Wreck This Journal – and so it begins, with a cup of coffee

For those of you that have been barreling along with me, you know what this is about.  For those of you just joining in the mental madnss..mayhem.. ummm..  FUN!  yea fun 🙂  or those of you just popping in to take a look,

you can read what this is about here.  No, not there.  ——->  HERE.

Cover of "Wreck This Journal"
Cover of Wreck This Journal

Ok now that everyone is up to speed, here is my first offering from my journal.  Hey has anyone been over to see what Lauren is up to? Just curious..  if ya wanted to give me a hint or something.

Before I get to it though…

Yes, I know you came to see it but I have to talk about it first.  Like that’s a big surprise.   🙄

There are certain problems in trying to show you all that is involved with this journal.  Not the pages I am putting up today but eventually there are pages that say things like,

Rip this page out and throw it away, accept the loss.  or  Glue these pages together.  or chew this page up.  I was a little perplexed how to actually show these things but I have come up with a solution of sorts.   I will show a picture of the original page and then what I have done with it.

Now for today, and possible a few other pages, I have already done it but they are fairly self-explanatory and pictures of the finished page, or work in progress with do nicely.  You may even get some video out of this…who knows?

Ok, here we go.

Pour Spill Drip Spit or Fling your Coffee.  

You have to know this was a labor of love and not as easy as it sounds.  This is from my last and only cup of coffee this morning…  there has to be at least the last two sips on the page.  The sacrifices we make.

I added a little extra to it…  doodles and stuff.  Cause it’s MY journal and I can wreck it however I want…  right?

So…what do you think?  What might you have done with this page?

22 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal – and so it begins, with a cup of coffee

      1. you should you should!! do it!
        peer pressure.. bend to it!! lol..
        hahaha I know …not a good tactic to convince you.. 🙂 how bout the opportunity for completely unique creative expression within set parameters that are begging to be .. outdone? yea that sounded Good.. 🙂

    1. oh.. the hardest part of this for me is that I was taught to treasure books. don’t bend the pages…or bend the cover back..never ever draw,in them and cracking the spine… which there is a page.. crack the spine.. is completely counterintuitive for me.. but in the end it is a representation of.. something.. something pretty cool I feel ..

  1. Not sure if I could spill two mouthfuls of coffee. My day is calibrated to expend an exact amount of caffeine.
    Well, maybe if I got an extra cup. Oh, or took someone else’s coffee!

    Very cool, lizziec! Can’t wait to see what future pages hold!

    1. my daughter doesn’t drink coffee either so I’m curious to see what she will do with it. There is a page that says write and draw with your left hand only… ok cool. I am left handed 🙂 Stealing your coworkers coffee I think would be quite a creative solution to completing this page 🙂

  2. I don’t think I would have done anything different – you described how you like your coffee, where you get it, how you spilled it, you pretty well covered it all. I might have drawn different cups of coffee & enclose my sayings in steam bubbles – maybe with different designs & gotten all creative or something, but then again I may have just spilled some coffee over the page & done nothing else too! I like your page, it’s you!

    1. ooo I like that idea. Stay tuned for later pages there are actually a couple of pages that are tongue art. With candy and stuff. I wish I could lick the dang coffee up now… I have none 😦

    1. thanks – I need to put some more of it up. Lauren kinda pooped out on me after the baby was born – but I am still doing it 🙂

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