Just for Fun, and for the Animals too. Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Today’s Moment of Mental-ness is just for fun.  A laugh.   A hearty Guffaw hopefully…  

( I like to do that on Tuesdays.  Tuesday is a good just for laughs day.  I think anyways.  (it is Tuesday right?)


Charlie Bit My Finger is YouTube's most-viewed...
ummmmm Tuesday Mental Moment? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And dedicated to my SIL (she of the butterfly wisdom)  because if not for her, this gem would have never been shared with all of you.

As you know, I like SNL – the characters are funny and over my lifetime, there have been a few that have come and gone.  But left an impression,  if ever I doubted I do not anymore.

Gilda Radner was one of the original cast and one of the funniest ever.  She had her characters but Gilda was talented and funny at whatever she did.

She left us, like many of the others much too soon.

But thanks to YouTube, and my dear sweet SIL, we can all see how great she was.

And have a mental moment to think about being nice to animals.  What? they LIKE to be talked to.


To your Mental State, Whatever it may be…

Lizzie Cracked (never broken) and glad I know what not to tell an alligator. Geesh that coulda been bad!


14 thoughts on “Just for Fun, and for the Animals too. Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Love, love, LOVE Gilda Radner and all of the mentalness her comedy represents! She was a genius well before her time. Thanks for the laugh and the reminder about Gilda. Let us never forget all the off-kilter comedy she brought to the world.

  2. Oh dear god, my brain hurts. So you wouldn’t say that to an alligator, but I’m encouraged to proposition a chicken? I don;t see how that’s good advice at all. very funny, but not good.
    Though I suppose if you got it on video tape, it would be very funny.
    As long as it was a guy other then me… 😉

    1. yes proposition the chicken.. what’s the worst that could happen? get clucked… ?
      Now THAT would be a mental moment – the tape part.. of not you of course .. but really if it was for a good cause, you’d do it right? How bout on a bar? Would you could you on a bar?

      I’ll buy you a drink or 5 first, then let’s chat. 🙂

  3. These were the days when I could still watch SNL. I got lost somewhere along the late ’80s and could not bring myself to the screen by the mid-’90s. The original cast was a cornucopia of comedic genius.

    As to this one, perhaps, the alligator is an alternative to traditional piercing? LOL!

    1. SOL! perhaps so..
      I enjoyed some of the early 90’s – but there just wasn’t consistency. ONe week it was great the next a complete flop. I liked Stuart Smalley and Mary Katherine Gallagher… my favorite form that period though… was the skit..Tales of Ribaldry. I of course can not find the original on YouTube and the talent show redos..just don’t do it justice. But rest assured..when I do find it…it will be featured here for sure.

      1. You are one up on me. There were none which were even memorable enough for me to commit to memory. I had a hard time watching at all after Jim Belushi died. I went back and watched all the episodes which I had missed, and all were worth every moment.

        I think the shift in characters around the Chris Farley, Jim Carey, Dana Carey time frame was when it just got a little too …yes, being judgmental… stupid.


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