Gram’s Cracker Crumbs – He’s gonna be a star!

As most of you know, I am a Gr..Gr..Grandmother.

For those of you who don’t know.  I am a Gr…Gr…Gr…

I am Grams.  Short for Grahama Crackers… a name voted on by you my dear readers.

Look My Name on a wall.... 🙄 (Photo credit: Hashbrwn)

I won’t go into all the details..  if you want to know the whole story, you can go here,  (Pull out the Wha? and Call me Who? )   and here (Observations of a Reluctant Grandmother)  

The jist of it being, I am a very young grandmother.  No, not the youngest and not so reluctant really.  I was just lucky enough to have the support of you dear readers to help me ease into this new phase of my life.  It was a bit of a shock.

It doesn’t mean anything more than I happen to have a kid old enough to have a kid…who cares if I still have one in.. .  nevermind.   I don’t want to start that all over again.

Anyways, if you know the whole story then you also know that The Little Monkey Man is a huge joy in my life, being a Grams..  a wonderful experience.

I get to hang out with him, since I work from home, while my daughter works.   I have some stops and starts.  I  Twitter about him a little here and there but think I will be making it a regular thing.  Maybe even follow the lead of my dear friend and soul sister GingerSnaap! and make it a post of all the great little crumbs of grandmotherly wisdom I come up with on Twitter…  (tongue oh SO in cheek ..grandmotherly wisdom.  Like I know what the hell I am doing – shhh! don’t tell) 


Any Bets as soon as I am sone working he will take a nap?  #gotosleep #GrahamaCrackersCrumbs.


Little Boy – the logistics of pluggiing your mouth with a binky while you have a snot filled nose.  #breath. #GrahamaCrackersCrumbs

or my favorite so far:

Barfed, Snotted and peed on.  #WhatElse  oh #NeverMind  #GrahamaCrackersCrumbs

It’s really not that much different from motherhood, except, it’s better.  I can give him back.  If I make him cry I don;t have to make him stop.  I rarely ever make him cry.  If he cries with me than he needs to go back to his mom anyways cause that’s Mom territory  🙂

Ok yes, of course I change the poopy diapers and feed him his bottles and all that stuff, just like being a mom.  But I also get to play with him.

This morning we found a fun new thing here on Gram’s computer and  thought we would share this little tidbit with you.  I have a feeling you may see stuff like this more often if I can figure out the sound levels and all that stuff.

It’s also for my cyber Mom Linda Vernon, cause she did a sound clip a while back and I promised her something as cool in return.  Hopefully this is that good?

Oh well, hope you liked it.  The little guy is gonna be a star – such presence in front of the camera.  Is this the clip where he burped?  No?  Oh yeah then presence in front of the camera.

And I am just a proud Grams, with a few crumbs.

And no coffee…   This is going to be an interesting day 🙂


33 thoughts on “Gram’s Cracker Crumbs – He’s gonna be a star!

    1. its’ the payoff to parenthood..for real. Being a mother is great…all that flowery stuff…but this..this is the brass ring… it;s the thank you for the years of…parenting …lol..

  1. Hmph. Video is marked as private.
    Anyway, I look forward to enjoying grahama-hood vicariously through you (translation: I ain’t changing diapers – and will probably laugh when you have to! BWAHAHA!)

      1. That’s fantastic!!!! And you’ll probably need lots of coffee to keep up with him once he starts going.
        Fortunately, my laptop is a few years old, and doesn’t support that newfangled “smell-o-vision” stuff.

    1. you are welcome,glad you liked it. Was a little iffy on doing the video lol I mean gee…just woke up …never done that before. 🙄 it;s all about him anyways.. he is so cute and smart and …well he smells bad and his mom dresses him funny but thats ok too 🙂

    1. phooey I had trouble with the sound. I will have to mess with it next time – I think it needs to be adjusted before we record. Sorry about that but glad you liked it anyhow 🙂

  2. OMG! Look what you did! Oh I’m so happy to finally get a glimpse of my cyber daughter and great grand cyber Monkey Man! He almost sounds like he really is talking! Ah!! I gotta say I absolutely love being a Grandma and it’s I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. I was 57 before I turned into a Grams! So many happy years ahead of you both to enjoy! Wonderful! Loved this so much! It really made my day Lizzie! 😀

    1. yay! I have thinking about how to do something like your sound clip cause that was so cool and I said I would.. I can;t do the upgrade right now but this morning playing around on my photo editor I found this little button and holy cow .. a whole new world ! This could be a lot of fun… maybe I can bring Happy Talk back in video format? THAT would be fun..

      1. I think Happy Talk in video format would be soooo cool and you’ll be the first one on the block to do it. You’ll start a new trend. Oh Lizzie. That would be so cool. Now how did you do the video again?

      2. I have a web cam… I also have Picasa.. a photo editor I downloaded I think from Google.. yes from there…then I was in it and they have this little button that says take a pic or video with the web cam…I clicked on it and it opened the camera.. so I hit record..then uploaded the video to my youtube and put it for public and got the embed code…. it;s a process but it was fun… all the downloads and sites are free.. so it;s more time consuming than anything,, I have always thought Happy Talk would be alot more fun in video… I could sing and talk in funny voices lol..I may just try it this week… lets see

      3. Oh! A Webcam and youtube! And all free and you didn’t have to buy any extra space for your site! I think Happy Talk would be so cool in video and fun to do. Now that you’ve got everything you need it probably would be fairly easy to do. I think it’s a great idea Lizzie. I hope you do it! 😀

  3. He is beautiful…I know everyone says that….so what?…..he is…

    I’m fairly new as far a blogging goes so I don’t know a lot that maybe others do…but I do know that you love that little baby and happy to be an ever so young ‘grandma’ ..Diane

    1. thank you 🙂 I do love him to pieces! and you know its weird sometimes I look at him and he has the same look his mama had when she was a baby and its like all the years melt away anyway.. we have lots of fun… the 3 of us have lots oif fun,..oh this kid is gonna be a nutball if I get to grow up around him 🙂

    1. oh it has been joy… it was just weird… the weirdest part I guess is explaining it to the little kids..his aunt and uncle lol…. they get confused and also my mom is nana to then and the little guy and that is such an odd feeling to have us all together…. I just never really pictured it for a few more years…. but I’m good now… 🙂

    1. thanks – I finally did the video thing lol… now I am excited for when he can start talking and dancing and stuff…but I didn;t say I can;t wait for it lol,…I’ll wait.. 🙂

    1. lol… I don’t know haven’t really thought of that possibility yet.. but now that you mention it…I might have to consider the possibilities
      I rent my other kids out.. for a nominal fee and a minimum required time period. Just for fun… mine of course 🙂

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