Kick Ass! Mental Moment that isn’t Mid-Afternoon

Today’s Mental Moment…

What day is it anyways?  Oh Monday.

Kick-Ass (film)

Today’s Mental Moment is late.. so it’s not Mid-Afternoon.

And I am not gonna say anything much about it.

Except turn the volume up loud.

It makes you feel like you wanna..kick ass doesn’t it?  Or feel good about the ass you already kicked if you were doing some of that earlier.
Let’s hear it for the little guy. And turn up the volume please.



I love you guys.


To Your Mental State Whatever it May Be…

Lizzie Cracked (NEVER Broken) don’t mess with me unless you wanna see what Kick Ass is.. I got people who know how to do it. Just saying.

15 thoughts on “Kick Ass! Mental Moment that isn’t Mid-Afternoon

  1. I had this moment at 1pm today. left the office and the first cd in my car case i flipped to was audiosalve. popped in Cochise and cranked it.

    i felt better for 4 minutes.

    1. see if I had been on top of my game today – that coulda been more like 7 minutes..or even 12. . glad you found a mental moment though. hope this brought it back.:-)

  2. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I can’t do a good job cleaning the house if heavy metal isn’t destroying my speakers. Don’t ask me. Hey, house cleaning requires a certain amount of ass kicking!

  3. LOL Lizzie and the music!! It made me feel like getting up and kicking someone’s ass just for the pure joy of it! Unfortunately 37 already went to be, but I’m all charged up now! Thanks for always making my mental better! 😀

  4. When I go off the deep end I get in my car, open the windows, drive past the local GM plant, crank up the stereo, and put in an Ayumi Hamasaki techno CD!

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