Happy Talk from the Coffee Spot 3/11/2012

Dear Fellow Coffee Slurpers  and Donut Lovers, Happy Talkers and Friends…

It’s been a busy week around here, although not much to highlight….  🙂  

Today’s Happy Talk is…well I am just not gonna make it today.  I forgot to tell The Coffee Spot we may have a few extra people and I woke up late, no one used the word and I have to color my hair.  

What?  It takes awhile.  

It also smells kinda funny for a few hours afterwards – sometimes days.  I am not sure which one this will be because I am trying a new brand and shade this time.  

When I was a teenager I used to change my hair every time I went to get it cut.  New cut, new color…there is nothing better than the feeling of leaving the beauty shop feeling like a new you.  

Unless the new you  look is a disaster, than that really sucks.  I have only cried over my hair once in my entire life.  If the fact it was for an entire month makes it more than once, than whatever, I think I am still pretty easy-going about my hair all around.  It’s just hair, and it will grow back.  

And that works both ways too.  If I get a great cut or color well it’s hair and it won’t be like that forever.  I am notoriously bad at keeping up at the beauty salon.  My oldest daughter cut it for me a couple of weeks ago when she was here visiting and I love it.  I have meant to color it while it still looks great so that  I have Happy Cut and Happy Color at the same time.  And today is the day so I am thinking if I want Happy Cut and Color, I shouldn’t push my luck with Happy Talk too…  

I mean what if its one of those 2 outta three days?  I could have Happy Cut and Color and just not be able to get the Happy Talk orrrrr I could do a great Happy Talk and then what about my hair?  You see?  It’s a conundrum…  I am gonna go with the hair.  Also because I want to do a little thinking about the direction of Happy Talk – oh don’t worry, we will always Happy Talk.   I am just thinking maybe I should try to get a big name sponsor so I can give the vocab winners a new car.  Or have a lot of new cars myself if THAT doesn’t inspire you all to get involved in vocabulary…

Ok, well I have fortified myself with several donuts and am off to change my hair.  Love you all and Have a Wonderful week.!   Before I go I will leave you with a thought….straight from my head…  

How will you bring the light, if you dwell in the dark?  Think about it.  

Until Next week.
Lizzie Cracked (not broken ) 


25 thoughts on “Happy Talk from the Coffee Spot 3/11/2012

  1. Lizzie…. you worry too much… without noticing, today’s Happy Talk indeed came out as a happy talk time. I enjoyed it, anyway…. so by definition and the rules, you have to be happy too, regardless of hair color or style….. 🙂

    1. aww thanks – it was kinda weird how it worked out. Some weeks I just don’t get to it and some weeks I probably should have skipped it. Today I had the sincere desire to do it, but didn;t want to be – oppressed by the boundries of the format – I guess. It takes a lot of time and I usually start around Thursday or spend all night or day getting it ready – I am very sure that the days I threw it together or wasn’t feeling it were quite apparent – they surely were to me by the comments… I mean if you are gonna call it HAppy Talk it should probably be …happy lol. Today I am happy, just feeling my free spiritedness. I think it has to do with Spring being right aound the corner. I tend to get…ug,,say the word.., manic…more although since I have never been highly destructive in that state, I prefer to just say – more bubbly joyful. Sounds neater 🙂

      1. I’ll look forward to Spring even more now! I came back to tell you, in case you didn’t see it yet, that your post “20 Signs You’re a WordPress Junkie” is on the front page, on Freshly Pressed….congratulations!…..

  2. You are more ambitious than I. If I get a good cut, or good color then I am happy.

    I had never understood bad hair days until about a year ago, when I got a bad, bad cut. One that made me cry for weeks. Is it possible to get a PTSD like thing from a bad hair cut? If so, then I have it. Flinchy when I get in that chair. Still. So traumatized.

    Glad you got a good cut. Hope your color came out perfect!

    1. I think you can get PTSD from a bad haircut if it upsets you that much heck ya! I’m not sure they should classify it as such maybe PTHD – post traumatic hair disaster – I had it for a while after my bad cut – I became a lot pickier about who cut my hair – paid more attention to the other people that were getting their haircut by that person – stuff I should have paid attention to from the beginning but I had just been super lucky …. and i am just a trusting person – i trust it will all turn out ok… it came out pretty good thanks 🙂 a nice brightener for the coming of Spring 🙂

  3. Hope your hair looks better than when I did my fancy wOrk to it ??
    Lmmfao!!!well moving t Florida soon looking Foward to finally being. A bigger part of my sons-yes plural 2 lives its sad you don’t let mikey talk to me but .. I guess I have to understand .Also I don’t try to upset you on the other hand dean is doing the nasty w hot ( no PUNN intended) demon!!! Whew!! Ttyl hope your ok and I do worry about you bye;0(

  4. Happy talk I must be in the right place. I’ve been thinking about dyeing my hair lately. I saw a picture of myself standing next to a geay weathered barn I relized my hair matched the barn. Yikes it may be time the tinsil so whimsically tossed is now taking over. My only decision is what color brown, redish brown, red, blond or maybe a pretty viliot? I may be too young still for viliot? Maybe blond never been blond, that could give me a new bounce in my step. Am I still here I was so much in my head about trying to pick a color I almost forgot that I was typing. Wow look at that long comment. Opps :+)

  5. The only dye job I ever wanted was a white streak on one side of my head. Never did it though, probably never will.
    And I don’t think I’ve gotten a hair cut in 3 or 4 months.

    Nice to see a mellow rambling coffee spot, and thanks for the donuts.
    On an unrelated note, apparently I hven’t sorted my email well enough since I’m getting here 2 days late.
    Coffee is still hot though. mmm…

    1. I dye my hair because I HAVE a grey streak – one streak that’s it. Like El Vira.. or is it Morticia? The thing is is not that prounonced, it is kinda half ass and stubborn as hell.. usually it won;t hold color and I had it suggested to bleach that streak … sigh.. so lately It’s gotten a little wider but it’s still contained.. and it;s not so cool anymore because it’s grey …and I am ..older besides – its Spring…almost and I mmmmmm this coffee is good. I didn’t get any yesterday…threw me all wonky and out of whack…. just fyi is you are interested… the form for the playlist submission is up on the words and thoughts page….jusssttttt sayinnnn if anybody wants to add a playlist… it;s been there since March 6 as promised 🙂 (i know right? I actually did it when I said I would… 🙂 ) Have another donut 🙂 and don’t forget TMWGITU’s donut -I saved her a chocolate sprinkle 😀

      1. I remembered her favorite 🙂 I feel kinda proud of myself when I do that – it;s not easy ya know… wow that was fast! I can;t wait to see what it is….now ..how do I get it? lol – you are kinda the guinea pig of HAppy Talk this week 🙂 NTNAM

  6. Am I too late for the coffee and the donuts? I don’t mind coldish coffee and I’ll eat a donut in any state of decay! Slapping forhead! How did I forget about Euradite? I hate when my real life takes precedense over my wordpress life! I haven’t done anything to my hair since last August! I think that’s the longest I’ve ever gone. I’m just putting it in a ponytail right now. It’s getting way too long for a 60 year old! On the otherhand, I guess I could just comb it kind of over my face like Goldie Hawn does. But somehow I don’t think I’d be able to pull of that look. I wonder how I’d look in pigtails?

    1. I was considering pigtails myself – kinda funny how that works huh? NEVER too late for coffee and donuts and you get a fresh pot and fresh donut – Guapman was late too ..and so was I actually…. mmmm coffee 🙂 You could pull off Goldie Hawns look better than she does… 🙂 And I used to think 30 was too old to have long hair -don;t ask where I got THAT…but I am over it… 60 is the new 40 btw so you are good…..even if it wasn;t you’re still good 🙂

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