Monday Huh? Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Today’s Mental Moment is …oh heck it’s Monday….

Come Monday

Monday Schmonday…  Once again it’s Monday.

Well let’s deal with it and move on… 

I have been saving this Mental Moment for a while.  I don’t know why.

Am I hoping for enlightenment?  That if I keep watching it I will eventually understand it?

I have decided it won’t happen and the only way to be done with it for good is to just make it a Mental Moment.

Monday works and maybe one of you can tell me…what is this about?

I did have an idea 💡 a while back that actually seemed like it might be plausible, but I didn’t write it down and the Mental Moment that day was far better.

I  like his boots though  🙂

Enjoy!   (and feel free to leave your take on it in the comment section….PLEASE!!)

Maybe he is trying out a new Superhero Suit?

So…hello?  any thoughts?

To your Mental State Whatever It may be…

Lizzie Cracked (never broken)  that;s all I have to say about that ….   🙂

31 thoughts on “Monday Huh? Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. hey did you see Grams Cracker crumbs? there is a gift for you… as promised. Hope you like it 🙂

      and yeah..this one has just been sitting in que.. I have various reactions to it but I thought I would throw it out there for some feedback…and laughs.. 🙂

      1. Well it’s funny because I had a dream about you last nite too. I can’t remember what it was about now. I’m really tired tonite, But maybe because that was waiting in my in-box, I picked up the energy from it. I enjoyed it so much! 🙂 (I enjoyed the dream too — I wish I could remember what it was about tho!)

    1. lol… I was hoping no body would ask.. but since it’s you.. I put men in heels in the youtube search box when Guap and I were doing the shos thing… and I thought … oh nevermore.. I actually have no clue what I was originally looking for.. a mental moment.. and there it was.. youtube is ..crazy ..for lack of a better word…

      I was gonna,use it the same day as shoes and play a prank .. on someone… giggles.. shhh don’t tell

      1. Yes Ginger – it was a coinkydink…but I couldn;t point it out ..after the yellow lederhosen…poor guy has enough to deal with from that.. the heels…hella sexy lmao but I can;t bring myself to say it’s Guapman… or even to uh…suggest 😉

      1. I llke goofballs.. .. lol.. ask her… inquiring minds NEED to know lol… (it would probably be a lot easier for some here to swallow if it were her too …just sayin!)

  1. Ginger already made one of my guesses… he definitely lost a bet…. to a fetishist… but, to be honest, I am quite certain that I would not wish to even know the actual reason why he did this…. it is too strange even for me…. not enough money in the world to get me to do this, or film it….

    1. well ..he filmed it himself… that;s interesting…so you are going with lost a bet? I wish I was holding the answer so I could spring it on everyone… 😀 damn that reminds me… !!

    And from the amount of time he spent adjusting himself, I don’t think the boots were the most uncomfortable part of the outfit.

    1. I don;t know why..that;s why I am asking you…WHY? believe me.. I have had it que for a horrified as you are…think how many times I have looked at it and pondered… I. just. couldn’t. take. it. any. more. !

      He does look uncomfortable in uh other places huh? so cmon.. lost a bet or a fetish video? what do ya think?

  3. I’m assuming there is a reason why this person is dressed like a space alien in the middle of a trail, but even if there isn’t…there is so much epicness to love about that video.

  4. Personally, I think this guy is a stand-in for a movie character who is supposed to be walking away down the road, but he keeps mucking it up by toppling over on his heels. And then he does some posing for side shots. He certainly looks uncomfortable! Good one Lizzie!

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