I Owe my Existence to Bad Medical Advice. True Story.

Continuing on with bringing back some previous posts that got lost back on the shelf before they had a chance to be appreciated 🙂 Enjoy!

Running Naked With Scissors

I am not supposed to be here.  Not now, or more to the point, when I was spewed forth into the world.  My existence defies the medical knowledge of the time and is most certainly a slap in the face to whoever gave my mother medical advice. He obviously didn’t do his homework.  It sometimes crosses my mind that since my birth was supposedly not even conceivable at the time it occurred,  the powers that be had to scramble to fashion my fate in a hurry and stuck me with a bunch of crap they couldn’t pawn off on the babies whose existence was unquestionable.  Now that I am nearly at the middle of my life, as qualified by the average life expectancy, I can say for sure it’s been more than screwy, cracked and nothing has gone with the flow of things. Being an anomaly hasn’t been a cake walk.   I’m not sure if the joke was on my parents or me. Makes me…

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2 thoughts on “I Owe my Existence to Bad Medical Advice. True Story.

    1. I am thank you for asking 🙂 sleeping eating.. brain farting artistic expulsions.. click the Artsy Brain Fartsy Link above… working too.. Trying to regroup with the sudden change of my state of being I guess… oh yes playing tag 🙂 I didn’t forget 🙂

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