Wreck This Journal

Sometime in the not so distant past, Lauren (my grandbaby mama) came to me and  was bubbling (she bubbles too…where she got that from, who knows 😉  )  about this really cool thing she found called Wreck This Journal.  When I asked her to elaborate she told me it was a journal that you are supposed to do anything you can think of to – doodle, paint, origami, throw… and she wanted to get me one to see what I would do with it.

So I wasn’t really understanding the journal wrecking part yet because really you could just get any old blank journal and do whatever you want right?  More about that in a minute…

What I picked up on immediately was that she wanted to get me one to see what I did with it,  Because of my quirky flighty, artistic ways she thought it would be truly interesting to give me, her mother, a journal to wreck.  I cannot even put into words how that made me feel.  Warm, fuzzy, happy, flattered, lucky…I could go on and on and still not fully describe it.

She wanted to get me one to see what I would do.  My child recognizes me as somebody other than just her mother.  How ridiculously cool is that?  Pretty darn cool I promise you.

My ex husband used to tell me I wasn’t doing my kids any favors trying to be their friend,  I say in your face banana head.  I didn’t have to try to… at the end of the day – who do they come to for advice and who do they think of for a cool project like Wreck This Journal?  Me that’s who!!!   phffffppt….  suck eggs.

Back to what it actually is, Lauren found out it was an actual journal that had different tasks that are wide open for interpretation and creative completion..so not a blank slate but that turned it into something even cooler.  I also wanted to see what she would do with it.

Cover of "Wreck This Journal"
Cover of Wreck This Journal

And so we have a project.  You can read her version of things here.  Basically we both are doing the Wreck This Journal and not looking at each others until the whole thing is complete.  But we are gong to share our pages with you on our blogs.  To avoid accidentally stumbling on each others, because we are doing the pages randomly, rather than in the same order, the post title will contain something relating it as Wreck This Journal – whether the name or the initials and we have sworn to not click on those posts.  Then we will have a separate category page also.

We got them the same day we were at Bath and Body Works and I am pretty sure she has started on hers but I haven’t on mine yet.  So from now on when you see these posts, you know what it is.  And why it is.

And that I have the coolest daughter in the whole wide world and she is also my friend…

No wrecking that…ever.  

17 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal

  1. FABULOUS!!! I can’t wait to read, see, hear all you create. And, btw, ex’s don’t know a thing about being with cool, creative daughters! You sound like you are blessed with the best… next to mine of course!
    Loved the post and following your writing…

    1. I know right? He cheated himself out of a beautiful part of being a parent… but hey.. I never told him he was wrong and just let his hot air go in one ear and out the other. The fact that my kids come and talk to me about stuff they wouldn;t dream of telling him… because I am still their mother and can help them out or give them advice but I am also their friend and won;t judge them. The journal itself is odd because some days I look at it and take it very literally and some days I read the instructions and can see a gazillion different possibilities. so it should be fun. I hope it comes out really cool….just so she is proud. I am proud of her and can;t wait to see what she comes up with.

    1. I don;t know how to do that? It;s a lot of fun and I have kinda poked around to see how to best present it but I am trying to not look at too many cause I want to be as creative and unique as I can. My younger daughter and I started an Mom and Me journal that is fun too. She is 8 and its a great way to get to know each other… or rather..she has found out some stuff about me that she didn’t know and if weren’t for that …it might have been a few more years..maybe never that she ever did….

  2. Oh that sounds really cool. I’ll have to get one for me and both my daughters. Hey thank you for the cool idea! I’m off to check out Lauren (your grandbabymama, Love that!) 😀

    1. lol… I would lOVE to see what YOU can do with this REALLY! if you get them…they are cheaper online… through Amazon.. We got them at a different bookstore and paid more.. a lot more so def go through Amazon. Did I just advertise for them…can I get paid for that? 🙂

  3. There are so many cool things you can do .. google altered art for ideas if you need any inspiration ;D .. I LOVE that sort of crafty stuff 😉 I’m looking forward to your journal updates xx

    1. it should be good – I was disappointed at first – mostly cause I wish I had thought of this..holy cow the creator is making a killing and it;s a bunch of pages with instructions what to do…it;s when I thought outside the bun …er book I was able to see the true potential of it… free your mind…now I just have to figure out the best way to show it.. cause some of them are interactive…take your journal for a walk… make paper chains out of this page etc etc… she has already started just not posted…like she thinks I am gonna cheat or something…. 🙂

  4. What a great idea! I wish any of my girls was less busy living their lives & more into these crafty type things so I could do this with them. Can’t wait to see what yours & Lauren’s look like!

    1. I am so very blessed. I truly was ..amazed ..when she came in telling me about this and then told me she wanted to get it for me.. and when I asked her why she said what she did.. and then deciding to do it together….We had great fun finding them….on a mission we were and I can;t wait to see what hers looks like. I think its really neat that we are starting with the same thing.. a set of instructions is truly what it is and see how we each interpret it. I like to draw and paint and my boys all took to it ..loudly.. as in they showed me and we had things we did together..my 16 yo and i once did a sketchbook full of Larry the Cucumber..and all the while Lauren was drawing away in her sketch book too and only in the last couple of years did I realize her talent…. she is my heart this girl.as are they all but she is.. my moon and stars..

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