Stupid is Stupid but Ignorance is Bliss

In keeping with the thought of bringing to light some of my earlier musings.. I give you this little gem. Some others are built off the ignorance is bliss mantra of my life so I thought I’d enlighten you 🙂 Not sure what happened to the print in the middle of the page it got tiny.. sorry about that. Enjoy 🙂

Running Naked With Scissors

After years of soul searching…I can say that I have found my Bliss.  It’s been with me all along I just did not recognize it to be.

Bliss thy name is Ignorance.                                            

You know all those sayings that we humans tend to live by?  They exist for a reason.  Pretty much because someone was clever enough to take a complex issue and reduce it into a tiny nugget of wisdom that just rolls off the tongue, is fairly easy to remember and thus,  the thought would be to live by and apply to our daily lives. Also the trick would be to not be completely literal in the application. Think outside the bun and these idiomatic expressions are treasures for sure. For example:

  •  A  penny saved is a penny earned” ,
  •  a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush. 
  • The road to hell is paved with good intention (…

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11 thoughts on “Stupid is Stupid but Ignorance is Bliss

      1. Oooh Oh. Reblogged … that could be a factor! I don’t get over here enough, you write very well !

      2. thank you .. I have been going through some of the ones I did when I first started and they hace like 10 or so hits and I think some of these are my best stuff..I don;t know..I am having a little bit of a shift so I can;t really tell.. but I forgot about one post and it made me laugh when I read it soooo…just thought I could bring some of them back while I consider other things 🙂

      3. it’s an excellent idea! 🙂 I have quite a few posts myself that I’ve put in draft form, I forget all about them too! AGH!

  1. I said this once in a comment or a post – there is too much information bombarding us from all over the world & it’s stressful. Back when we only had local news & such, we cared more about our neighbors & family & friends than the starving children wherever they are in the world this week. I agree Ignorance is Bliss – if I don’t know about it, I don’t have to worry about it.

    1. exactly – some would argue that you can know about it and still don’t have to worry about it..but I do and it colors my perception of the world then brings it home to my kids… I’d rather not.. they don’t need to have their perception of the world skewed to the not so good at such a young age… if I need to know it an alien invasion..I’m sure it will get through somehow.. 🙂

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