This is one of my very favorite kid moments. Almost 5 yo is now 5 and putting his pants on all by himself thank you very much – no MOM I don;t need help!.. How quickly things change. Enjoy 🙂

Running Naked With Scissors

Today I am exasperated.

A headache that won’t quit and I went grocery shopping.  The relief of having food in the house overshadowed by the worry it will be gone long before I am able to go again.  Since it is fall break,  I had the privilege of taking my almost  5yo and 7yo with me.  I already loathe grocery shopping because it is hard for me to stay organized as long as it takes to finish and to fight my impulsive nature.  Doing it with kids in tow makes it the equivalent of a root canal with no Novocaine.  I hate to curb their youthful exuberance and curiosity but if I got one more flat tire with the damn cart…or had to tell them one more time to keep their paws to themselves it is quite possible I would have started babbling incessantly and drooling on myself right there in the store.

As soon as we…

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