Friends, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Woooooo  Hooooooooo!!!   

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Lizzie Cracked...CRACKED!! dammit.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s FINALLY FRIDAY!!   (Well duh you say, you have known that for HOURS?)


How did I know you were thinking that?

At least one of you is   😛   maybe not all but ONE OF YOU AT LEAST is thinking…Way to go Lizzie State the obvious, hours after the fact… But it’s so you.. and you are late as usual …and I love that about you..  🙂  ummmm right?  close?  the I love that about you part anyways..  ❤


Today’s Mental Moment

Just shows what can happen with a little help from your friends.

And how much your friends really might know you.  Nobody else understood this guy..  I mean did you?  But his friend didn’t hesitate and understood every word and BAM!


To Your Mental State, Whatever it may be…

Have a wonderful weekend..
Lizzie Cracked (never broken) and getting by with a little help from my friends 🙂


19 thoughts on “Friends, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. Thank you my friend.. it’s for you. 🙂 My way of saying thanks to you and my other friends who help me get through each day..and night 😉 couldn’t do it without you… I don’t know if it says it in the video but that guy went on to win a ridiculous amount of money… There is a lot to be said for a phone a friend lifeline 🙂

      1. Totally. I’m having a bit of a sentimental day about friends as well, but I guess it’s one of those days we just need to tell people how important they are. When I wrote my post I was thinking about you, and other good friends here on WP.

      2. I am a bit overwhelmed with work and the little.monkey man.. heading to read your post as soon as I can get on an even keel.. this is a notoriously bad month for me.. not over either but if not for my friends.. I can see several pitfalls I would have already and I haven’t.. so me too.. 🙂 feeling.sentimental ..

  1. I have been told that I speak a ‘unique language’. I often have to tell people, before I go on a speed talking tangent, to pay attention and try to keep up.

    One night, my neighbors husband got ‘caught’ in his driveway by me & I was in a VERY talkative mood. After 30 minutes, he goes into his house and says to his wife “I don’t know how you understand a word of what she is saying- she talks in circles”. She simply replied, “oh, it’s easy honey, I speak fluent ‘GingerSnaap’ “!

    Good friends who speak your unique language, and love you in spite of it, are hard to find!

  2. I love it! I understood him, but I had special friends growing up 😉 I fortunately have someone who understands when I go rapid fire, as long as I keep it in English…but when I am really angry, I forget English altogether and switch to French…she speaks German. She says, “Uh-huh. Really?” a lot. It works. I go right ahead and explain it to her (in French).

    Big {HUGZ}! Stop by for some sunshine!

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