Maybe he didn’t wait long enough.

Even the best laid plans of revenge, served hot or cold, can backfire.  So who is the one who got got?


To your Mental State, Whatever it May Be….

Lizzie Cracked


30 thoughts on “Revenge is Best (not?) Served…, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Hmm…I’m going to have to think about whether I’d have aborted when other people showed up.
    Possibly. But not definitely.

    And living well is always the best revenge!

    1. YOu are welcome welcome, most welcome 🙂 Do you have any idea how long it took me to find a BBT that I could embed? A looonnnng time. I do have a whole list of videos now though 🙂

      1. it was – oh my it brought some great new ideas for Mental Moments…I gathered wuite a few… then I found they were disabled to share,, I will thihk of somethig, even if it sending them out via email… you know to the people that like to get funny things 😉

  2. I will constantly maintain the refrain…

    The best revenge is living well.

    Nothing tells those inane little weasels they have failed like being happy. They stew in their own petty, evil hatred and wonder where *they* went wrong…never once noticing you refused to give them the power over you to make you crazy over their pettiness.

    Just two more red cents…

    Love love LOVE you new signature… or is it one I had just missed before?

    1. ah yes living well.. which becomes apparent if you are letting the dish cool. to some anyways. The signature ..yes its new. I have been playing some. 🙂 Lots of new art farts.. well, all the days of the week except three (ok so most) and a couple more. Not sure if its artsy fartsy creative juices flowing…or procrastination 🙂

  3. I was going to ask for your help to get Hobbles back for her April Fools prank, but after reading some of these it seems it might be a better idea to just keep hinting I owe her revenge & just never do it. I hope she doesn’t read this. Hi Lizzie!

      1. I miss her too! Maybe we’ll just have to keep hinting we are coming up with something diabolical & she’ll be very nervous waiting for the shoe to drop!

  4. Love Big Bang Theory , and post was great , I’ve done the revenge thing when I was younger ( don’t worry in the form of practical jokes I’m not truly horrible haha) But but as I have grown up I have started to agree with the saying the best revenge is living well , works for me 😉 Xx Kel

    1. I agree.. and that’s part of what we figure out while we wait to cool down … I don’t even use practical jokes as revenge anymore – just for fun 😀 if I need to um..vent….I write 😉

      1. HOBBSY!!! HOBBSY HOBBSY HOBBSY!!!!! WHEN ARE YOU CONING HOME??? I MISS YOU!!! I have been waiting for you..and you snuck in… ok..tomorrow.. Love you ❤

    1. hmmmm…sometimes but sometimes the best thing is to ,,,oh I wouldn;t know, I am not a vengeful person… really… Im not.. this was all speculative…..oh but I agree,,,did I say that already?

      1. like Karma? I like Karma… the most trouble I have had with her that bad luck to talk about how lucky you are? Cause that is I think why she was little bitchy to me… I bragged about my ass too much.. not because I think I am reay all that..just cause I was so happy that its not what I thought it would be…. as soon as i stopped saying things.. she left me permanent damage 😉 but the ones who have it coming oh wowza… yup.. i will leave it to fate..

  5. IDK… where’s the fun in “living well” or “leave ’em” alone? ‘sides one’s gotta be really strong to not do anything… oh, did I say that out loud‽‽‽

    hämndattacker stenar (google translate’s version of “revenge rocks”, which translates back to English as “revenge attacks blocks”… I guess Swedes don’t do revenge…


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