We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Programming…


Is this thing ON??? (Photo credit: Colonel Glenn)

OK I Interrupt…  I I I no We in I and it’s all me…

HEY!  Stop throwing….what the heck?  is THAT?

Never mind you are making this much longer than it has to be…

We I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a

Cracked Public Service Announcement!!!   

What?  I got your attention now don’t I?

Please direct your attention to the almost top of the page where the menu is displayed and I would like to point out a few things to those of you who come here and just breeze right by it …like I do most of the time.  We get used to looking at something  it just is like ….you don;t see the changes..it’s ok I understand.

That is why I am having this little service announcement….  

2 Things

1.  As promised there in now a contact page where you can reach me.  By email.  Say ANYTHING you want…there is a whole list of drop down menu categories ..try it out.  No No one has, and no one has seen it..How do I know?  That’s what a stats page is for friends….  Why is it the direct line to the mother ship?  Cause it sounded wicked cool when I did it ok?  It still is I think..you don’t?  Well SEND ME AN EMAIL AND TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT… or just say hi or ask questions.. or..send me some money… ya know..lots of things possible with that there little form now.  USE IT!  – if you want to.

2.  If you haven’t had a chance to amuse your eyeballs..  CLick on Arsty Brain Fartsies…  Pretty self explanatory..  It’s my (shhhh) other blog….  but it’s arsty and fartsy.  I have put up some new things this week…and working on more.  🙂


This concludes the Cracked Public Service Announcement.  This was just a test, and…  Oh wait..No it wasn’t..  It was real.  🙂

Interrupted Lives

Interrupted Lives (Photo credit: United4Iran)


9 responses to “We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

  1. Ah so glad you announced your other site formally! It is so cool and everybody needs to go there and look at your drawings and photos because they are amazing!!!! 😀

    • aww thank you ..:-) an artsy fart by any other name is…. I dunno that just sounded kinda cool for a second lol.. thanks for all your love and support… ❤ 🙂

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