Dog Balls Feel Funny …………….

Because I got caught up with work this morning, I am going to rerun one more this week… This is one of my personal all time favorites. Enjoy. The Mental Moment will be slightly delayed this afternoon as well so please adjust your mental break accordingly. When ? not too late but a little. 🙂

Running Naked With Scissors

…..& Other Shit You Learn When You Are Trying to Talk to Your Kids.

Have you ever been talking to your kids about something important, well to you anyways, and realized they didn’t hear a word?

It frustrates me to no end.  I try to not give too much advice and yet sometimes I feel compelled to.  I am a believer in teaching them to make the right choices based on their beliefs and values and then letting them screw up for themselves before I offer advice.  I just have to trust they have learned enough from me what not to do, that they will do the right thing.  Most importantly I want them to make the best choices for them not for anybody else.

Everybody knows that kids learn how to tune out their mothers.  What they hear is similar to the teacher on Charlie Brown Cartoons. 

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11 thoughts on “Dog Balls Feel Funny …………….

  1. Ah my funny as all get out cyber daughter! How I love this piece! As you know. I’ve told my entire family this story and even complete strangers (well one and she looked at me funny – so of course that made it even more fun to tell!) I do so love your Mom and Gram Cracker adventures! You Rock Always Lizzie! 😀

      1. Have I read the other two? I can’t wait to read them! Don’t feel bad about forgetting what you were going to say, when you get to be my age it becomes a way of life. You just get used to it. HA!

      2. I think so … yea fudgesicles is one.. I dunno I like underpants too but now I have been going over them I have a few… but for sure dog balls and fudgesicles…

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