Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot April 1, 2012


April Fool’s!!!!!!   It’s not Happy Talk – it’s award time!!  

Yup Folks that’s right – I have to hand out the awards and get things back in balance.  You think I can’t?  Watch and learn….


I am just playing with ya… well kinda but you know me how I ike to act all cocky and …rubbery and stuff sometimes…trash talking..   pushy ..  

But I just do it for fun.  To let out my inner …  um.. inner..trollop?  no that’s somewhere else..bitch?  no  I am not one I least not that I know – unless you consider difficult part of the definition….  and My Mean Streak takes care of that business anyways.   So whatEV…  I’m just winging it.  

Which, I gotta tell you it’s things like this where the winging it approach gets me in trouble.  See If I planned better, I would have realized that there was no way in all kingdom come I could have pulled off Happy Talk last week and I would have properly canceled or rescheduled.,.. or put up a rerun post..  I dunno. But because I don’t plan ahead so well, you all probably think I just flaked.  Nope…  I may act like a flake but I don;t think like one or… maybe I think like a …


  So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the……First Happy Talk in April!!  . ( APRIL FOOL’s AGAIN!!!   BAM!!  )

Today’s Music Selection:

Like …a bipolar love song, only a little different.

How we liking what’s playing today?  Ok then…

Moving on –

Highlights of the Week:

  • I don;t have much to highlight this week – for the last week…  sad I know but I was moving. And I am behind oh so far behind on my reading and visiting and commenting and all….  so much so that I almost skipped Happy Talk this week too….   BUT I didn’t forget like you might think I did since I forgot to tell you Happy Talk was canceled last week and thus forgot about the word of the week…  NOPE!  And I could not have been more proud.  Thank you to    BENZEKNEES  andEL GUAPO  for using the word and using it well..  you may both consider the following award yours to display proudly on your blogs.  Or not.  Not like the Award Police are gonna come and take it away from you if you don’t but..  there are no strings attached.  You already did the work.  You earned it.  Wear it with pride!  (or don’t but I would.. I mean..not just cause I made it either..) 

  • The Weekly Photo Challenge  has eluded  me for the past couple of weeks as well as the   A-Z Archive Challenge from FrizzText of Flickr Comments  I am hoping to get back into it this week.  This coming  week’s Weekly Challenge is ARRANGED and I have already arranged to be able to get this one done and I think we are on M?  for the Archive Challenge.  At least til Tuesday and then it changes to N – or the next letter.  Wow I am waaayyy behind.
  •  Trifecta Challenge – Nope…moving and I didn’t get to read anybody’s either.  Ok well I did like after the fact but I have entered the weekend challenge for this weekend and plan on doing the week;s and reading everyone else’s.
  • Finally – This week’s  Mental Moments – Potty Time and   PeaTer Cotton Asparagus doing the Hopperana

That should put the week under wraps. .

blogs I like and the bloggers that blog them:  

I have this wonderful list to share of new blogs and bloggers – I mean new to me, thus new to some of you too.   Not necessarily new to blogging.  Some of them have been around awhile and they found me as a new blogger so they aren’t really new like that.  I’m newer than some of them.

What?  The list?  Well it’s like this.

It’s a beautiful day outside.  I took my kids swimming yesterday.  Yes you can do that here in the Spring.  I know, I know, it’s hardly fair but if you bear with me through the flighty and fanciful days of Spring when the dog days of summer come  I will be happy to oblige you with all the links you could ever want.  It’s  too hot to do anything much outside so I will need an excuse to stay indoors.  Although I hate AC too…  It’s a bipolar thing.

Not necessarily a bipolar as in I am making generalizations.  It’s my bipolar thing.

So.. it should be hot as hell ..  assuming indeed hell is hot..  next week.   No, really.

Shit I should a told ya but I forgot to and stuff that is still unresolved.  

  • I have a few awards that I need to hand out – the ones at the top there plus a couple more.  Sigh.  I don;t know what I want to do today… awards, Happy Talk…  I need a donut.  
  • I haven’t forgotten to tell you anything…. if you can think of something then you already know and I just forgot.  
  • Oh! I forgot to tell you I ate all the donuts.  oops.  
  • APRIL FOOLISHNESS – of COURSE I didn’t eat all the donuts.  I only had 5..or maybe 8..  
  •  Artsy Brain Fartsies. The illustrated companion to Running Naked With Scissors is coming along nicely.  I took some pretty flower pictures yesterday and posted them.  Check them out..  be a critic.  Really, I want to know what you think.  I also added a link at the top of the page in the menu bar.  see it?   

Word of the Week 

The word of the week is:   

Reciprocity;  noun.   1. a reciprocal condition or relationship.  

Remember if you use the word in a post, link back here so I am aware of it or use it properly in the comments section.,  All attempts will be acknowledged and some will get the Cracked Vocab Sparkle Star Award every week – you KNOW you want one!  They aren’t always going to look the same either.

And it looks like the time has come to say goodbye until next week

A thought before I go

If the saying is true “you are what you eat”  then what are you?  This week I am a big gooey marshmallow covered in chocolate.  

I don’t think it could get much better.   

Just saying….  

Have a wonderful week!

~Lizzie Cracked (never broken)    🙂 

see? LOTS of donuts left... for now

29 thoughts on “Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot April 1, 2012

  1. Lizzie… I’m in awe; this has just the perfect amount of flakiness to it to be flavorful, but not rubbery… tasty, like a good sole almondine….

    Um, maybe I missed it amongst the myriad of thoughts you just laid out, but you were saying you were handing out the six awards at the top…I saw the two who were awarded the Sparkly Award, El Guapo and Benzeknees….. but, sad to say, no other awards list for the other five are anywhere to be found…. but, no worries, you can just send those out via radio or RSS feed……

    And…. you had a busy week, even for you…. give yourself a little slack…. just sayin’, girl…..

    Besides, didn’t Ginger tell you? The only thing standing between you and your coronation is, well, nothing…. I posted this in my Pearl today, maybe she hasn’t seen it yet….

    “Therefore, within the next few days, you should see announcements of the power shift, hereinafter to be referred to as The Ascension of the Ambitious and Totally Gorgeous Princesses in all published news releases, and your new Empresses of The Entire World will begin their reign of terror, er, benevolent generosity, months in advance of initial estimates.”

    I also suggested that Ginger book the Indigo Girls for the earliest date she could, for the Transition Ball…. there…. now, don’t you feel better, with that to look forward to?…. you take care, & Blessed Be. oh gooey one, whose only real condition is one of terminal cuteness…. 🙂

    1. Ahh thank you.. you are so kind. Its kinda funny to think we began as nearly rubber and glue about smelling manly huh? lol…

      I didn’t hand out the awards..I was undecided and switched gears in the middle of the post and decided to wrap it all around April Fools day…

      WHatever works right? I am soo behind on my reading and I like to have time to read your pearls… save them til I have a good block of time and can thinks.. 🙂

      I will do a post this week to acknowledge and distribute the awards… I actually have to find a couple more and get it together. Sorry for the confusion. I get that way a lot 🙂

      Yes! Life is grand and I am happy…and cute too thank you. Bright blessings.. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the wonderful award and coffee and donuts as well.
    All in all, despite your busy-ness in real life, sounds like it was a pretty good week. Especially if you were able to pig out on chocolate covered marshmallows!

    Have a great week, and I’ll try and figure out a good use of this weeks word!

    1. you are most welcome – thank YOU for being supportive of my endeavors.. It has meant a lot to me.. You and Linda were always using the word of the week since day one – and I can;t fault you guys for stopping cause I wasnt consistent either 🙂 so thanks for that my friend and I only wanted to pig out on the chocolate covered marshmallows… I am afraid I might have bragged a little to hard about my great 😛 ass… and Karma is here to bite said ass..
      ~sigh but we can always dream right?

  3. Lizzie! That award is awesome! I can’t believe I forgot to use the word Erudite! Slapping forehead! But the reciprocity is a good one too! I am writing it on a post it note re cip pro city. I am sticking it on my moniter. I am not going to forget this week. BTW, donuts are delicious and am gaining weight just looking at them! I’m so glad you are all moved in to your new place! And your back with your Happy Talk! I have always loved Carol Burnett. Did you ever see the skit where she is Nora Desmond from Sunset Boulevard. It’s hilarious!

    1. you know technically you did in a comment on your blog – so if you wanted to snag the little star you may 🙂
      I don;t think the award police will bother you and also really you and Guapman were the ones who consistently supported me and used the word every week when I was posting regular every week.. I had wanted to do something special for you two just for that…and I will but you shoud take this star too – you deserve it… and I thank you for all your love and support and ..happiness you bring me. 🙂

      1. Oh my gosh. Well I will do that I certainly will! YAY! And you know where they have the comments tally on the dashboard. YOU are my number one commenter even more than my daughter.! And thank you Lizzie so much for all your love and support, I feel so luky to have you in my life because your the best cyber daughter a mother could have! 😀 YAY!

      2. for reallies? COOL!! and btw yes I do remember that character of Carol Burnett – I grew up watching.. I don;t know if it was the show or reruns but my mom got the series on dvd and I LOVE to watch them…funny stuff…

        I am feeling so much warm fuzzies tonight.. I don’t know what is the matter with me..oh wait.. nothing, I like it it feels good…

        and I know I am lucky to have the greatest cyber mom and bbff in the whole wide world… 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this award Lizzie! What a perfectly splendid thing & when my son-in-law comes to visit this weekend I’m going to get him to help me update my site so I can display my awards. I suspect there will be some reciprocity involved since they want to see West Edmonton Mall & Ikea, so tour guide I will be in exchange for his superior computer knowledge.

    1. You are welcome and thank you for participating and yet again! You nailed it !! It just warms my heart – you have no idea…. thanks 🙂 and I hope you enjoy your visit.. 🙂

  5. I love it. I missed erudite, which is one of the seven adjectives i use to describe myself…but that is an old post. Reciprocity is one of my favorites, right behind specificity, which we know is the rule.

    Hot. Ugh. I wish spring (or fall) lasted more than two days. *sigh*

    Have a great week, Lizzie.

    1. Erudite is such a cool word… I had to resort to ..well ask the others they will say torture I think – trying to excite people about vocab.. I tell you what.. I kept it the word until someone used it… to be fair, I have been a little inconsistent and wishy-washy on Happy Talk and the vocabulary… so I can’t blame anyone but myself. OK. I can. But I take partial responsibility. Now, once I get my groove back – I will be looking for people clamoring to get their entries in…(sigh, one can dream right?) or ..or…I don’t know what but it will be worse than leaving the same word up for weeks.. that probably hurt me more than anyone else.. lol..

      Specificity – I like that word.

      1. In my house there is a sign: Specificity is the rule. And i used this week’s word…What? No pingback? Hmm. Stinking WP. I use at least one word in each post someone will have to look up. I am like that…even in person. There are more links on my blog to the dictionary than any other website. I even have vocabulary as a tag…*sigh* English is a dying language.

      2. I do so like you… 🙂 my apologies for not mentioning that you did indeed use the word. I noticed, and the comment formed in my head included reference .. sigh. thanks. You can link to the dictionary?? ohhhhh.. be still my heart. 🙂

      3. You will like my Friday Follies lessons. I take the worst of my hatemail and publicly humiliate the writers. I especially love the ones which come via Google Translate. The murderous torture of what it does to the average sentence. Ugh.

      4. I laughed so much at ..was it last weeks? The gentleman, (sol) you were sending a job application to, and the cuddly badger lady? I am spending tonight catching up hopefully on all the blogs I follow. Looking forward to seeing what I have missed over your way 🙂

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