Follow, Learn, then Lead, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Tuesday ..  nothing profound about Tuesday.  Just another day of the week, one of two that begins with a T.

"TUESDAY" production sign
"TUESDAY" production sign (Photo credit: Vaguely Artistic)

TUESDAY…  feel it for a minute .. yea ok then

Today’s Mental Moment is about learning new things.  In a different way.

Leaning how to do it, what’s involved, the rules if you will…

Then when you have a pretty good grasp, make it your own.

Kind of like… Running Naked with Scissors.  Do it your way.  Don’t be afraid.

Having an open mind to trying new things can enrich our lives so much.  We find new ways to do things, and learn things about ourselves we may not have known.  We also have more tolerance for those that are different from the mainstream.

If we approach a new activity with the mindset of there is no wrong way to do it,  it’s amazing how much more we will do in our lives. Fear of doing it wrong can stop many from even trying.

Just do it.

Follow and Learn.. be curious.

Then what might happen is you end up leading.  Wow.

We all have something to teach each other.  Be open to the possibilities, chant from your heart.

Use your vowels.

Get Low….
To The Universe!


Lizzie Cracked (never broken) and open to all kinds of new things… just don’t expect me to color inside the lines.


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