Anticipation, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment


Ohboyohboyohboyohboy….  we know what that means  😀

Well, to be fair, it might mean something different to you..  only you would know what you really think.  I mean unless you tell people and then they would know too..

Lizzie Borden Trial Jury, 1893
Surprising I know..Lizzie Borden Trial Jury, 1893 Did you anticipate THAT? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But I am anticipating the collective answer to be ..ummm..  it’s almost Friday?

which of course is anticipation in those of you that are anticipating Friday’s arrival.

Those..  few  ..  of you.    

Today’s Mental Moment…

is a bit about anticipating.  Or maybe about surprises.

It could even be how we can be our own worst enemies, and who will save us from ourselves.  And not anticipating who that might be, or how they might do it.

Just saying.

What ever you want it to be about, it’s kinda late cause I didn’t anticipate the way my day would go.  But surprisingly, that’s ok and I am doing just great – if a little bit behind which was probably no big surprise for those that know me and my odd ways of getting things done in Lizzie time fashion.


To your Mental State, whatever it may be…

Lizzie Cracked (never broken) and I never anticipated all you wonderful folks… thanks 🙂 you save me in ways you don;t even know…


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