Here Comes .. Pea ter? Cottontail.. Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Hello Everyone!!  It’s so good to be able to bring you a mental moment today.

You may or may not have known I have been moving.  I am moved!!  It is over.  And I survived.  No jail either.  Yay!!

What?  Moving is highly stressful.  Don’t you agree?  Well try doing it with half assed help and under the duress of a mean old landlord.  He showed up yesterday, unlawfully, we had words.  I’m not in jail.  Nuff said.

Ok.  I wouldn’t have gone to jail.  I’m smarter than that.  We will say nobody related to this move ended up in jail.  Yay!!

Just an fyi..I won’t officially be back til sometime tomorrow.  That’s when my internet gets transferred here.  I had a flippin hard enough time typing this on the teeny tiny keyboard on my phone with autocorrect.

For Today’s Mental Moment, I figured something light and fun.  A new dance perhaps?  And with Easter right arund the corner…how can you go wrong with the Hopperana taught by our delightful VeggieTale Peas.?

You can’t .. it’s just that simple.


Lizzie Cracked (can’t be broken). And waiting for the real Easter Bunny.  Not such a big fan of peas actually.  Mom always tried to say you can’t taste em when she ruined perfectly good things by putting peas in them… just saying.

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20 thoughts on “Here Comes .. Pea ter? Cottontail.. Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Very cute.
    But they don’t have feet. HOW DO THE SLIPPERS STAY ON?!?

    I’m so confused…

    Congrats on surviving the move and avoiding jail. Sounds like a pretty good day, despite the landlord.

  2. Great post ! I have to say those little french peas are the funniest little guys I ve seen !
    Well they made me laugh 😉 I bookmarked this page for the next time I need cheering up x

    1. thanks.. I hate it too but this one, although half assed and ill planned and I lost some stuff (not such a bad thing I DID plan for that and it wasn’t anything important) was better than most of them have been – course only moving a mile may have helped that 🙂

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