The Most Perfect Number, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment


Hump Day!

Monday Friday
That is indeed quite a hump... (Photo credit: brettneilson)

What if your work week runs Saturday – Wednesday?  Or Sunday – Thursday?  Then what?  Wednesday isn’t hump day is it?

Well of course I realize that the majority of  people gauge their week Monday – Friday.

So I guess we can just stick with it and Happy Hump Day!  (to those of you it pertains to anyways)


Today’s Mental Moment ..  

is a bit of a brain twist.

It involves the revelation of the perfect number.

Whoa hang on to your hats.

Strangely enough it ends up being back to ..what  everybody can easily understand.

That of course would depend on whose theory of a perfect number you subscribe to.

But I am willing to bet there are more votes for 5,318,008 than for 73, although each make a compelling  ( if slightly confusing) argument.

So which is it?  Let’s take a vote and see  🙂   …  let me know in the comments.


To Your Mental State, Whatever it May Be…

Lizzie Cracked (never broken) so really, how many of you (guys) picked up your calculators…hmmmmm?


41 thoughts on “The Most Perfect Number, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

      1. ok.. I believe you…shall I ponder it profusely for the next several minutes / hours / days until I figure it out or will you be so kind as to share… I like a good mystery though… but I need clues..

        I was going to say the number 69.

        What? its the year I was born!! see that;s the reason I didn’t say anything 😕

      2. Here’s your hint: 4 is called “The Honest Number”.
        I’ll give you a bit and put up the reason.

        And 69 is a fantastic number.
        What? Because it’s the year you were born, that’s why. Sheesh. 😉

      3. perfect numbers are even…and honest numbers… the number 4 has four letters? 4 is the smallest honest number..

        unless you speak spanish then it is 5 (cuatro)

        anywhere close?

  1. Well that’s a good question. What is our favorite number? Well I know what mine is, it’s 5 because it’s the funnest to write. I should have a better reason that that though — well, I’ll take the rest of this mental moment to figure out a reason why 5 is my favorite number. Thanks Lizzie you always get Peanuts going on something constructive! 🙂

      1. I’m having trouble with wordpress. I keep trying to access you art blog and it comes up for just a second and I see this beautiful picture and then the screen goes blank. I wonder what’s going on. I tried accessing it though the my e-mail notification and this blog and my blog and I can only get it to pop up for a couple of seconds. Any suggestions?

      1. well … I think the evil one can do it anyway you see fit.. I mean no one,is,really gonna correct someone evil right?

        I have seen it like bwahaha.. just saying…trying to ya know do my part 😉

    1. was it really? I would,have said later but thats,probably.a perfect example of a learned memory, afterall I was only 4. wow such a pattern of numbers showing up here…

      either that or messing Secratariat.up with a later horse.. ?

      1. I also consider it my favorite number/a very good year for the same reason you claim 69 is your favorite number. Making me null years old, although alive and sucking in oxygen at the time he ran and won the Triple Crown.

        I should have said that I disagree with Sheldon though, because I think there can be more than one right answer. 4 is a good number, 5 is one of my favorites too. 23 can provide endless hours of entertainment as can all the prime numbers.

        808, 8008, 58008 and 7734 are always fun on a calculator too… once upon a time there were ways to do all sorts of fun ‘words’ with the numbers. Well, there probably are still all those ways, I just have forgotten them. 🙂

      2. ah yes, calculator fun. the problem being ..they aren’t as,easily manipulated if say you. use,one on your computer screen..or on your phone if the screen adjusts as you turn it. more’s, the pity..another art form being lost to technology.. 😉

        so I guess my question is.. has there been another horse since Secretariat… it seems,there must, and several almosts I know…

      3. Oh, gotcha… 77 Seattle Slew, 78 Affirmed where the only two since Secretariat. Several almost did it through the 80s, 90s and the last decade. We’ll see what this year brings. I almost never watch any horse races – too busy with everything else. Pretty sure I won’t watch the Derby this year, not sure about the other two.

      4. I must remember all the hullabaloo in the 90s prob? It seems more like maybe they were comparing those horses to Secretariat now that I got my self straight. its,weird how years seem harder to narrow down as we have more of them behind us.. or something.. thanks for info 🙂 and 73 is an awesome number 🙂

  2. My personal favorite has always been 13, because I always have a good day on Friday the 13th. Never seen one of the movies though…

    But I’ve always agreed with 42 as being the most probable best number, if Douglas Adams is right… it is after all the answer to Life, the Universe, etc…..

    That, or zero, … ‘Nothing’ is a very powerful concept; it is what makes a cup useful for holding water, and it acts as a place to put stars and planets, which wouldn’t fit anywhere else…. quite useful….


    1. somehow it doesn’t surprise me you like 13. It’s actually not such a bad number… someone asked me if I believed the meaning of life was 42.. or something like that… I am 42 and I dont think I even come close to qualifying so I had to say no…..

      zero – very thought provoking… indeed 🙂

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