It’s Moments like this… Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

That make you go…huh??  

You said Wha??? Mommy!!!!

Today;s Mental Moment is brought to you by me via My Grandbaby Mama…..  Lauren.  I am giving her all he credit….every single bit…

We are moving and Lauren and I went to the store to get a tape measure.  Always a handy thing to have so you don’t misjudge what will fit where and it helps give the appearance of having it all together when the heavy stuff gets brought in.  You can point, hope you measured right and that they won;t have to pick it back up and reposition it….   in a different room …or outside, or back in the truck.

So of course, she had to have cookies.  And the thought of cookies made me want some chocolate or other sweet that I adore but don;t necessarily need.  The Easter candy is out just begging to be bought and enjoyed.


The weather is getting warm and  soon it will be time for shorts and bathing suits and more revealing and cooler clothing.  Like tomorrow here.

It;s supposed to be hot.  Of course.  Spring here is about a week.  Unless you consider anything under 100 Spring type weather..

Anyways, I think it is normal to have a few extra pounds at the end of the winter.. I mean right?  During the winter we can wear baggy clothes and are less active.  It all comes off as it heats up as long as you are mindful of what you eat and of course adding some exercise for a little toning.  Ug .

So really I don’t need chocolate.  I need celery, or water…

I was standing there mulling over the choices in the Easter Candy Aisle, weighing my options between Jelly Beans and Chocolate eggs, and I said out loud….

What can  I suck on that won’t go straight to my ass?  

Without missing a beat, from the right of me (where Lauren was standing)  I hear…

A  penis

Wha ?  Wha?!!   Oh NO she didn’t!

It;s this kind of moment that makes you … proud to be a parent.  I got a chocolate egg.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Lizzie Cracked (not broken)  and wondering where I might have ….no… nevermind.

26 thoughts on “It’s Moments like this… Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. Yes that too.. I had to fight my inner urge to post it for awhile. I finally.just said oh heck why not!! She makes me laugh all the time. I figured that’s what mental moments are made of. 🙂

  1. I would have had a hard time not slapping that right back with….”And if you had I would not be a grandmother.”

    Oh, wait, did I actually repeat that?

    1. I know right? Yesterday I was in the store and my 5 yo wanted to go get something by himself…after a bit of arguing my 8 yo finally stomped her foot and said” you don’t go without an adult. Give me a sec and i.will.come with you” a lady in the next aisle started laughing ..wonder what she woulda done had she been there the day this happened… Lol

      1. When my daughter was about three, one day in church, every time the priest said Amen, she shouted out AMEN! After about the fourth or fifth time, with lots of twittering from the congregation, Father Rob came over, knelt in front of her and said, in a rather loud whisper, “Okay, Becky, now every time I say Amen, I want you to shout out SO BE IT!” Well, of course she did and before it was all over folks were practically rolling in the aisle. The bad part was she kept it up for weeks until everybody pretty much wanted her to put a sock in it.

      1. How fun! I miss hanging out with my daughters like that! Although we stil hang out but not everyday. I miss the days when I had them all to myself! HA! 🙂

      2. Letting them go and then once they are actually out on their own really takes some getting used to. — because until your kids are grown, motherhood is an extended vacation from youself. It’s a shock when your nest is empty — it takes years before you really find your groove again. — at least it did for me!

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