My Mean Streak and Making a Point


Well folks it is a big day here at Running Naked with Scissors.  And you are all here to witness it..

The return of My Mean Steak.  

I know it’s been away for quite some time and lately it has been pouting because the movie deal it had worked out fell through when the producers realized it was flying solo.  My My Mean Streak finally came to grips wit hthe fact that the MY in front of it’s name isn’t there just for fun.


It just isn’t My Mean Streak   I feel bad for it.

Not really  but I let it come home and it has been sulking and licking wounds ever since.  You’d think I was the Mean one… geesh.  Really  it was just trying to make a point.  That I also need it as much as it needs me and I can say that the point has been taken.  I have been begging it to come back to class.  We all need it right?

My Mean Streak isn’t budging,  Unless iapologize…    *calm – like before a storm*   

FINE!  POINT taken!  You WIN!  I am sorry..  THERE you happy now?   Good.  The floor is yours.  (jerk)  What?  Nothing!  I said sorry You made your point.  SO now teach everyone else how to do it.  Successfully.  

Today;s Lesson is My Mean Streak and How to make your point.  more pointedly, how to make it subtley and well.  

This is not an easy lesson to describe so we will be doing some role playing.

Nothing drives a point home like seeing the successful delivery of said point to the intended person or persons if you wanna even call them that – I mean if you are gonna get out the mean streak to make a point….they probably have become more like….pimples on the butt of humanity.  Full of vile nastiness but I guarantee if you squeeze it and or them hard enough..  you will make your point and they will be gone.  Just. like. that.    Since we have not an actual whole lesson as role playing,,,  there wil be some commentary added to clarify purpose of technique.

Watch and Learn my young ones….minds eager to absorb the greatness and Mad Skills of My  Mean Streak like sponges….

you more advanced pupils may have noticed the sleight of hand that signalled the jedi mind trick.. it is just to quiet the young ones.  they get excitable during these role playing lessons.  Quiet the mind, capture the attention.  

For our example let’s just say ….hmmmmmm. oh!  I got it.

Let’s say that you recently had a falling out with someone that was very important to you.  Someone you have a long history with, maybe that you gave your heart to, thought you would be together forever and  after some time of being humilated and demoralized by said persons ongoing addiction and betrayal to top any betrayal you could think of.

(we gotta make it good…extreme examples are better for teaching puposes)  

Let’s say you, still standing by said person and believing they loved you and really meant it when they said they would be back,  were loyal, faithful and supportive to a fault…only to be tossed aside in the growing haze of the confusion of said person’s mind.  Just. like. that.   Not for anything you did wrong.  A whole year..well nearly.  5 days short, let’s say after the original betrayal and nearly 9 months to the day give or take one… after they committed the ultimate betrayal and you stood by them anyways…they say that they dont want you in their life anymore.  That they say  the most hurtful things they can think of to try and crush you…  because THEY don’t want you need to be punished.

(it is important to set the proper tone and allow the students to begon to feel enough ire to stir their own mean streak….)

Let’s say after crying yourself to sleep to many nights to even keep count of, after spending so many days alone, after one after another promises are broken, lies are beginning to pile up  and the final blow of this latest insult you say fine, you win.  I am out.  Let;s just say.

And that you are still alone and hurting, nursing a heart broken so badly you aren’t sure the extra duty glue and the duct tape will hold it together anymore…. and duct tape holds anything as we know…  scared to trust anymore,  but you have respected other “persons” wishes and not tried to contact  them or find out about them or …anything else to do with them,

And then as the days and weeks pass, you become aware that even though you are not bothering this person, let’s call this person the Asshole – AH for short, is trying to stay attached to you…

  • Maybe they realize that you were right.
  • Maybe they regret losing the best thing they ever had going for them,
  • Maybe they realize they really are responsible for their own misery and rage, not you because even without you around, it still exists…and they are filled with regret and need to be back on your life,.,,

and also that AH’s  insignifigant other, the codependent, passive agressive, useless…sp….We aill just call the other person STB (refer to your pocket manuals please)  is also keeping tabs on you…  that both of them are invading your space and lurking, when it was they who didn’t want YOU around to begin with.   

Let’s say you have had enough.  Enough inane comments faking concern etc.. And you want to make a point.  A really strong point to leave you the HELL ALONE!


How do we do this effectively and also maintain our high standards of not sinking to the level of a pimple on the butt of humanity…essentially being the picker of said pimples, not mistken for them.

That is why we are here and why we shall learn, by example today. There are several ways to accomplush the achieved end.  All have their pluses but only one, includes satisfaction.  And continued integrity.   It is also  indicitive of the impact AH had on your life, how you felt, still feel sometimes.

1.  You could get angry and threaten to put their shit on blast.  Tell their dirty little secrets, loudly proclaim on any social site you can find that AH and STB are scum and users and liars.  

This is not a preferred method because  although it would feed the fury, when you are done and have nothing else, you will most likely feel like crap… and you have spent an awful lot of time on AH and STB which may cause you to take many steps backward in your healing process.

2.  You could tell yout story on your blog, making AH and ATB appear like sociopathic abusers and get the mob riled up and then post phone numbers, name of the company they work for, address and all the social sites you know they are on…   

The problem with this is that they might be able to sue you.  I am not sure but it seems pretty likely, in fact you are thinking they might be lurking just waiting for you to slip up and post a pic or use a name… add a phone number.  Yes it’s tempting and also a good fuel for the fury fire but why give them the satisfaction?  What’s the point there?  Then they have made the point that even though they are losers,  and don’t deserve to use the toilet after you, they get to have all the breaks,  all the luck.  While you, loyal to a fault, faithful beyond question, hard working to catch a little break  get none.  It deosn’t help you feel better even though you think it might.

3.  Start sending every single emai or text message between you and AH, the ones saying how unhappy they are and how they can’t stand  STB to be anywhere near them.  (True or not it still right htere in black and white.let STB deal with it…  )     and every degrading,  compromising picture of STB you have  – it would be cool if you had over a hundred, maybe like 182  …lmao   and every picture of AH in compromising positions that are clearly dated for authenticity, every voice recording, and a list of all the illegal activities you are aware of…….  to STB and sit back ad watch the fireworks.  If you have incriminating text messages from STB – making it clear they are a lying  *****..  sending them to AH would add to the fun uh point.  There will no longer be enough time in the day to pay attention to little old you.  

This is not a bad idea.  If you have actually saved said material – like on your computer, or SD cards or to a handy little thumb drive.   Some people do, some people don’t.  It depends what kind of things you have learned over the last few years….   It’s private yet gets your point, which is once again,  LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE – across quite nicely.  

My Mean Steak is particularly fond of this idea.…and has learned A LOT about such things over the last few years…..just saying….  this is just an example of course, not the real deal. 

4.  Call the IRS and report the business.  Enough said.

To iffy, You might niss the house of cards falling down ….oh oops…sorry this is about making your point not getting satisfaction …  Too iffy.  Period.  But it falls under not enough time to pay attention to you anymore if you are successful of creating the shitstorm  so richly deserved.

But the  BEST way to clearly, and pointedly make your point is… and I know this will be hard to wrap your heads around but I would not mislead you….

Do Nothing.  Doooo Noothhhiiinnng..  DO NOTHING

That;s right.  Just go about your life and pretend they aren’t even there.  Dont waste another minute on their BS.

And in doing so you also will be able to use topics that were previously off limits in your writing on your blog.   The pictures you never got to show anyone of your trip to the area  last fall, are now that you have no further ties to AH, and AH has let you know ….  are now a whole new folder full of great shots to put up for picture challenges or even mental if you had that kind of thing on your bog.  If you had a blog.  Put them on FB if you want..Google+  you have no one to protect anymore…use them, write about them…  Go. on. with., your. life.

Dont block them on any social sites or if they happen to get your phone number bother blocking them from that.  Don’t even take the time to push that little button,  They aren’t worth it.

They probably read your blog.  AH and STB.  You have good evidence – know how they do it…  Just use caution about names and faces… and I guarantee you, you will make your point.  It;s almost as good as number 3.  But better,

They want to witness first hand the amazing, well liked, beautiful person you are, and AH wants to have to SUCK EGGS every visit here realizing that you are even, more than the only one  in the world that could even come close to the love AH had wanted so dearly…. AH will  die a little more everyday when  realizing you are not doing the same  not as far as AH can tell….  and STB can SUCK EGGS watching AH watch you and then going behind and reading what may have made AH so sad……

Just be you.  And be great.  Point made.  

And there you have it folks.  Easy.  Like telling a monkey from an ape.

My Mean Streak is on a as needed basis right now until we iron out our differences,  and needs to rest after the extreme pressure of keeping up appearances of not giving a monkey’s butt about …nevermind…. during this lesson.

It does bear reminding that although My Mean Streak is mostly talk and no action, should my family, friends, livlihood or reputation be put to question or used for purposes of hurting me or them….

My Mean Streak will unleash the shitstorm of fury that hell hath not anything equal to on the pimples on the butt of humanity…and POP them like the bacteria they are.  

P.O.I.N.T  M.A.D.E.  ??  I think so.  

Class Dismissed,

My Mean Streak
Lizzie Cracked (not broken) dare you to try – AH & STB  🙂

(any perceived  similarity of the above characters and  actions to real life is imagined, paranoid and unintentional.  It isn’t you I  don’t care what you say.  This is a work of fiction for educational purposes,  Believe that..if you need to) 


39 thoughts on “My Mean Streak and Making a Point

      1. Cool, I’ll look forward to more… I always liked this movie critic that still writes for the SF Chronicle, forget his name, but he would put on his “Crankypants” every so often to write a review…always funny stuff….

  1. Hahahahaha! Let’s call them asshole . . . . hahahahaha! I love the way you got to vent and made it educational at the same time. You’re a frigging meanstreak Genius, BBFF! 🙂

      1. No the tone was perfect. You made your point in an entertaining and light-hearted way which is why I always like reading what your “mean streak” comes up with! I was just thinking as I was reading it that I would like to do something similiar. I think it would be really fun and satisfying. You know to vent but in a good way! 🙂

  2. And just further evidence why lizziec ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!!!

    Sounds like you and your mean streak have a pretty good (and effective) alliance going on, lizziec. Hope AH and STB don’t ever (hypothetically) have to find out how good.

    But I’m sure the lesson will be fast and illuminating.

    1. hypothetically – it might be what really gets my Mean Streak on point…. I am thinking maybe should flush a lurker or tow outta the woodwork…maybe some fun comments…. *rubs hands together* bring it! I say. AH!

  3. This is entertainingly good fiction. Er…your example, I mean. You should come up with a mean series on these losers. A lot more people still finding their mean streak will be ab relate.

      1. thanks 🙂 if you look up on the menu bar there is a tab for My Mean Streak and…. I have done a couple but this is the first in awhile. Glad you ilked it 🙂

  4. Love the bit where you dont block them – I ve always thought the same – why block them when everytime they visit your facebook/blog they just realise how awesome you are ! 😉

  5. Outstanding read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he really bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

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