After Kindergarten, There’s Batman Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Ahem..Scuse me…  ?

I would like to bring you a Mental Moment, if you please?

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Anima...
I suggest you pay attention…  

It’s another Monday..there have been a few.  So In case you have filled this little moment of the day with another activity, which I am sure isn’t half as mental as a Mental Moment, 🙂  I would just like to …you know politely ask that you stop what you are doing now, and come back to the Mental Moments we grew to love and count on.

Yep, I know they were that good…  my inbox is flooded with all kinds of pleas to bring them back.  Ok, not really but you thought about it. And yes I am employing the tactics of the Jedi…  Jedi mind tricks are the best.

Those Jedi master guys are pretty good.  It takes a lot of skill and discipline to pull that off.  No no, you don’t need to wonder then how it is that I can use Jedi Mind tricks …   it’s not important.  Just pay attention.

Before there were Jedi..  you know who was the biggest badass super ninja,?


He smart, he’s funny, and gosh darn it…  yea.

Today’s Mental Moment …

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Batman.

After Kindergarten I mean.  There were many good lessons in Kindergarten,

Kindergarten and Batman… yup..

I don’t think I need to say anymore.  Do I?  No…   oh!   he’s hot too..  🙂

and Batman could own any old Jedi dude any day of the week….  hands down.

Don’t even bother arguing with me about it.

Ok you can if you want but … I am stubborn and moody.

You won’t win.  If you can accept defeat then argue away.

But let’s enjoy the Mental Moment first….



To your Mental State, …Whatever it May be.  🙂

Lizzie Cracked (never broken)  and back to putting the Mental in your Moments..  (as if you need help )  and a small intermission to focus on your mental state…

M – F  between noon and night…  (what?  I am being  flexible)  pencil me in.  No, wait, make it pen…   count on it.  🙂


12 thoughts on “After Kindergarten, There’s Batman Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Happy hap hap happy to see mental moments (you) back!!!
    Dang! I have to get my cousin to send me that picture of her and I with Batman and Robin
    I used to daydream about me and Batman livimg happily ever after in the batcave. Sigh! Some of the best laid plans go awry.

  2. You know the original TV Batman, Adam West is from my hometown of Waitsburg Washington. Although he was long gone by the time I lived there so I never met him. I never watched it because I think it was on the same time as Star Trek and we all loved Star Trek in my family. So I don’t really know much about Batman — except that he’s awesome, of course! 😀 And yay for Mental Moments!!

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