One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish… Koala Fish?

The Easter Bunny was generous this year, as always,  but there was something new in the basket,er…bowl?

A milk chocolate Easter Bunny.
Fish May be friends but this bunny is ..DOOMED!!! just sayin...

Koala Fish– I bet you have never heard that one before.

Me either.  Extremely rare,  the Koala Fish, and having been completely unaware of the existence of such a fish, but always curious to know as much as possible, and also of course,  to make sure I don’t inadvertently kill it, I did a little research.

Here is what I have come upwith so far, but from the looks of it, there is quite a bit more to learn.

koala clutching a fish that it thinks is an in...
Not Koala AND Fish - Koala Fish) (Photo credit: cheese_colored_mumu)

Koala Fish is the kind of fish that makes you believe  that fish really are friends – not food.

Cute, cuddly and not smelly.  In fact, the Koala fish has a very pleasant smell.  Even after flopping around for a bit.  All three in one fish.  It doesn’t get too much better than that as far as fish go…

Playful too.  Once you catch a Koala Fish’s eye,  tag is a favorite game and the Koala Fish enjoys playing til you are flustered.   Another favorite game is to come from behind and pull your hair.  Not so hard it hurts,  just a satisfying little tug that lets you know, in no uncertain terms, the Koala Fish is there.  And according to another source, it enjoys ball games, such as Volleyball, on a regular basis.

While the Koala Fish is a solid, grounded, down -to-earth sort, unlike the  more flighty sun or clown fish,  it is intrigued by the more flighty fish, or so it would seem, and isn’t easily spooked.  In fact things that would send other fish under rocks and out of sight, don’t seem to faze the Koala Fish.

It is unclear to researchers whether this is because it is indeed unfazed, or good at appearances, but all indicators point to truly unfazed, in fact, open to things that lesser fish dart away from.

Also favorites of the Koala Fish are shiny and even glittery things, which will hold it’s attention and  keep it on its toes and laughing.

Well… fish laughing of course  but that is important for the overall happiness and sense of contentment and well-being of the Koala Fish.

I enjoy fish,  and have had a few in my life,  but I try to stay away from them because you never really know what they are going to do and often end up flushed down the toilet anyways.  It’s just too hard to get attached and then watch them go.

All in all though, I am happy to have discovered the Koala Fish…or maybe the Koala Fish found me..  little unclear since it was the Easter Bunny.

I am intrigued and although there isn’t much written about the Koala Fish, I am sure there is a lot I can learn by observing and interacting with it.

Cute like the description says, but more than that, a well-built, muscular fish that  looks like it can handle pretty much anything.   I could watch it all day long.  Looks….tasty even.

Fish are Friends not Food… my Koala Fish reminds me of that so it will be safe from me.

I really hope it doesn’t bite me though.  Silly fish….   

Česky: Koala šplhající na strom. Vyfoceno 28. ...
Is that a Koala? Or are you just happy to see me?

17 thoughts on “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish… Koala Fish?

  1. Silly Lizzie… even Koala fish can’t be up on their toes, even if they’re laughing. No toes, remember? If it had toes, it would be a Koala frog, or a Koala turtle…. as long as I don’t have to buy shoes for them, I’d love a Koala fish for a pet…. so, let’s just say it likes to stay alert and laughing….’kay? ‘Kay! 🙂

    Great post, I’m happy the Easter Bunny was good to you (don’t you feel a little cannibalistic when you bite the Bunny’s chocolate head off? I always wondered if the Easter Bunny felt that way handing them out, knowing what they would be doing later…..)

    1. well if you really wanna get technical…if it doesn’t have a tail… so then we are out of the realm of koalas, fish frogs, friends food or um…turtles… 🙂 they are rare. I am a lucky girl… I actually start with the Easter Bunny’s feet…. I do feel bad biting off it;s head, although that seems kinder…. but kinda ,..sick lol..

      1. Don’t worry, I was just foolin’ wit ya; I loved the Koala fish image, and when you said the toes thing, I got this image in my head of that picture on the post dancing in toe shoes….red toe shoes… 🙂

        Any bad feelings generated while eating chocolate are nullified and automatically cancelled out by the chocolate anyway… that’s why they give it to anyone who has had their soul sucked on by a Dementor…

      2. LOL when I said laughing and on the toes… I had the image of – well a very Dr Seuss ish fish – so I was thinking laughing how does a fish laugh under water…. great fun I may have to draw it… ok well now I know why I get chocolate..

  2. LOL being Aussie (and blonde) I decided to google this … and then felt like a bit of a dickhead 😛 …. But when you find one let me know , Id love to own a Koala fish 😉 xx

      1. Doh! lol woulda been really funny if a pic of some huge deep sea fish had come up oe something though – have to be deep sea cause of the rare breed lol… but that would just throw it all off eh?

  3. Well, I did know all about Koala fish; I actually had some a few years back but they are nocturnal and would jump out if their tank at night and play and laugh so loud it would wake every one up. We never caught them; they are sneaky, but there is no mistaking the laugh of a Koala fish. Besides they left wet foot prints every where.

    Well you’ll find out all about it soon enough.

    I was actually commenting about the chocolate being given to people who have been soul sucked. True story…. Before I met JC I was a saltaholic, pretzels, beef jerky kinda gal but the longer I was with him the more I craved chocolate. Sometimes I will have two chocolate bars in a night. It makes sense now.

    1. huh…i’ll have to be extra vigilant then…tanks for the heads up 🙂

      I have always been a sweets person so either I had my soul sucked at an early age… or….or what? uh oh… I dunno

    1. such a enlightening addition I tell you… they are very rare but from what I can tell so far, worth waiting for… I am being extra careful not to accidentally have this one end up in the other bowl .. if he and George can get along, – George is my kitten that was added to our little family after the puppies died.. then I will surely have more to tell you about this fine rare and handsome fish.. sigh..

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