What the Monkey? Mid-NonAfternoon Mental Moment


Its  Hobbler’s Birthday.  Yay!

I did my Birthday tribute to her earlier, in fact I forgot about the Mental Moment because I was so wrapped up in the EPIC  TALE..  Da na na na <—- dramatic music that goes with EPIC TALE  (Da NA NA NA)  not to be confused with MaNaMaNa..cause that isn’t really dramatic enough ..Epic, maybe but it

oh whatever..

Today’s Mental Moment…

Is the perfect time to bring out this little gem.

I can;t hold onto it any longer and one thing I did forget to put in Hobb’s birthday post was a Happy Birthday Song…

sooo..  um  maybe I should be thanking Hobbs and anyone else with a birthday today, for giving me a reason to share this Mental  What the Monkey moment with you…

The rest of you..  don’t blame anybody but me.

Unless you have a birthday today.



To Your Mental State Whatever it May Be..

Lizzie Cracked (never broken)


18 thoughts on “What the Monkey? Mid-NonAfternoon Mental Moment

  1. I am proudly “out” with my bipolar too, and I write about it a lot! Listen, saw you’re having the WordPress problem with that stupid checkmark. Follow this link and do EXACTLY what it says, and the checkmark AND line will disappear from your comments. Think of it as a universal birthday present to the blogosphere… and if you repost, pls. give a credit to my blog? Cuz I spent a helluva lot of time (good manic time, wasted on a glitch, ha ha) to fix this and I hope you spread the good news around. Here you go:
    Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore, Madison, WI

    1. Lol – some of these htat I find are just beyond…you can only laugh. I had that one awhile back ..Im pretty sure you saw it the guy in the woods with the heeled boots and body suit? I think you commented… but honestly I can;t even think of a really smart ass thing to say.. just laugh. 🙂

      1. It makes me really appreciate my friends who have time to surf YouTube for this stuff! I am ever so happy to watch the ones you put up!

      2. my kids help me too. I have a few that 16 yo suggested. I am one of those curious people who may be looking for something specific and just can;t help clicking on the damn next video cause it looks intriguing.. I am very glad to share them and make it worth while to spend the time 🙂

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