Weekly Photo Challenge: Today


Was a really, very hot day
The kids were all wanting to go out and play
but they couldn’t get too happy
with the heat so crappy
til the sprinklers chased it away!

playing in the sprinkers, chasing away summer heat,


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

  1. On a hot day there is nothing like running under the sprinkler. Thanks for visiting my blog and listing it on your site. Hope you visit again.


      1. uh..yea. wow.. you are a natural.
        I really just wing it too… but I dont want the ones who really try to feel bad… I am all about feeling good see and so I gotta ya know… not flaunt my many talents too much … yea,,. like now.. going…

      2. mine too. Its an art form.. did you see the MEan Streak posts…. My Mean Streak and the sarcastic retort? or using humor as a weapon. I think you might enjoy them. maybe. or not. but probably so

      3. well I donlt think you should… too much of a good thing….Rome wasnt built in a day and all that stuff… take it slow …savor it…, I mean I haven’t even got to the beginning of yours yet I keep stopping on titles that intrigue me.. I think I am at last week.. maybne a few last month… I am just gonna bite the bullet and scrolll without stopping til I hit bottom.. yea that;s what I am gonna do…

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