Nonsense Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Tuesday is not typically mental.

English: Centre for Mental Health logo
is this heaven?

Why I have no idea.

A kid’ll eat ivy too, wouldn’t you?

say it real fast out loud…


Now tweet with a # in front.  No just kidding.  Say it again.

DO IT!   oh sorry….   do it…  as in try it…  not like DO IT or suffer the consequences…  like…  fissley poo ma niver mi nocs 


To Your Mental State. Whatever if May Be…

Lizzie Cracked (not broken)  wondering what the hell that was all about…..


19 thoughts on “Nonsense Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. wait… i’m confused you asked if it was a bad thing? for you… it;s not normal.. i mean that you understand it but normal is… what;s normal. I don;t think you qualify and … that is a compliment.

  1. I understood every word; it’s just a mild Cockney, all in all. And I thought it was a lovely tale, full of human passion and wit…. and the little bit of a Cary Grant accent at the end was priceless…. I wonder though…. did he ever get paid?…..and why was the guy in the story so good with the sharkeys? Thought I’d ask….

    1. it all depends whether it is African or European and whether or not it has a tail…. important considerations that I don;t know the answer to and thus can not enlighten you anymore than you already are. 🙂

      1. one of the suckier parts of life but its easier if you just go with it…. and then NEXT time I will pay more attention to these little details…big details,,,, yea 🙂

  2. hey do you know earth is a mental asylum of the universe and all those with shaken n stirred grey cells are sent here…( well just thought of sharing it with you)
    i get this guy in the video..he rocks
    and i did say that line loud in the public..and now i have got many followers and we have formed a secret society by the name “AKid’llEatIvyTooWouldn’tYou”
    thanks for inspiring me and making me so famous

    1. Thank you so much! I am honored! I went to he site and would very much like to be a part of it. I was a little unclear on what to do next, but I am excited you thought me worthy of inclusion in this group. 🙂

      1. Totally worthy. I’m going to go nominate you now, and I think they contact you after that. You can add it to your other accolades! Best, Candida

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