Contemplate to Meditate, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Have you ever tried to Meditate?  It’s not easy.

Chakras..we are not doing these today...focus...!

Not like telling the difference between a monkey and an ape.

That’s Easy  Piece of cake…

Sing it with me… If it doesn;t have a tail it’s not a it doesn;t have a tail it’s an ape….if it…….sorry…..

Meditating…  continuous and profound contemplation on a thought or subject.

Quiets the mind…spiritual…  I can;t do it.  Yes, I have tried..

I start and find myself talking to myself halfway through….  enough about me

Here are a few thoughts on Meditation for you to contemplate going into the weekend….contemplate continuously please…


To Your Mental State, Whatever it may be….

Mine needs a little focusing and contemplating…just saying.

Have a Great Weekend! Don;t forget Happy Talk at the Coffee Spot this weekend… 🙂 DONUTS! that I can meditate on…why didn;t I try that before?

Lizzie Cracked ( a little more than usual..but still not broken…takes a lickin and….) DONUTS..OHM…..YUUMMMMM!!


39 thoughts on “Contemplate to Meditate, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. I found it much easier to meditate when I went to a group meditation. The change of setting really helped. I would always leave feeling calmer and happier.

    1. oh..I never thought of doing it in a group setting…thank you…I shall contemplate and hopefully meditate…I hear it does that and quiets the mind…which is what intrigues me….that would be spiritual indeed…:-)

    1. I am a barrel of laughs – giggles….the important thing is the barrel… I think.. I got myself mixed up for a second…and I think there is lint in my belly button 🙂 glad you enjoyed it hope your mental state is great!

    1. really? do you think about brushing…or are you one with the toothbrush…? I wanna meditaaaattee and I would like it a lot if my dentist loved me…he is single and cute, no wait that was two years ago….
      that’s actually really cool, multitasking too 🙂

  2. I can’t do it either but wish I could. My mind is just to busy wandering around plus the baby is a talker with no words really yet. She is always making some kinda sounds. Never quiet enough to concentrate.

  3. My meditating is also bottom of the barrel. I take the suggestion of just watching your breath as a meditation- suddenly easy breathing becomes much harder. We live, we learn and meanwhile keep laughing.

  4. There once was a story of the 1 and the one
    And the 2 and the 2 ….. But now no one speaks of them
    The names are never spoken and while I sit here and ponder the thought of them and the
    Way they use to be makes my heart bleed with pain and sorrow

    1. it is only the one…that is me..
      there s no 2 ,,i am alone in a crowded room
      what is it you set out to do.
      punish me for your tomorrow…
      you care nothing for my sorrow
      why come here and try to hurt me more…
      you have already left me, alone
      what else is there…but to try to break me,
      who can not
      will not be broken
      not like you broke us

  5. Ha ha! I like this guy. I’m going to have to check our more of his stuff! I always feel better about everything when I meditate but it so easy to skip. Maybe I should try ironing . . .naaaaaa. 🙂

  6. 😆 you have an amazing sense of humour
    Ok I did give meditation a chance to impress me..but it couldnt..some say there should be complete silence or calmness around when one meditates and i have some 300 voices and to put them all in the same sphere is hard work….and then i end up watching supernatural and eating lot of fried items…

  7. I can’t sit still long enough myself. I usually peek out at the room with one eye,close it… then sit for another 10 seconds… my eyes flutter while shut for a little bit and THEN I’m like … seriously? Sit still… You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

      1. I dunno… How would I check it out? I had that problem with Juiseppi on another blog he and I ended up in one another’s spam box constantly. I think it may be a glitch of some kind.

      2. I dunno but I had about a two week period in Jan that every single comment I made anywhere went straight to SPAM even on blogs I commented on everyday for the months prior even pingbacks on my own blog lol….it was frustrating. The first few times you commented on here it was right in my comment box..I don;t have a clue why you are gong to the spam box and then have to approve too… this one was there also. If you leave a comment and it doesn’t show up that;s where it is…but you probably knew that huh? I don’t know how to fix it..I just started reappearing again one day…it was weird.

  8. The meditation- such a powerful tool…. but so easily misunderstood. For some, it is a way to get rid of the tensions. For some others, a way of exercising(to reduce their food intake by means of meditation…. huh?)
    Meditation- the alliance of body with the soul is much more sacred….
    The vibes that one can achieve through meditation are tremendous- the reason behind Lord Buddha achieving enlightenment.
    I loved your post- the humorous touch is extraordinary. It is just so difficult to put your mind to something in this hard-paced world…

    1. I am in awe of those that can master meditation – because it is like ..mastering the mind…except I think it would be more like a ..release that allows you to expand the mind. I know it;s not just people with disorders of the mind that have not been able to meditate but I wonder if it makes it something I can try and try and never achieve because of what is disordered in mine. Thanks for adding your thoughts… I poke fun at things and never mean any disrespect.. it;s more of acceptance of where I am at. 🙂

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