Don’t Be Greedy Mid Afternoon Mental Moment

I am late today for a reason so I won’t even apologize

iPhone background photo: Who is the most aweso...
Who is the most awesome person today? WHO?? YEA!!!
(Photo credit: Anthony K. Valley)

Ok… I’m sorry.  But I had a really good reason

Today’s Mental Moment is a cautionary tale and is dedicated to my landlord who just got SPANKED!!!

No…not byt me ..ewwwww

He thought he could get something he wasn’t entitled to and tried to be greedy instead of taking only what was rightfully owed to him..

And got handed his ASSSSSSSS!!!!

I’m sorry that’s mean .. I know but you should have SEEN it!

So here’s to you dear Landlord…ahem former Landlord…


Lizzie Cracked (not broken)  and coming off a wonderful moment of supreme gratification that a greedy jerk got less than what he should have because he wanted more than he deserved….  BAM!!!!


19 thoughts on “Don’t Be Greedy Mid Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Lizzie,

    Okay…due to some technical burp by my Flash player, this little film stopped every 12 seconds, for 15 seconds, to buffer the next 12 seconds of play…..somewhat inefficient, and hard to stay with the story (early onset Alzheimer’s can do that…). But I persevered to the end, and yeah, it’s nice… but I want the dirty details!

    I love stories about s___heads getting their asses handed back to them; if they’re assuming the asshole pose, and put their cheeks out there on the line, they no doubt deserved it; but the Devil’s in the details, sister, so let’s hear it… you don’t have to name names, he’s no doubt embarrassed enough, and no sense in giving him anything actionable for a lawyer to come sniffing about…. but what happened?…. You can’t leave us all hanging like this!… I beg you…. How can we decide to bow down, chanting, “We are unworthy…” if we don’t know the details?….come on, fess up…. but even if you feel you can’t, way to go!….

    1. all in good time – if you can wait a few days until things are settled I shall tell you all the fun and satisfying details. Sorry the video ddn;t work… it was nore about the rest of the moment today anyways 🙂

    1. you will you will! it was great…very satisfying moment for me…. I can;t wait to tell you MOM you will be so proud. I was polite and even complimented the old geeze…oh sorry gentleman… and the guy who did the spanking totally liked me…not like liked me like that,,,,just thought I was well behaved and quite agreeable…. catch more flies with honey lol,,,, Sweeet!!

      1. Oh Honey I couldn’t be more proud of you than if you were to become President of the United States! I knew I rasied you right! 🙂 In fact, I’m going to drive you through McDonald’s and you can order ice cream for dinner! ❤ Mom

    1. Thanks Moon! It was hugely satisfying to not get taken advantage of cause that is really what it was – he thinks cause I am a girl…I don’t know what the heck I am doing… oh yes it gets better… 🙂

    1. oh Moon! I’m so sorry – for some reason you ended up in the spam box and I have not been able to access mine for a week while I moved – I don’t see the spam on my phone -I’m sorry my friend – there were a couple of others too – so weird cause all that are in in are regular commentors – although it happened to me that one week with every one and I think that is how we found each other …

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