A Letter to the Woman that Stole my Life on the Occasion of Your First Wedding Anniversary

Dear STB,

I am sitting here deep in thought wondering how to stop wanting to smash your face in.  Sounds violent I know, and knowing you, you will probably get a restraining order or something.  Mostly because you are a drama queen, and because in your fear, you don’t know a thing about me. 

But you stole my life you miserable bitch.  And then looked me in the eye when I asked you why and whimpered “I didn’t know, I had no clue” .

That is a pile of horse shit.  You knew and you knew exactly what you were doing too.  You found a man that used to ..  like you.. and being the sorry, miserable , ignorant whatever you are, you decided to get him back.  And because you knew him before, you knew just what to wave in front of him to lure him away.

And just how to act spineless and weak and let him walk all over you to make him stay.

You bought him.

That’s all it was.  He made a deal with the devil, and so did you.

Funny I heard you are broke.  Flat broke.  But still you find ways to feed his addiction, to give him what he wants, to muddle his mind and cloud his vision so that he doesn;t wake up again and wonder what in God”s name he is doing with…you.

You think that piece of paper is your rights to him?  Laughable.  You can’t change what was and you will never have him the way I did.

He was a real man when he was mine.  Strong, passionate, tender, caring.

Look what you have done to him.  Yeah, you.  You and your spinelessness, your codependent weak ways.  You will do anything to keep him. You don’t even care if he can’t stand you.

As long as he stays, and boy, keeping him full of painkillers and whatever other kind of drugs he wants and has you hooked on is a sure good way to do it.  Cause if he was at all in his right mind, anything close to the man he was when I was with him, he would be gone so fast, without looking back.

I tried to be your friend, to support you and help you.  I tried to trust you because I confided in you how afraid I was to trust any woman involved with him.  You promised me I could trust you.  You spun your own sad little tale of betrayal.  And then you betrayed me so badly, it hurt almost worse than what he did to me.

You , pretending to be a christian woman, to actually give a shit, are a fake and a fraud.  Whatever it takes to keep him.

Are you really that stupid to think what happened to me won’t happen to you?  Except there is one big difference.  When he moves on, he won’t be calling you and flying back to see you and telling you how much he loves and misses you and how much he wants to come home.

You are not, and will never be home to him.

You only have a piece of paper that makes you think is your claim over him.,

I, you miserable bitch, have his heart.

But I don’t own him.  And that is the difference between you and me.

You will cling to anything, any shred of proof of your claim that you were soul mates, meant to be together.

I have nothing to prove.

You can keep him.  Look what you have done to him.  When he was with me he was vibrant, he was strong and able.  He ran a business and laughed. He lived.  We lived.  And loved.

With you, I am sure you are surprised if he gets out of bed any particular day of the week. Oh yes, he spent a bit of time in bed when we  were together, but ..um that was together doing things you have no clue about.

You deserve to know that you, will never be me.  You will never take my place. You will never have his heart, or be part of his soul.  You will never be the passion that stirs him or moves him.  And everyday you are with him, you know he thinks of me.

And thank the powers that be, I can never be you.

You are a home wrecker, no good christian upstanding woman.  You are sick.  Sicker than him.  You deserve whatever heartache befalls you from what you did to me, my kids. our family.

Did you really think that you deserve happiness when you so wretchedly stole mine?  Do you deserve  happily ever after, when you destroyed someone else’s?

Oh sure, he is just as much at fault.  For you could not have done what you did without his consent.  The fact that consent was given under a drugged out haze of misguided belief only lets him off the hook a little. But it negates anything you think you have with him.  You bought him.  And you will pay dearly for that.

If you loved him, you would not sit there and help him die.  You would fight for him to live.  I did.  I tried.  But you were sitting right there beside him giving him more and more and telling him your pitiful lies and whimpering like a  weak and simpering bitch you are.

Happy anniversary you Spineless  bitch.  And many more.  You made your bed.  You think you got what you wanted?   Watch and see.

I know how this story ends.   And one day I will have the satisfaction of watching  you suffer,  as you watched me fall apart.  Lose everything I had and all my hopes and dreams.

Watched being the key term.  I am no longer in pieces.  No longer a shadow.  I am more without him than you will ever be to him.

There is no forgiveness for what you have done.  No God will save you from your dark  ugly heart and soul.   Spout all your christian sayings and platitudes, you aren’t a christian, you are evil.

You reap what you sow.  Think of that when you wonder why he is so damned unhappy with you, a shadow of the man he was.  Think of that when he reminisces of the happiness we shared and his former life with me.

You. Reap. What. You. Sow.

And know this too when you are miserable and wishing he could love you more.

I am happy.

Because I sowed the seeds of happiness.  I took out the nasty choking weeds that someone else tried to over run my life with, and I have beautiful flowers and the joy and happiness and fulfillment I have always wanted.

I don’t need a man to do that.  

I don’t need another woman’s life to do that.

You shouldn’t either,  but you stole mine.

Keep it.

Regards and Best Wishes for a long and happy marriage.

Wedding Bells

69 thoughts on “A Letter to the Woman that Stole my Life on the Occasion of Your First Wedding Anniversary

    1. that’s about how I felt last year. at a a complete loss when I found out. he thought I should congratulate her too. told me to be nice to his new wife and say congratulations… lol..yea..

  1. Lizzie? Are you all right? I’m pretty sure you already know that forgiveness is for YOU, not for the person who wronged you, right? You know how to get hold of me if you need to talk.

    1. I am great … super de duper. I am a little miffed at people that want to throw me outta their iife – say they want nothing to do with me … block me and treat me like crap and think that – after I don;t make any attemots to stay in contact or bother them or even give a rip about them… they can harass me and just pop up whenever and …I am pissed. and I am tired. and I felt like letting everyone know it., otherwise I really am great.

  2. Lizzie, I think you have every right to vent your feelings, and I hope the woman you are upset with reads this, and never comes back to your blog. The thing is, you really are happy, and holding feelings like this inside will bring you down. The best thing she could do is read this, realize the harm she is causing by feeding his addictions, check him into a recovery center and take some time to really figure out what she believes and if she’s going to practice what she preached. Actually, I can think of a few more things she could do, but you get the picture.

    1. YOu know what Hobbs? I dont even care anymore. He made his choice and she has to live with it. I am better off.. and I think this is my last bit of letting go. THanks for the support 🙂 I think some people are missing the point but thats ok… served its purpose..and maybe I will tke it down tomorrow. I am not perfect and I am not a hateful persone in anyway. People walk all over me a lot Hobbs cause I take a lot… maybe I should bold the part about being her friend and how she screwed that up and the part about he is just as much to blame. .. I wish them the best. they deserve each other. Cute couple too ..wish I could post pics 🙂

      1. Lizzie, it is awesome that you shared your heart. It is hard to stop people from walking over you when you care and love deeply. There are too many assholes who take advantage of it. Just still try to care a little. If you don’t, you get cynical like me. 😉

  3. Well written. I do get a sense of some underlying pain and hurt though. I hope that by writing that you were able to release some black junk.. I don’t know you but as your friend asks Are you ok? Talking can help. I do like my veggie gal although I know not all days are roses and La-Las. Peace from T-town Alabama.

    1. thank for asking – I am great and I have let it go….put it in a bubble and poof. I was just venting. and giving her something to get he panties in a twist about. its fun to see her trying to untwist them. takes a while. they wanna be here and make stupid commetns on my blog, well I just feel like giving them something to comment on. thanks I am all good 🙂

  4. Not to be all sensible and reasonable and stuff, but… does the guy not share some of the blame in this? Little bit? I mean, he made the choice – he’s at least as much to blame. And if he’s that easily led, then… possibly ‘fuck him’ might be an appropriate attitude to hold?

    You are, as far as I can tell, a pretty good person. I think you deserve someone who is already fixed.

    1. Yea the part that say he is just as much to blame? that would be where I I say he is just as much to blame. I already said fuck him to him. don;t need him dont want him. I am all good.

      I only wrote this cause she keeps coming on my blog looking for something to start drama with,. I just thought I’s help her out. I coulda posted pictures and said really bad things. but I am a nice person really. see the part I said I tried to be her friend – I meant . I was her friend. – I just wanted to give her something to think about. they deserve each other and i don;t care. He left a comment just yesterday – on a different post. YOU think smash her face in is a little bit too strong? 😛

      fine then …I’ll just flip her the bird and I am all good. no more vile nasty shitty feeling left in me…sunshine and butterflies.

      1. Sorry, I must have missed the sentence where you said that. Anyway, I’m sorry for your loss, but not sorry you lost him, if you get what I’m saying. I’m sorry most of all that it seems like that bitch either wants to rub your face in it, or actually wants you to be okay with it. What an asshole.

      2. thanks. Hey you know what we should do? we should have a pity party for them… they like that sort of thing. Really they do. Oh I left out the part too about this is what she wanted but know she wants to whine and cry how miserable she is…did I leave that out? damn I was in a hurry.

        I am tired of the assholes in the world getting away with it. I just for a moment didnt want to be the bigger person …

  5. Right on, Lizzie!
    I can’t imagine what it’s been like to go through this and then have them showing up on your blog, but the way you’ve dealt with it, and other things you’ve shown us on your blog says you are stronger and more wonderful than them.
    And while it’s heartbreaking that she (and he) did this to you, everything else says you’re building an even better life, with your kids and grandson, friends and everything else.
    To hell with stb. and peter too.
    Go you!

    1. thank you for that 🙂 it means a whole hell of a lot. A person can only take so much really. Even an awesome person like me 😉 ( I read that on the internet. that i am awesome 😀 ) I am only human. And I did the best I could to be the bigger person. I just want them to leave me alone. He already did it..she got what she wanted..there is no reason to come here and rub my nose in it. And no reason I should have to swallow it silently anymore. THis is where that part ..fury that hell hath nothing equal to came out .. I hope they have a very happy life together and I wish them the very best.

  6. Oh Cyberdaughter! I will kick them both from here to Timbucktoo! Good for you for venting your feelings. At the risk of sounding like a mom, you know they do deserve each other and that NOTHING good is ever going to come of it. I really do believe in Karma and these two deserve to be miserable. It sounds like they might already be. That’s what they gets! I don’t know the whole story, of course, but I can well imagine. They sound miserable. So that’s hopefully a tiny bit of consolation. And you are HAPPY! HA HA HA NANNY NANNY NANNY on them! (gosh it’s nice to be 60 a mature!) You rock way more than they ever will Lizzie!

    1. I only hope I am as mature as you at 60! 😛 Thanks so much for your love and support .. I do feel a whole hell of a lot better I really really do and of course the prospect of stirring up a little trouble is always an added benefit 🙂

      1. Oh Yes! And the beauty of stirring up a little trouble now and again is that not only can you shame them in public but it gives you great fodder for your blog! Talk about turning a negative into a positive!! LOL! Oh if they ever found out . . . . The pen is mightier than just about anything! Your the one holding all the pens! (hugs!) !!!:D

  7. Lizzie I will say this for all the people that tell you forgiveness is for you not the other guy … horseshit and bullshit and any other kind of shit they want to pile on. Forgiveness is for the other guy when they crawl across broken glass and beg for it, when they are full of remorse and are willing to say out loud they acknowledge all the miserable and rotten things they have done to cause harm in the world and to you. Forgiveness is not free and should not be granted simply because people think you should.

    Forgiveness of self is silly. If you didn’t do anything just what in Hades hot flames do you have to forgive any way?

    Forgiveness doesn’t make you feel better (believe me I know).

    Forgiveness only makes everyone else feel better. If you are not walking around with a black cloud of anger hoping peoples extremities rot and fall off, well never mind forgiveness.

    Living well is the greatest thing you can do. There is nothing wrong with an occasional ‘suffer bitch’ for what you have done; nothing wrong with now and then venting. Nothing wrong with a lack of forgiveness for those who show no remorse.

    I say “Bite Me” to all those who believe I owe forgiveness for their bad acts. Suck hot coals.

    This was wonderfully done. Forgive me please for my foul temper and foul mouth.

    1. Good Lord there is nothing to forgive you for! Thank you for that – you said it beautifully. And after El Guapo buys you a beer…I’ll buy you another one! That was AWESOME! 🙂

      1. Well dears, can’t drink anymore (thanks to the Azzhats that put three bullets in me) but we can always find a park and have a cigarette. It is the only bad habit I have left, my only remaining vice. If you don’t smoke, well you can sit down wind and we can all shoot ugly daggers at the ijits that sniff and give me stink eye as they meander by.

        But thank you for the cyber beer at least.

  8. He doesn’t deserve you Lizzie. He never will.
    And I swear to you, on my dark heart, if he comes around here again, I will not be shiny towards him.

    Remember that piece of info I shared with you the other nite? She too was a ‘friend’ of mine/ of ours. Con artists come in all shapes and sizes and often times disguised as a ‘friend’.

    I hope you have found some kind of closure from writing this, however small it may be- it’s a start, my beautiful friend!

    Love you mama! Longtime!

    1. Thanks – and I love you too! I did think long and hard about what you said..and you are right about so much – and I wasn;t going to do it but there is a comment on OOFSA..or whatever it was….and I just got pissed. I am tired of taking the crap in silence. I don;t care if she ever reads it…although the thought of the muck it WILL stir up there brings a little impish delight to my world., I am over it. And tired of them just thinking they can walk all over me, THEY blocked me, I have not disrespected that – bothered them – tired to get a hold of them – or even written about them here… so they don’t get to get away with it this time – or ever again. and I do feel better… you have helped me so much.. I have the most awesome friends ever 🙂

      1. What I said the other nite was only my opinion, and nothing more.

        I may or may not have voiced my concern to a mutual friend of ours when I saw it post (think over-bearing Mother- that’s me), but I see now that this was something you needed to get out there and I won’t get in the way of that darlin’!

        I hope you know that there are many of us who have your back on this. Seriously- he’s not welcome and I have no problem saying that in your defense. I have a big mouth – it’s a gift ;o)

      2. Weather was great – Thanks for your pull with the gods! It’s the traffic that screwed me.
        I’ll get em next week…

      3. oh crap – didn’t even think about the traffic but nice to know I still gotta a little say so with the powers.. 🙂 I know you weren’t surprised tho 😀

      4. No, no, nooooooo- I NEVER said that I would STOP picking on the innocent, Guaperella.
        But that sure was funny of you to think so!
        Lizzie- where do you find all of these silly people?

        ‘Using my gift for good’.
        Bahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa. Ha. <—– That was me, laughing.

  9. Ok for the record lets get this right for you and all your mis informed low life scum that follow your silly ass blog cause they like you are all nut jobs like your self . Ok first let me say to miss cunt face valentine who the fuck are you to judge me or Donna !! Do we know you?No we dont so crawl back under the rock you came from and as far as remorse you douch bag have just been cursed (and if you knew me and what the powers that be and I control will make your skin crawl) for the rest of you poor ppl who believe any of the shit that MISS SLEEZY SPEWS then you to are also now cursed and may God have mercy on your souls !!!!
    Beth or Lizzie as you know her took 4 years of my life. I gave her love took care of her ,raised her children when she couldnt cause of her bipolar mental illness !!!!I am and will for ever be ok with the choices I have made .Did she tell you she made my life a living hell ,use her bipolar illness as a crutch ?did she tell you she wrongfully had me arrested ,Did she tell you I worked and supported her and her kids while mine did with less or with out ! I am certan she hasnt told any of you these things !!Did she tell you she was a drunk when i met her and was on probation for drunk driving with her kids in the car !!!!oh!!!! suprised !!!! no you ppl know nothing about me or the woman I am Married to so you can all shut the fuck up! look only at your own lives and worry about you not me ,my Wife and what we do and to clear the record on being broke thing we make more money in a month than all of your sorry asses put together !!! six figures is a joke !!!!! we on the verge of millions not that its any of your concern get jobs and a life instead of sitting at home prob.on SSI cause your all !!! a bunch of low life scum and LIZZIE this will be the last time you ever speak of me,Donna ,my children or even my dog or you too will be in a mess with the chandler police and the maricopa county court system that youll wish you were never born > so …. while your 70 year old parents raise your children (the ones that you havent given away or had taken from you )write your little blog fuck and suck all the nasty men out there you can and I HOPE FOR YOUT SAKE YOU ALLREADY DONY HAVE H.I.V. !!!! FUCK WITH ME ONE MORE TIME !!!! NOW I DARE YOU TOO!!!!!! ENJOY YOUR DAY AND FUCK OFF !!!!CIAO

    1. There you go again, Pete. You turn up every so often and leave a comment, usually something ranting about how you were wronged, and Lizzie is horrible, and none of it is your fault. then you say fine, you’ll never see me again.
      And then you turn up, with the same thing.

      And yet, while the letter she wrote is more about your wife than you, you show up and go on about all the things you did for Lizzie. But there’s nothing in what you wrote defending your wife or standing up for her.
      Nothing about what she did to Lizzie. Nothing about how Donna didn’t steal you. Nothing about her controlling you. Nothing about whether or not she’s a backstabber.
      Makes we wonder Petey…

      But I don’t wonder a whole lot. Because then you go and make a whole stack of threats (on the internet. Where there’s a permanent record.) And I realize we’ve met before, Petey. On the playground when I was six.
      Everyone else grew up, but you’re still sitting in the sandbox screaming about your toys.

      The web is a big place, Pete. Run along and find somewhere else to play. Because you’re boring the hell out of us.

      Everyone of your comments ends with how you’ll never be heard from again. You want to prove to us you can be believed? Start with that.

      1. lol just like i said your one of the scum too what are you bipolar too
        or are you fucking her lol !!!! sure heres my address 127 weldon court goshen ct 06756 come on by we can have a man to man talk !!!! i dont go by some assumed nameand your ip address is just as easy to look up too asshole

      2. Neither scum nor bipolar. Though some of the coolest people I know are bipolar.
        And not fucking her or anyone else besides my wife.

        The conversations I’ve had with Lizzie in the real world-
        Well, none of your business, and since they involve thinking and complete sentences, you probably wouldn’t understand them either.
        But I’d stack 1 Lizzie against 500 of anyone in your circle.

        Kind of sad that that’s your whole answer to what I said.
        And kind of expected too.

    2. Good job proving what an asshole you are. Why are you even on here? Lizzie has a right to say whatever she wants about whoever she wants. If you don’t like it than go away! You are ranting and raving like a deranged lunatic. You are the one who crawled out from under something.You are totally defensive and what the hell is up with how much money you make? Who cares? Just go away. You and your wife.

    3. Peter,
      Wow. Are you feeling good about yourself right now? Laughing cause you think you destroyed me? I know you and I think I am probably right. Look at your comment, you came onto my blog, where people use words to express their feelings or thoughts – and you spouted off with insults and idiocy. You didn’t even bother to spell it right or use proper grammar. That was kind of dumb. If you had responded intelligently, you might have been taken seriously. You used to like what I wrote..it used to make you laugh. When you paid any attention to it. If you had you would see that – I never told your name, or where you live, or your wife’s name or any other way to identify you. You did that all by yourself. For all but a very few knew, it could have been fiction., Crazy enough for it surely. I never told your darkest secrets or the mistakes of your past. I talked of how much I loved you. How much I missed you. How I thought I needed you. How scared I am for you and the addiction that has taken over your life, and took away ours.

      I found people that were rooting for you – for us. People that supported me and understood that I loved you. People that I realize now, love me more than you ever can. You can not come here with your ignorant attitude. These people don;t care about my past. They don’t care about mistakes I made. Because everyone makes them., Just look back at your life for a minute Peter. The mistakes you have made, the demons that haunt you… you run away from them by judging others. You have no right. to put yourself on a higher plane of existence than anyone here. You never did. Your accusations – your insults – all that says to me and everyone is that you know in your heart what you did to me..you know how you hurt me worse than any other hurt I have felt in my life. And you are looking for an excuse to blame it on me so you don;t have to deal with it.

      I won;t even bother countering the vitreous crap you chose to say with the truth. Believe what you want. I stood by you when …no man would logically have any right to think they deserved it. and you didn;t either. I was faithful to a man that married someone else. I loved you with every ounce of my being. I cried for you, ached for you… missed you. defended you. waited for you.

      This letter wasn’t to you. Yet you come on here and as my friend said, there is no denial, there is no defense of your wife. And also Peter, there is no remorse and no apology. You. Left. Me. You lied to me. You used me. and then you tossed me away like garbage. Because I am bipolar? That doesn’t work here. Some of these people know more about me than you ever will. Because, they heard me. They didn’t make assumptions about me based on false beliefs, they saw me for who I am, they accepted me and they give me back the love and support that you can’t.

      You are jealous and angry, you vileness towards them towards, the thought I might be with another man, only shows that you know you made a mistake that you cant fix. You were my world Peter. And still would be if you hadn’t done what you did. Somewhere in the corners of your drug addled brain, you know that. Money? no body cares Peter. That;s not what makes a man, And I told you once and you even admitted you realized it, its better to have nothing with the right person than everything with the wrong one. You can make something out of nothing. We were. We could have, But you didn’t really want to work for it. She gave you all that you really wanted, So why aren’t you happy? Because you know what you left behind? No matter how hard you try, you can;t convince yourself, or anybody else for that matter, of your happiness – you know you made the biggest mistake of your life and lost the best thing you had. The best person you had. The love you have always wanted and the woman that gave it to you.

      Now that you have put your names and address and all that crap out there, there is nothing you can do to me as far as anything I write. So you have no reason for you or the spineless …your wife to bother me anymore.

      Happy Anniversary.

      1. Well said Lizzie…this is your blog, and no one is forcing them to read it. You my dear, are amazing, and you are right that we love you and will support you no matter what. No abandoning here.

      2. Beautiful and very well said Lizzie. Guapo said for me, you rock. Keep on rocking and don’t let nothing stop you. I’m sure you missed that I gave you an award but with all that madness, I see how. Your strength is to be admired. Your award for your beautiful blog is on my blog.

    4. Sad, really sad. Shocking that Lizzie would waste her precious time or breath on an illiterate such as yourself. One incapable of expressing himself with other than ridiculous threats, childish name calling or poor pitiful me the world is a terrible place and I am the victim.

      Peter, you don’t know the people here. Other than your ex-wife obviously. However, the fact that you follow her Blog and feel the need to respond is indicative of your on-going compulsion to be part of her life. Were you truly so indifferent, so happy with your current choices you would not be so angry, so ready to step in and defend your immorality and lack of ethical center.

      As for me? Well, I stay out of the name calling business. I have been grown for a very long time. Karma is one of those things that always come back to bite you though, remorse a thing you should strongly consider. When you hurt a person whether through bad intentions or simply through your unintentional actions, it never hurts you to say “I am sorry my actions have hurt you”; or, “I am sorry my words have hurt you”.

      Remember, what you send out into the world, inevitably comes back to you threefold.

  10. Lizzie, the past is the past, and I have been where you are. You know what you are, you know where you are going, and you know what is right for you. So, many things are quite obvious, so we really don’t need to consider anything. We just need to support you in your endeavor to be happy and to live a life fulfilled.I do find it interesting that he chose to threaten you publicly.

    Blessing to you and yours!
    Karen Syed

    1. thanks Karen – Good to see you! Yea funny how he chose to do that in publc – and list his address and his name and his wife’s name… thanks for the support – I apprecite it

  11. Was dropping by but if I get mad, it will be really ugly. Lizzie, the hell with anybody trying bring you down. I couldn’t read what that ass said because you know I can go on for days. Stay strong and do not let this mf attempt to devalue you. You and this blog are awesome. I don’t take likely to being called scum. Guapo, you handled that very well. Me, it would have been worse. Thank you for standing up for Lizzie! You rock!

  12. Should not have read that. Smh as I leave. Dude you ain’t seen a true curse yet. Lmmfao. We cursed. How stupid. And by the way Pete, money don’t make you. It can all be taken away. If you don’t know that, you are dumber than you sound. Sound real tough on this blog but where I’m from, you wouldn’t make it out of with that mouth. Threats is weak. You really funny though. Another big bad man trying to bring a woman down. What we call them again? COWARDS!

  13. I came across your blog on accident while searching for a hair salon. I took the time to read the letter to the STB….The title was very catchy. I really do appreciate that someone else can have these types of feelings even after knowing the other person has dug their own grave and knows it. I almost thought I was wrong for having these types of feelings, that I should be able to let go. I still haven’t because I love him so much that it hurts me to know he is so unhappy, even after he wronged me I cared for the prick. After a while I had to disconnect so he would have no contact and I wouldn’t have to know how unhappy he was. This was the only way the pain started to fade. Then after 3 years of marriage he decided to divorce his wife and come to me for consolation. I think then I realized that it wasn’t him I loved. It was the fake person he led me to believe he was. At that point I could let go. I don’t wish that on anyone -a divorce that is- but I am sure that the STB will get what is coming. As for Peter, I am thinking that he had a “front” that he put on or else you wouldn’t have fallen for him. You are better than that. He doesn’t deserve your heart!!!

  14. I will never cease to be amazed at the level stalkers will descend in order to feed their desires you are as miserable as they. Chin up, chickie. By far, you are the better person.

  15. Lizzie…
    I am new to your blog, but I have to say that this post here shows the strength you have found and the balance of being you are achieving in your life. Bipolar is just a label for a physical imbalance of the body, it is the balance of the soul what makes a person….

    I say you keep rocking your world and stand tall & proud…
    Love & Hugs ~

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