Take a Chance, Mid Afternoon Mental Moment


Mental Moment

Ever been in a situation, or met a person that you just weren’t quite sure about?

What did you do?

We have all been there..   generalization..well yes but I am betting it’s true.  I could be wrong, but on this I will take that chance.

Maybe its a new food you didn’t know if you should try

A job you should take..

a vacation spot to visit…

Someone that intrigues you that doesn;t fit the spectrum of who you normally are attracted to…

a friend that is very different from you.

Maybe there is only one or two little things stopping you…

Are you the kind of person that has to have everything aligned perfectly to jump in…

Or if you think it looks good, you are all in, consequences and risks be damned and caution to the wind…

If you are one, do you wish you were like the other?

Have you ever not taken the chance..  not jumped in..not loved that person, or been their friend and then later find yourself thinking …what if?  or wondering if you had good reason and why you didn’t …

Did you ever stop to think that maybe this person

this place

this time

this thing

this chance …  is there for you to take, for a reason?

And that even if you play it safe, every single choice you make, everything you do, is taking a chance.

Every. Single. Day.

Just wondering…


To Your Mental State, Whatever it May Be

Lizzie Cracked (never broken)  high risk but worth it.  I think so anyways.  😉


18 thoughts on “Take a Chance, Mid Afternoon Mental Moment

      1. how do you know I am not an alien.. well I guess it doesn’t matter..I got the cheetos and you will just take your chances eh? Yup – most angels would be scared Sh**less 😉

  1. I tried to comment via the reader and was told quite bluntly to beat it, so I’ll try from here and see what happes!

    Abba will never be the same for me now 🙂 cautious with occaisonal bursts of wild abandonment sums me up. The bursts are generally me at my best or worst. It’s just I never know where I’ll end up until it’s too late.

    Nice post 🙂

    1. thank you 🙂 I can relate… I just am rarely cautious.. never a dull moment… I loved Abba when I was a kid..still do lol.. but I never thought they would translate so well… 🙂

  2. I like this idea. What if . . . now you’ve given me something to think about tonite, something I wouldn’t have normally! I love this muppet video. How can the muppets be so inspiring. I mean when you think that they are just glorified socks it’s so silly. But still they are socks with star quality! 😀

  3. I’ve always been a jump in with both feet furst and figure out the details later kinda gal. I decide to buy a house and buy with absolutely no idea how I would pay for it. My 1st husband asked me to move back east with him after a couple of months of dating and I went, I’ve applied for and gotten jobs I wasn’t qualified for, I haul scrap for God’s sake. I always figure, what have I got to lose? Am I sorry about some of my rash decisions? To be honest; I hate my life right now but I probably still wouldn’t change anything. As painful as the end results were (ie with JC) I found out a lot about myself in the process and I wouldn’t want to give up loving someone that much. I didn’t know it was possible to love that unconditionally or that completely. I have so much more compassion and empathy for people because of what I experienced through “bad” choices. At least I tried. Playing it safe doesn’t usually teach you much.

    1. if you learn from every experience and apply what you learned to the rest of your life..then regret doesn’t really factor in too much.. we can either learn from the past or hang on to it… and only one is the choice to be happy.. ..I think you got the right one..you will get there.. ❤

  4. I am the one who tries. Different is not bad. Sometimes, all I learn is different means incompatible, but I would never know that if I did not take the chance. If I waited around for everything to fall into perfect order, I would be the skeleton on the park bench waiting for Mr. Right. I have a problem with that level of patience…as in I simply am not that patient. I would rather do something and find out I was wrong than do nothing. I never wonder “What if?” Life is far too short for regrets.
    ❤ Red. xxx

  5. I use to jump in with both feet… I have since learned to think things through very carefully. I need to determine if my choice is truly what I want or a manic whim. I certainly have “what ifs”.

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