Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot 3/18/12

Top o the morning to ya!  The day after St. Patrick’s Day and I bet we are ready to have a lot of coffee.  

You all look a little bleary eyed..too much Green Beer?  Or was it the Irish Whiskey?  That stuff will kick your ass.  Every single time.


Wanna hear something funny?  I didn’t wear green yesterday..  No really.  I completely spaced it.  Until my daughter pinched me.  

Then I told her I did have green on actually.  On my underwear.  And technically they were, kinda a greenish blue turquoise…..

Anyways, I had this great t-shirt that I got in NYC last fall when I made my first trip EVER there.  I mean I still have it and I had it out and ready to wear and it was just such a hectic day yesterday…  I forgot to wear it.   It’s Kelly Green and says IRISH right across the ..top.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the……the LAST HAPPY TALK OF WINTER!!  That’s right folks – Spring is a few days away and next time we meet it will be Spring…  YAY!!  

I love Spring…  Spring sunshine, the birds and bees, Spring flowers, Spring donuts.. what?  It’s true. Even donuts are better in the Spring.

Today’s Music Selection:

Last week..no 2 weeks go I threw out the idea to you of letting you guys submit playlists to be featured here and it seemed pretty well received.  I added a contact form to the Words and Thoughts of the Weeks page.  I need to do a little catching up there but as soon as I do I will also add the weekly playlists.

BUT you can go on there and fill out the form with your choice of songs and I will put your playlist right here..  in the music selection area for all to enjoy.  At the end of the month the best playlist gets a prize..  Since this is the first playlist submission and the almost last Happy Talk of this month, today’s will be considered with next months lists.

This week’s playlist is from our favorite music man himself, the fantabulous Dude, El Guapo of Guapola.  Although I took an exception to Huey Lewis – really Guapman?  I dutifully went on my YouTube and whipped up his list for your enjoyment.  And as we have come to expect – great music choices, yes even the Huey Lewis Song,  from the guy who has the Asylum within the Asylum (and music!)   Here is the playlist, as submitted and accordingly named by El Guapo.  And  let’s thank him properly for taking the time to participate  🙂   (I added a little something to his now IRISH COFFEE and gave him extra donuts and saved ALL the chocolate sprinkles for his Girl TMWGITU    Which just goes to show – even if you don’t win the prize at the end of the month – you still get awarded  🙂  )

Rock n Effin Roll –  If these don’t get you Moving you might already be dead!  Playlist  (pretty much says it all huh?  <—I added that)  

a quick run down of the selections:

  1. Dire Straits – Solid Rock
  2. Huey Lewis and The News – The Power of Love
  3. Shane McGowan and the Pogues – Bottle of Smoke
  4. AC/DC – Thunderstruck
  5. The Ramones – Sheena is A Punk Rocker

One quick note if anybody knows how you can embed the entire playlist here instead of just getting that blank screen I would really appreciate a clue …

I don’t have too much to add to that this week…  except this:

Tell me anybody, now what do you think of that?

ok moving on…..

Highlights of the Week:

  • We need to get back on track with the vocabulary. – That’s it – that’s all I am saying about it this week.  Not another word.  Hrumph!
  • The Weekly Photo Challenge  has eluded  me for the past few weeks as well as the   A-Z Archive Challenge from FrizzText of Flickr Comments  I am hoping to get back into it this week.  This coming  week’s Weekly Challenge is UNUSUAL and I think we are on I don’t even know for the Archive Challenge.  No promises but I will do my best.  I am thinking if I don’t get it done and catch up a little on the archives – I may just …well I don’t like to give up and I have so many great pictures that I can now use freely.
  • My Soul Sister – SFDMNM – GingerSnaaps and I colwabe…clobbi..collaber….  worked together to make all your lives easier.  We are good like that and figure it’s the least we can do since we ARE going to rule the rule – someday soon.  After Gigoid gets done with it we worked out….nevermind – you will see.  Anyways we figured those of you who so wisely choose to get a head start of the New World Disorder..  can now do so with your handy-dandy pocket edition of the Text Lingo of GingerSnaap and Lizzie Cracked.  
  • My Mean Streak  –  successfully showed itself again in My Mean Streak and Making a Point  It was a wonderful example of the wonder of My Mean Steak and … yeah, I’m proud.    An excellent guide on how to make a point with the AH and STB in your life.
  • Trifecta Challenge –  In last week’s weeks challenge,  Some of our very own Happy Talking Donut snarfing Coffee Slurpers,  El Guapo and Linda Vernon  as well as The Hobbler and Lisa Summerlin  participated and I loved all their entries – and Old Dog New Tits won last weekend’s challenge but I have to tell you even though he may not have used the word correctly – Edward Hotspur was just … fascinating, and my personal favorite.  I don’t know where he gets this stuff from but it’s always random, funny and well written.
  • Finally – This week’s  Mental Moments –  we had moments that reminded us not to be hasty, and learned a wee bit o history, complete nonsense,  some fun dancing,  and one that provided a little moment to reflect about patience and understanding…  all in all a pretty good line up of Mental State improvement..  I think anyways.

That should put the week under wraps. .

blogs I like and the bloggers that blog them:  

So I have a couple of blogs I have found poking around on other blogs or from the related articles section or however.  You all know how it happens  – you decide to try something new and you close your eyes and click.  Ok that;s not really – well I did find a few that way….but anyways,  here are a couple of blogs you might want to check out sometime.  I like them.

For the time being I am going with blogs I have found, or have found me first, over the previous week (s) that I found interesting and /or  funny.  I expect to be adding many to this list in upcoming weeks from the wonderful commenters  on that one post I did that got a lot of attention…

Hobbling Around
Scene Stealer
Mystery Coach

Shit I should a told ya but I forgot to and stuff that is still unresolved.  

  • To everyone who took the time to visit my blog, and click like and comment on the post that was Freshly Pressed…along with all of the others who I count on everyday and the ones who now follow and those that continue to follow my cracked observations and are interested in my unsolicited (and cracked sometime too) advice  …  I am overwhelmed with gratitude and the support you have given me.  I appreciate each and every one of you and there are many new faces that I promised to come your way and visit and I will – it just may take me some time…  but I wanted to say thank you…  
  • I haven’t forgotten to tell you anything… except something I was just going to tell you…and I forgot…darn it

Word of the Week 

The word of the week is:   

Erudite;  adj.   1. deep extensive learning.  2. having or showing profound knowledge, book knowledge specifically.  an erudite professor…

Yup..same word.  How bout that?  And it;s gonna stay the same word until someone wows me.  So if you are tired of the word..  YOU have the power to change it.  🙂

Remember if you use the word in a post, link back here so I am aware of it or use it properly in the comments section.,  All attempts will be acknowledged and some will get the Cracked Vocab Sparkle Star Award every week – you KNOW you want one!  They aren’t always going to look the same either.

And it looks like the time has come to say goodbye until next week.

 A thought before I go

Next time you cross paths with someone cracked – instead of thinking they are damaged, consider them exceptionally bright.  

after all, they let the light in.

Just saying….  

Have a wonderful week!

~Lizzie Cracked (never broken)    🙂 

The Power of Love (Huey Lewis and the News song)
way out of my comfort zone..

44 thoughts on “Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot 3/18/12

    1. Donna said she will buy me a ticket to come home !!!
      She don’t want to buy my ticket until I speak to you !!!

  1. That summary summarized the total of all the things that add up to the makeup of what took place during the events that happened as the week passed in the recent days gone by! Fir rills!

  2. I look forward to these as much as the mental moments. And all your posts!
    My girl gives her sincere thanks, and when did the Coffee Spot start serving Irish coffee? Oh, this’ll be fun if you start posting them in the morning again!

    Have a great week, lizziec, and looking forward to what comes next!

    1. oh that’s what I forgot in the forgot to tell you part….what comes next..! What should that be? 😕

      I know – Irish COffee is better in the morning.. It is kinda silly to say good morning and post at – oh my I forget about the 3 hour difference at least it was still light here…anyways it;s just a sign of my continued optimism that I will indeed have one completely ready to go- in the morning…. 🙂 thanks for the playlist.. totally made it fun. Don’t work too much.. hangin around here has got to be more fun!!

    1. Really – well then I’m glad i talked El Guapo into adding in into his Playlist – he fought it all the way 😀

      Do DO do do ! use the word use it! it;s such a great word.. be sure and link back to me or let me know so I can properly acknowledge you –

      1. Gee, thanks lizzie.
        I’m so glad you were able to talk me into using that song.
        I can’t imagine what I was thinking for not including it.

  3. I was hoping when I returned from MomCation, our world takeover would have begun.

    Hey Lizzie- guess which song above is my favorite!

    Guess! Guess!

    ‘I won’t feel grand if I take off my hat. The suns getting hot and my hat just might go flat. My hat, it might go flat, and my sweets will melt like that… Oh hurry Mr Trolley before my dapperness goes flat’.

    Guess already!
    Hurry! Take a guess!!

    1. hee hee I KNEW that! 🙂 DId ya have fun did ya did ya? Oh sorry – Larry’s Top Silk Hat…
      I’m not sure what the hols up is with our takeover – we should check on that…

      1. I did have fun! Did you see the pic on FB of what I came home to find in my backyard? Didya?

        Ok- World Domination- we need to start crushing the people’s animal crackers. That will get their attention. Next we move on to squashing their loaves of bread and then we hide all of the coffee. They will be putty in our hands….

      2. i have not been to FB yet today but I am going soon – sooner now cause the suspense is killing me…

        But um we want them to like us… although i see your point but if my bread got squashed and my coffee hid…I might feel like I was oppressed and maybe uprising…. just a thought. I know you are excited – me too but I think we would have a better time of it if we were not so oppressive about it… Let Gigoid do that stuff… then when he hands over power to us.. they will think we saved the from oppression and they will adore us.. I wish he’d hurry the heck up tho damn!

  4. Erudite, indeed…. and thanks for the mention… 🙂 How does the word get changed, just by the power of suggestion? If so, I suggest, “discombobulated”, one of my all-time favorites, and just not used enough…. see my previous comment elsewhere re: World Domination Status, and keep you knickers unbunched, ‘kay? We’re ahead of schedule….

    1. The word used to change every week but I’m pouring. Now it can changed by participating in the challenge of using it correctly and creatively.. Someone… As to discombobulate? Used it.. 🙂 one of my favorites too. Not sure which one I will have to get back to you… I’m cool with waiting…. It’s all good

  5. Lizzie! BBFF! What is going on with me! I’m just not keeping up here and I’m missing out on all the fun! What a fantastic coffee talk! It’s the best one ever and with el guapos playlist and here it is Tuesday at Ten o’clock and I’m just reading it! And you and ginger’s genius text lingo is really clever and hilarious! I’m gonna come up with a playlist too and I assure you it will be erudite! 🙂

  6. Thanks to the erudite Edward Hotspur we always learn something new every week. And thanks to El Guapo for suggesting Huey Lewis & the News for Power of Love – what a perfect song! Did I say that out loud? Of course I did because I love this song even though Edward thinks I hate all songs because I don’t like poetry – this is one I like!

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