Get Back! Take That! Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Today’s Mental Moment is a tribute to

(no not Tom Cruise Geesh! Illustrative purposes people..that’s all…) 

Tom Cruise December 2008
Tom Cruise December 2008 NOT my exhusband although.... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Middle Age.

It looks better than it sounds these days.  I mean, middle age sounds so…

Middle.  Not young.  Not Old.

I read somewhere that your 40’s are the old age of your youth and the youth of your old age.  Sounds pretty cool.

There is a definite difference in the way 40 was when my parents were 40 and 40 now.

Could just be the way us middle-aged people are seeing it now.  Versus how is looked then. When we weren’t anywhere near it

40 then, your fun life was practically over.  40 now, you are barely grown up 🙂  and for me the fun really just started 🙂

Youth really is wasted on the young.  Dammit!

But 40 is the new 20 or something.  I wouldn’t say all that.  My back does not feel very 20 ish and my mind feels …  14 ish.  No wait, maybe 19 (again ish)

So I am not a fan of Tom Cruise.  I don’t NOT  like him, he just leaves a weird taste in my mouth.  He looks remarkably, and acts remarkably like my ex ex husband.  Who is years and years younger than him ( ok only years)  so it goes to follow that you wonder who studied who and which one leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Nevermind.  Being as I can’t take much of  him, I don’t go see movies that he is in anymore.  So I never even knew of this character he plays and I must tell you, I laughed my glittery ass off.  Look at him GO…

The original clip was the ending credits for the movie Tropic Thunder and it couldn’t be shared how I like to share it.  So I went on to find this EVEN BETTER CAUSE ITS LIVE ..and also cause JLO is in it.  That little scrumptious tart.

She is middle age too.

Let’s put it into perspective.  Jlo is a month older than I am.  Tom Cruise was born in 1962.

Get BACK getting old!  You don’t know nothing about me!

There is some language that is strong and stuff in this clip.  It’s a bit longer than the normal moment but…oh so worth it.   And if I am putting a Mental Moment with Tom Cruise up here…  well that says a lot all by itself.  If you are in a hurry, which I hope you aren’t, a proper Mental Moment is after all a time out from life,  forward the video to about 1:30 seconds that’s where the middle age guy gets his freak on.  Yes he can still DO that..  🙂   But the first 1:30 is funny just for the ridiculousness of it..  I mean you gotta admit, it could almost stand up to it’s own Mental Moment.  


To your Mental State Whatever it may be,

Hoping it is forever young…

Lizzie Cracked (never broken) I came, I saw, I kicked it right in the jaw… who cares if I couldn’t catch my breath afterwards….


18 thoughts on “Get Back! Take That! Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

      1. Nevermind, I just watched it. That one is awesome too, but the J Lo is good for the blog. Hopefully everyone reads the comments and sees this one too.

    1. I know right but the real kicker is they are… middle age.. and they are jumping around like foolish kids… who did that when you were a kid? see how winded they were at the end? 😉

  1. LOL “. . . 40 then your fun was practically over!” Oh I’m LMAO over that one, Lizzie! So cute! Ahhh . . .kids say the darndest things. You crazy young ‘en’s Come over to my place tomorrow cause I’ve got another use for the Picture you Posted of creepy Tom. Ewwww! Oh and the clip was quite awsome! 😀

    1. oh i don;t say that anymore but I don;t remember my parents acting silly when they were 40.. or having any kind of life except being parents… I don;t know it just seems like I am in a generation that doesn;t want to grow up…. is that what it seems like to you? Your my cyber mom but your younger than my parents…. 🙂 what are you gonna do? I can;t wait!!

      1. Oh you’ll see . . .just be patient darling daughter! And yes I definitely agree with you that 40 really is younger than it used to be. So many 40 year olds I know are still kids. I think it’s just the kind of world we live in where kids stay kids much longer, but not in a bad way. In a fun way! Truly. You’re lucky because you’ll have a younger perspective all your life, which I think makes life a lot more fun!

  2. I think it has a lot to do with us Baby Boomers showing everyone else how to have a good time – AND how not to grow up – we may age, but we ain’t never gonna grow up!

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