20 Sure Signs you might be a WordPress Junkie

Blogging is fun no doubt about it.  And WordPress makes it more fun with all the cool stuff that you can do with your blog.  The possibilities are endless. You can write about whatever you want, be as open or anonymous as you want, change your name, make yourself a super hero, chat with people from countries whose name you can;t pronounce, make friends with amazing people whom you probably never would even have bumped into in a crowded anywhere….endless…

English: WordPress Logo English: WordPress Log...
If you get excited when you see this....

There’s no such thing as too much fun…or shouldn’t;t  be anyways.  Except at the State Fair…cotton candy, elephant ears, funnel cakes and tilt-a-whirl can sometimes really be too much fun…but I digress.

As with every part of your life, fun or not, balance is the key and letting one area take over too much of your life could be a problem.  WordPress is no different.  No really.  It isn’t.

We all have periods where we are glued to our blogs and that’s ok as long as it swings back into balance and doesn;t disrupt everything else.  To help you find out whether you might be spending just a little tad bit too much time, or letting WordPress dominate your life consider the following…..

  1. You constantly hit refresh to see if there are any new notifications and respond instantly to every comment.
  2. You consider it a productive day when you have topped your best day stats – even though there are dishes in the sink clothes in the washer and you are still in your pj’s at 6 pm
  3. You tell people who call or your kids when they want something that you are “working” and mustn’t be interrupted..
  4. You start to feel happy Sunday around 5 pm because all of your WP buddies will be checking in before they go to bed after being fairly scarce all weekend.
  5. You actually look forward to work because you have better computers or peace from kids. spouse, pets etc or an office where you can close the door and pretend like you are “working” to your heart’s content while secretly blogging and chatting with WP buddies.
  6. After publishing a post, you wait. Staring at the screen.
  7. You stop referring to blogging and WP as a time-suck and consider anything that takes you away from it – the real time-suck instead.
  8. Your Significant Other has to sign up for a blog of their own just to get any meaningful conversation out of you.
  9. When in the REAL WORLD – you are telling some of you friends about your blogging buddies except you aren’t telling them they are blogging buddies you simply say  “Oh my friend LotsONuts – had something like that happen just the other day…I was so worried”….and don’t even pause when they give you weird looks.
  10. At the end of lecturing your kids you wonder what your word count was.
  11. You get a little miffed when your blogging pals are talking about what they are doing for the  weekend and how much fun they are going to have and they don’t invite you to come along – 8,000 miles away…
  12. You speak fluent emoticon. 
  13. You get a great idea and think of how many links you would need to do to and how it all intertwines with everything else….
  14. You jokingly refer to yourself as a stats whore and don’t find anything weird about it.
  15. When someone tells you to use Word – you automatically think Word Press.
  16. When bored and lonely – you go looking for a game of tag or some other  fun interaction – on WP.
  17. You keep a list of random fun facts about yourself for those times when you get awards and tagged and all the other things that require – random fun facts.
  18. While recalling a story – you have a sense of de ja vu and can;t figure out if you have blogged about this or were just thinking about it.
  19. In the real world when introducing yourself you use your user name and when someone asks you where you are from you say the name of your blog on WordPress.
  20. You click on posts that give you signs of being too into the whole blogging thing, like this one, and hold your breath the whole way through until you see if only identifying with 15 of the 20 is cause for concern.

If you recognized yourself in any of these., I don;t know what to tell you.  To my knowledge there isn’t a WPA yet, but maybe we should start one.  RIght here on WordPress.  As a blog.  Yea.

Happy Blogging!

Lizzie Cracked (not broken) and blogging away in denial….just kidding I got a handle on it…what?  I DO!



776 thoughts on “20 Sure Signs you might be a WordPress Junkie

  1. Ha Ha Ha! What a riot. New to blogs, but I certainly can see how they could be, well, habit forming. Thats why I just splatter all over you guys, instead of getting one myself. I have my three favorites (Mostly Bright Ideas, Linda Vernon, and you) so I figure “How out of hand could I possibly get?”

    1. Congrats on being freshly pressed and I love your blog. It’s really visually appealing and makes me want to read more. I’m guilty of a couple of those for sure. I used to blog about once a month but I started a second blog and it’s new and exciting and I have so many ideas for it that I’m on WP a lot more. Your blog cracked me up. Thanks for the laughs.

    1. it;s ok….there there..I am here for you…just let me check my stats real quick….
      If it makes you feel ANY better at all, I churned this list out at a high rate of speed, as in it was not a challenge to come up with these 20 things…ok maybe like 4 of them but I started with 10 and worried I couldn’t do it…ended with 26…..

      you aren’t alone. (and make sure it has a tail because if it doesn’t, even if it has a monkey kinda shape, it’s not a monkey)

  2. It’s me sometimes… I check it a lot on my phone, cause it gives me something to look at that is not laundry, or dishes, etc. Not to mention I can’t drive, so I’m home and bored way too much…

    1. I can totally – honestly empathetically relate…I mean how else would I even dream up something like this much less 20 (26 really) things – in under 20 mins?
      Damn – didn’t think of the phone app…shoot 🙂

  3. My name is Gillian and I’m a WordPress-aholic. I admit, it’s a struggle not to let it take over, but damn, it’s just so much fun and so meaningful for me. That being said … I’m okay. I still get my real-life stuff done, but wow … I definitely saw myself in some of those!


    1. Hello Gillian 🙂 – um crap I can;t remember the rest of the rhetoric…..

      GLad you enjoyed it…and glad you can relate..I;d really be worried if no one could identify…

  4. #10 and #12 are my weaknesses…. the rest are only temptations so far. It is obvious that you have given up and embraced your addiction; kudos for that….I’d comment further but I’m about 3 sheets to the wind, so it might get a bit sloppy. Funny stuff…

  5. Oh Oh!!! So do you figure checking my stats at traffic lights using my blackberry is a sign I have a problem?

    Just today I was driving and thinking of things to write about and couldn’t remember it I’d already written about it or just thought about it.

    Good post! I got a good chuckle!

    1. yes – driving and blogging is a problem – admitting it is the first step – 🙂 Haha it has gotten so hard to remember stuff like that – lets not even get into commenting I can;t believe I am still coherent enough to manage 🙂

    1. oh yes we shall have to figure out when that is – and how to work it around OAA meetings – do you think we should do OAA then WPA or vice versa and we should take a break between meetings so we all can check our stats ….oh so many things to consider…

  6. LOL ! 🙂 This is GREAT. I wasn’t working for the last month, I went back to work this Monday and while I was layed off, I blogged and ran around wordpress all day long!

    I am… sadly… suffering not only nicotine withdrawals but wordpress too! That is a great list… I have a good number of those symptoms. LOL 🙂 hahaha!

      1. LOL I wasn’t shocked, all you did was think about what you do … haha! It’s very funny! and way too true…

      2. hahaha! I’m not going to be any help whatsoever. I have legal OCD, I have WordPress OCD. Kindly seek the help of a professional. HAHAHA! Cuz I’m just as addicted as anyone else.

        Real life friends do not understand my relationships on here because I do the same thing, reference the blog name and I’m all like, “can you believe that?” I mean, we are real people… just… far far away. 🙂

  7. […] I’m also hyper due to the very real fact that for a whole month, I got to play on WordPress all day 🙂  Now I’m all like over promised in my head and I”m all like… CALM DOWN! You’re working now! you don’t have that kind of time anymore!  Then my brain says, ooookaaaay… but I want to go SEE!!!!  You can see later honey… ya! BUT!  🙂 If you’re addicted to WordPress… you’ll get this… matter of fact this young … […]

  8. Hi, my name is Mikalee, and not only am I a stats whore…but I’m ALSO a Freshly Pressed whore!

    I love love LOVE seeing what WordPress offers up as the best of the best. And I loved that they offered yours up today!

    SO many of us can relate. On SO many levels…


      1. That’s how you know I’m a whore about it: I’ve got my “block” scoped out. There ain’t no one who’s gonna walk my block. Nope, not gonna happen…


        Thanks for the laugh today…

  9. Awwwwsome!
    #5, heck yea I’m at work now. Not that the PC is better but damn it’s blissfully quiet in here.
    #10, made me laugh out loud, not LOL, but really ‘laugh out loud’, heads turned, folks howlered ‘you OK’ and everything…and no they didnt think it was funny, but they dont understand me like WP folks do.
    #16… seriously? You can play tag on WP? Who knew! Are there other fun games I am missing out on by just actually reading peoples most intimate thoughts. I wanna play to, keep me in the loop people.
    This was a great post 🙂

    1. thanks 🙂 yes tag is quite common – lots of fun games and challenges – I will put you on my list for the next round 🙂 Glad you got a good laugh – everyone needs one on a daily basis me thinks

  10. Everyone has to have some addiction. . . for some it’s Facebook, for others its Twitter, and for others it’s even tumblr. At least here at Word Press we can feel productive and give in to our addiction.

  11. I’m guilty of numbers 2, 12, and 20…and I’ll be guilty of them again as soon as I go back to my site stats and see if I’ve beaten my record.

    *Sigh*…I’m such a nerd.

    Awesome post! 🙂

  12. This is hilarious! Even funnier, I have introduced myself as “midnitechef” in real life, but there was context!! It was with a bunch of other food bloggers in town 🙂

  13. Only been at this blogging thing for two weeks and I’m hooked. So sad. Could be worse, though. I could be hooked on ice skating or tatting or something really lame like cleaning the house. ; )

  14. Recently, I took up the habit of checking the wordpress front page regularly for blogs to check out. I guess I’m becoming a WP junkie.

  15. 12 Steps of WPA:

    1. We admitted we were powerless over blogging—that our lives had become unmanageable.
    2. Came to believe that a Post greater than ours could restore us to sanity.
    3. Made a decision to turn our blog and our lives over to the care of Word Press as we understood It.
    4. Made a searching and fearless stat page of ourselves.
    5. Admitted to Word Press, to ourselves, and to another blogger the exact nature of our wrongs.
    6. Were entirely ready to have Word Press remove all these bugs and spelling mistakes in our posts.
    7. Humbly asked It to remove our spams.
    8. Made a list of all persons we had harrased with updates and subsricptions, and became willing to make amends to them all.
    9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
    10. Continued to take stat updates, and when we crossed best daily hits, promptly admitted it.
    11. Sought through pestering and intimidation to improve our conscious contact with Word Press , praying only for knowledge of Its servers for us and their power to carry the posts out.
    12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to bloggers, and to practice these principles in all our real-life affairs.

    How’s this? LOL

    1. This is awesome, rp71! Hope you use it in a blog!

      My sister has a fabulous blog and I’ve become a junkie following her and her regular blog buddies. It is another world, so to speak, yet I’ve seen great friendships develop in this bloggy world. I’m thinking about whether I have the chutzpa to do it myself.

      Congrats to lizziecracked on being FPd for your incriminating and entertaining post! Well deserved! Enjoy the ride!

  16. Blogging is way for me to write about my other obsessions and vices – running, coffee, wine and shoes. But looks like I have to add blogging to the list now. Sigh…

  17. I’ve fallen prey to most of the above…embrace the present and press on. I blog to retain a semblance of sanity in an otherwise out of kilter world. Once in awhile, I even make sense. I follow the old saying, “one of these days I must get organized”.

  18. so true!! wordpress is like an addiction… there’s always an urge to write … write and write…! glad to read your post.you are an amazing writer! take care! love, konica

    1. not a problem – glad you enjoyed and what;s the point of keeping track? after a certain number of uh huh yeas you are or you aren’t no need to get bogged down in the details at that point 🙂

    1. 😳 I am so blown AWAY! I think I am following the right crowd for once because I couldn’t have done it without you – Oh my GAWD!!! I apologized to Guapman for making fun of his comment box lol

  19. OK, Lizzie this is getting totally out of hand, we might have to have an intervention if I can find one person who isn’t commenting on this post!!

    I was sitting at a red light, and thought, “Gee I should check to see if I have any messages from WordPress”

    I had Seventy seven!!! That is 77.SIXTY of them were comments on this post!!

    I think you’re on to something here girl!! ^5

  20. Ok, lets see. Things that apply to me.

    1, 2 (did this today EEEEEE!), 3, 5 (actually writing this while in work), 6, 11, 12 (4nd l33t), 14, 15, 16, 18 aaaand 20.

    Yeah… where do I sign up for WPA?

  21. Lol, this was brilliant. Literally laughed out loud several times when I read it 😀 And sadly enough recognized myself in more than one of the examples 😉

      1. I think blogging is healthy, at least for the mind. At least it allows me to get all those random thoughts that I need to put on paper out there, so being addicted is not a bad thing 😉 Btw, absolutely love your blog, congrats on being freshly pressed 😀

  22. I am completely against bloggers masking their identities behind a phony name or a made-up “handle”. It shows a complete lack of ethics and integrity.

  23. Oh my goodness YES! At school, I’m like referring to the people who don’t use actual names who have liked my blog and they’re like what are you talking about?! Anyways this has proved me to be a wordpress addict!

      1. In fact, you did help. About an hour and a half after reading your post, I posted. First in weeks. It was all quick and dirty, but I did hit publish.

        Thanks again.

    1. only if you are kidding me… no wait! no I know right? I about fell outta of my chair. And it;s Queen.. but I understand your reference… (it’s a glory hole don;t forget)
      But sincerely, Thank you. 🙂

  24. First off, balance is sooooooo over-rated
    I love how WP has finally allowed me to become the extremist I truly am 😉
    I got through my first winter in years without sinking into despair because I felt so connected to my real friends at WP
    My blog is a bit different though
    We are all about “being real”
    And about “experiencing our suffering”
    And about “facing ourselves”
    and honestly, this is the real me
    plus I have so much more love in my heart
    now that I blog obsessively
    and all that love flows out into my real life
    It truly has changed my life!

    Will we be talking about denial at WPA? Because I am not that.

    1. no – no denial. We are all willing it seems to admit it. And I completely understand what you are saying – I too got through some rough times that normally would have sunk me, because I had this and the wonderful people I am proud to have as friends 🙂

  25. This was a great article and I am definately well on my way. After looking over your blog I was impressed and hoped you would share how you were able to add the spot on the sidebar of your page where you showcase other sites/blogs that you enjoy. I’d like to have this on my own if you would oblige. Thanks and I look forward to more of your delightful posts. http://wp.me/1jUMp

    1. thank you! 🙂 It’s the blogroll widget, go to Widgets, then drag it over to your sidebar and open it. You can name it what you want. To get the links you want, go to your links on the sidebar and you can either delete the links that are in there or just start adding your own with a different category than the WP ones. When you are done got back to your Widget and make sure it shoes the proper category of links and voila! It should be there. I know that was probably a bit confusing…I also found the support pages to be really helpful as long as it;s quiet and I can really concentrate. I had to play a little. Hope that helps 🙂

  26. I loved the post! 😀

    Especially this one:

    “When bored and lonely – you go looking for a game of tag or some other fun interaction – on WP.”

    And I need to say I’m really addicted… I have not only one blog as I have 6 blogs at WP.COM.

    See ya! 😉

      1. Wel… Slacker N’ Reckless is just a test blog so it’s private, I have a personal one, a political one and other 3 dedicated to a brazilian reporter and actress.

        Yeah. I’m a brazilian. So… nice to meet you! 😉

  27. Pull down to refresh…release. No change. Pull down to refresh…release. No change.
    Pull down…oh, you mean I actually might have a problem?! Good post. 🙂

  28. Congratulations on being FP’d!!!!!! I AM SO PROUD 🙂

    … we should start a WPAC “Word Press Addicts Club” … hell why not?:) And when I see signs of de ja vu I need to take a step back just to make sure that I’m still in my reality. It’s nothing a good old reality check pinch can’t cure …

    1. Thank you 🙂 I was so surprised – floored, flattered AMAZED! I am getting to the point with the de ja vu too that I don’t know if I blogged about it or put in a comment somewhere on someone else’s post – Pinch Me! and yes on the club! FOr sure 🙂 I never could have come this far without yours and the others that have been with me from way back…. hahahaha that’s another one – WP time is different then real time – You can say oh I have been following that blog forEVER and when you actually see the dates realize it;s only been weeks huh? Thank you for all you do Lady 🙂

  29. Does having 3 different blogs mean I join the canon of the obsessed too –even though update each 1-2 times per month.

    15.When someone tells you to use Word – you automatically think Word Press.
    16.When bored and lonely – you go looking for a game of tag or some other fun interaction – on WP.

    Well, no. If I’m bored I jump onto a bike and go cycling off.

    But maybe I’m obsessed if I check my blog viewing activity at 4:30 am as soon as I get up …even before I have my morning tea and cereal, then running off to work.

  30. LOVE IT!! At this point I’m still a beginning junkie but am so hooked now that I’ve found my groove.

    I can’t wait to read more of your posts, I already appreciate your style after reading this post.

  31. omg… getting FP’s is like, well, a good stiff drink to the alcoholic, right ‽‽‽ Just what you needed on your “road to recovery”, eh ‽‽‽ Good job, young lady!!!
    I admit, on today, the day that marks my first year on WP, that I AM addicted. My worst problem is following every damn blog that looks interesting – and the I realize it IS interesting and I’ll NEVER get through my weekly email notifications before the next week’s are out.
    And the other one is, I’m continually saying to my real life “acquaintances” (family/friends) “oh, I have a blog now, have I told you that?” I can tell some of them are getting irritated, when they roll their eyes as they nod. And, last, but not least, my real life contacts are acquaintances, my bloggie buddies are my friends!!!
    I’m pretty sure we’ll have to combine the OAA and the WPA meetings, otherwise, WPA will cease to exist!!!
    very proud of you, lizzie…
    keep up the great work!!!


    PS omg – I accidentally clicked to another session (no it wasn’t my comment dashboard, really) and thought I’d lost all this comment… WHEW!!!! I hate that panic, don’t you!!!

    1. Happy ONe Year Anniversary! That is wonderful and your points are definitely sure signs and …that;s ok I say. I am overwhelmed with the flood of people that recognize these – I actually second guessed posting it… Thank you so much for your support and kind words 🙂 And yes I hate that panic feeling when you lose your post / comment whatever it is and it ALWAYS happens to me on the ones I write the most on… There is a overlap in OAA and WPA I just know it! Thanks again. 🙂

      1. both excellent choices to stay in touch with our blogs! I prefer going out because I have WP on my phone and don;t have to do anything with the food – except eat it. I tend to get distracted when cooking anymore…kids ask “mom are we having burnt again for dinner?” I say yes just so they don’t get their hopes up…

  32. Yup, I’m buggered alright! Should we start WordPress Anonymous? Hello, I’m Ralphie and i’m seriously addicted to blogging on WordPress, could I have a “like” please?

  33. Hahaha! This seriously hits home.

    Last week I started a blog to promote my literary work, and thus far building it, promoting it and keeping it fresh has been a blast. This is not the first blog I have opened, but it’s definitely the first I have ever taken seriously to the point I spend probably an hour or two just finding things to do with it, or writing new material. The best part is that other bloggers I’ve met share that same excitement.

    1. it come’s … one day you will be reading a post or comment and realize you know exactly what they are saying and how – and the little emoticon is totally translated 🙂

  34. Hi! It’s me again! 🙂

    Probably you have heard of discussions about what is better: WordPress or Blogger… and we already know WordPress is a thousand times better than Blogger

    We have a friendly community, the happiness engineers are nice people and don’t forget WordPress.com is against SOPA.

    I have other blogs too besides the six blogs I already mentioned here, but they are just local WordPress.org installations, yeah… I know hot to install an WordPress blog in an Web Server.

    In fact when I see an URL named WordPress.com or when I find an website powered by Wordpess.org I I really like that!!!

    Usually people who choose Wordpres are very smart people. They really know what they want. They know WordPress is the best blogging software of the world!

    See ya! 😉

      1. lol since I started using wordpress, I completely abandoned my personal facebook and twitter, and then made a new facebook and twitter just for my blog… It’s addictive fer sure!

        This post pretty much describes my life since I discovered wordpress… lol great post… Good job making it to ‘freshly pressed!’ 😀

  35. Eeeek! Once I got about halfway down the list I stopped adding up how many of them I was guilty of…. SO guilty of ‘did I blog about this, or just think about it’.
    As for abandoning housework to do more blogging, I confessed in my post today that in order to do some totally unnecessary research for that post I ran Billy Connolly DVD’s in the background all day while glued to the computer. Zero housework achieved.
    Congrats on being Fresh Pressed, now viewing your stats will never be the same!

    1. oh that’s a fact – you know how those little bars build and in relation to your highest day? I should so a screen shot of my page – aMAZing… blogging always bets house work… 🙂

      1. So right, I’m sitting here looking out of the window at the sun thinking ‘my washing would really dry if I put it out’, but do you see me getting up…noooooo….. 🙂

      2. not a problem 🙂 I am guessing you are on the other side of where I am at? Since it is late night here…. As soon as I get a chance I am going to go visit other;s blogs, I just haven;t got the chance…. and yea I tried the leaving them in the machine til they dried….it;s not pretty and I definitely don;t recommend it.. 🙂

  36. How fortuitous. I was just thinking how attached to my blog I was becoming. Just shy of being neurotically devoted to site stats, widget add-ons, and comment checks. Thank you for reminding me of being in outstanding company.
    Happy Pages,

      1. you wont believe
        Today morning i was disappointed as i just had 1 notification on my blog 😦
        but after reading your post i was laughing at myself 😉

      2. I’m glad you could laugh …. that always makes me happy..there are good and not so good days on WP – but I always enjoy the people and great things to so and learn.. 🙂

  37. Yes, blogging is very addictive. I’ve actually had my WP blog for a few years and recently got back into it after tumblin’ with Tumblr. And despite the major boost Tumblr’s gotten, I choose WP. Here, I keep what little sanity I have left!

  38. I’m addicted to blogging and feel my day is incomplete if I don’t get to post something in a day. But thankfully, I didn’t really identify with any of the ‘symptoms’ you mentioned! 🙂

      1. Me too. 🙂 So, another list…sounds very ‘promising’! And Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! I love the fact that you take the time and effort to reply to all the comments!

      2. thank you 🙂 I just now got caught up but it is so worth it. I love to see what people have to say and truly if not for all those that take the time to read and comment on my cracked observations, I wouldn’t be here…

    1. lol – my daughter and I both have blogs here and we do that too….I found myself nearly blurting out at the grocery store, when the clerk said “my aren’t we happy today” – I don’t know about we but i got freshly pressed!!!! caught myself just in time lol… I love this addiction 🙂

      1. I just jumped over to check it out – and I will have to go back when I have the time to do some exploring but I was wondering if you know the Irony of your latest post being about Angry Birds? I am not sure but I might have it as a category over there lol…. I was actually just thinking I needed to revisit the little ….nice birdies soon! too funny… I will definitely spend some time later today…thanks for your link 🙂

      2. mmm… haha yeah. The latest post is was actually a news forwarded to me. Even though, my blog has been selected twice for an insight daily. Not boasting or am not jumping with pride; Honestly. What so ever, thank you for checking out my blog and hope you like my posts later on.

  39. I’m halfway to becoming an WP addict. hahaha
    but is wordpress is an intellegent platform for people who have the intelligence to use it. I guess it isn’t so bad at all. makes me feel cool, especially when people know i have an awesome WP blog. nyahahahha.

  40. Hi Lizzie …read your about me and I so thought that a lot of it was me that I just had to first write about it. I think its cool to be what you want to be …there’s no justification in being a clone … its all about being who you want to be from inside .. with no need to mind your p’s and q’s and when the going gets tough I can be quite the bitch too. Ah well it feels good to just say it ..but nowadays I have learnt to tone down my fiery nature …guess I’m more comfortable with being me after all I have just authored an e-book titled “how I authenticated my “I AM” for the kindle. Have discovered that truly being good can also get me millions so its definitely the better way … no need to have expectations from others …. I can create all I want with my own talents. Alone I am enough for I have my MasterMind.

    1. I was just thinking the other day – probably yesterday that I should go around and do some editing – see how far I have come since I started this blog – the about me was written day 1 and I have learned ever so much about myself and the world and being a …mindful rebel lol… and just being me. have thoroughly enjoyed my journey and feel more comfortable in my own skin then I ever have in my life – it’s as if the reconciliation of my inner self and being that person all around has brought me a peace I have never felt – no matter my turmoil any more or my circumstances in life – no one can take me away from me.. I would like to check out your book…and I thank you for reading and commenting … it’s nice to hear from someone who has had a similar realization and journey 🙂

  41. Refreshing my comments page looking for new ones every 30 seconds, really? That’s a problem?!

    Thanks for making me laugh, this made my day… Not to mention speaks da truth. 😉

    1. problem? nooooooo more of an observation 🙂 if its a problem then it might be an epidemic so I am thinking after reading the responses and all that this issue needs to be handled with kid gloves….problem? no nope no problem here 🙂 thank you and it is always my pleasure to elicit a good laugh … 🙂 I will be here all week..just saying

  42. “You jokingly refer to yourself as a stats whore and don’t find anything weird about it.”

    I’m quite happy to tell the world I’m a filthy view stats strumpet. I’m thinking about getting it printed on a t-shirt.

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  43. Oh dear… Erm… I sort of… met the woman I love through WP. We are now very happy together and see a very bright future, but she lives in Sweden and I live in the UK. I’m going to see her again next week.

    Do I qualify for some sort of WP Junkie Olympic medal or something?

  44. Great post! You’ve showed me I’m not addicted…just on my way there! I like your use of “stats whore,” I can relate! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    1. yay! another enlightened one – I think there have been like 4.. or 5 .. now that you know what to look for you can be willingly become addicted 😀 Thank you so much it’s an honor!

  45. I don’t resemble all of them but yeah I’ll still say I’m a wordpress junkiiieeee!!!! great entry!!! 🙂

  46. “Except at the State Fair…cotton candy, elephant ears, funnel cakes and tilt-a-whirl can sometimes really be too much fun…”—Not possible.

    “After publishing a post, you wait. Staring at the screen.”—How did you know…. ::looks over shoulder to see if you’re there::

  47. Oh god I’ve been blogging for less than three months and I’m at least 14/20!!!!

    I don’t need help… I can handle it. I don’t need to refresh my stats every time I see my smart phone or long on…

    I’ll let you know how the work disciplinary hearing goes though… 😉

  48. You actually look forward to work because you have better computers or peace from kids. spouse, pets etc or an office where you can close the door and pretend like you are “working” to your heart’s content while secretly blogging and chatting with WP buddies.

    Hahahaha, I can soooo relate to this!

  49. Oh god, there is an intervention coming, isn’t there? Checking my stats to see who is coming… I am so ashamed! Returning to my fake Excel Spreadsheet panic screen….

    Congrats on being freshly pressed! Another stat… freshly pressed comment count!

  50. Really good points….
    There are certain attributes that arise for a day or so. I think I am not so regular and a good blogger like you and when I found my stats showing that no one has visited me, I feel discouraged.
    But its for sure… if I become a wordpress junkie one day, I would know because of you. hehe

  51. Fim de semana eu nem faço login, é melhor evitar, a menos que eu vá publicar algo novo.
    Eu ainda não ganho nada com o blog, por isso não é interessante dedicar tempo demais a ele.

  52. 😀 Yay! It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who keeps on refreshing to see my stats whenever I have new post. lol Anyway, Great blog ^_^ Keep it up! 🙂

  53. I’ve only been here a week and it seems I’m a Junkie already. I both fear and embrace the oncoming months…..

  54. Fantastic, I only had to read the first four to admit to myself that I am a WordPress junkie. It’s a great post, I shall be following your blog and I really hope that you can stop by my blog sometime…


  55. That was incredible for some laughs!! Currently only a few of them apply, but I’m slowly falling into many of the others!!

  56. These are hilariously true! OMG!! You nailed every single behavior, Lizzie! Especially number 9 — my friend lotsonuts! I have to say my whole family knows about you and El Guapo! I often times pepper my conversations with stuff we’ve conversed about! My family’ favorite story of yours is the furry balls! And of EG’s dancing on the bar naked. Look at you Lizzie Crazy Bloggy Girlfriend! I had to use the side bar to scroll down. 335 comments!! I’m so proud of you even if my darling cyber daughter is turning into a what did you call it? A Stats Whore! hahahahaha. I’d scroll back up to the top to find out but I only have all day! Look at how quickly you have grown your blog! I am so proud of you, I’m going to take you down to Toys R Us and let you buy anything you want!!! 🙂

    1. A me size Barbie? no wait – they don’t make them me size…..ummm a Monkey!!! With a tail – well that;s a given if it;s a Monkey right? OMG can you believe this craziness? good crazy of course Goid crazy too….I’m a lunatic!! I was looking all OVER for you yesterday!! I couldn;t really find anybody though I kinda got swept away in the crowd…. I talk about you all the time too mt dad thinks you are hilarious…well he knows you are! Who Knew? I wasn;t even gonna post it cause I thought it would make me look weird but then I realized…yea not much stopping that anyhow…Thank you for all your love and support and I am actually off the Stats for awhile – who knows what kind of whore I am – oh! wait gosh….. TOYS R US TOYS R US Love YOU!!!!!

      1. Yeah, swept away with the crowd! That’s really what it feels like! Yikes! Let’s don’t get separated! I’m actually feeling a little giddy right now. I can see where this could practically take over our lives. Really. There’s so much fun out there in the blogosphere to be had. And I want all of it. Bwa ha! But seriously, I am trying to come up with some sort of a balanced formula for reading and writing and then fitting my face-to-face life in there too! ! I don’t think I got about it very efficiently. I’m constantly sidetracked just by the mechanics of wordpress. I think WordPress is giving me ADD! Love your Lizzie! I’m putting in a request for a MY SIZE LIZZIE to Matel! 🙂

      2. whoa! that would be so cool! maybe a little weird… a my size me! do you think I should lose 10 lbs? any bit of semblance of balance – which was marginal anyways is GONE… this is kinda hard on my brain.. i went 10 x a normal day x 2 and today it;s not even lunch time and its above that…. there’s a lot of people in the world.. I was in a bubble.. Guapo sent me a screen shot of the Freshly Pressed Page… it was ..wow..cool beans 🙂

  57. My family has taken to texting me asking when will I step out of my girl cave long enough to make them a meal and I text back, “Cheerios or PB&J?” I have developed calluses on my fanny and have brought the coffee maker into my bedroom…soon I will manifest my own solar sytem of dust bunnies if I don’t get up from this chair.
    Congrats on the FP! Loved reading about my new diagnosis.

  58. I RSS/feed my favourite WP blogs to my work email account, then read them there, then if people look over my shoulder it looks like I’m reading a really long email. Unless it has pics of semi naked people or some really weird/cool shit, then it gets problematic. 😉

  59. The first step is admitting you have a problem — and after reading your list, I think I have crossed over. In fact, I’m booking myself on Dr. Phil. 🙂

    1. whew – that;s goin for the big guns hope you are ready to get real – oh wait yea of course you are you just said it….careful though he eats junkies for breakfast i heard..scary..

      Lemme know how it goes k? 🙂

    1. Dingdingdingding! We have a winner! WOW for reallies? that’s awesome!!! I did too – and answered them too let’s see up to 413 now…but I kinda ..well it’s my blog right? you just did it for fun? I am totally in awe and impressed – You ROCK!!!

      1. I proudly accept the honor with pride. And I thank the Notifications sign because then I get to read your reply immediately without needing to sort through 487 of your comments, and counting as of now.

        Please add… you check and recheck blog comments you did to others to see if they have replied back yet, and feel disappointed when they don’t. Not even a smiley face.

        I have more (excuses) up my sleeve, but I must go take a reality check for a minute (go to bathroom, drink coffee, not in the same order).

        Hugs to you for putting up the list and assuring our community that we’re not alone, and not normal. And um…that we’re embracing this streak (freak?) of of individuality.

        I reblogged you, by the way. I would love to be bipolar but I may be schizo. But we all adore you. So more hugs.

      2. thank you for reblogging and your addition is so true – I go to that comments I have made and scroll down…lol..it’s weird I thought I was outting myself as ..odd lol and here are so many that understand…I’m glad you didn’t have to go through 487 of them again either…thanks so much for your kind words..and hugs to you too….I will be over to your place in this space soon…promise 🙂

      3. 22. Make a promise to blog commenters that you will a) visit his/her site soon, b) make that list of tag games for the Versatile Blogger Awards…. only to get lost in a sea of blogs, interesting posts and short term memory loss, to ask myself later, “now what was I supposed to do again?”

      4. There, there, it’s alright (hugs)…you don’t have to be promising anything online. I know you will drop by my site this year.

        I did noticed though, that you replied to my reply to your reply to my reply only after 2 hours have gone by! (accusingly points to time difference)

        Okay, okay, Liz. I will get a life, promise.

      5. lol..I got lost on my comments page..it’s hard to navigate and make sure you get everyone – you answer 1 page and get to the bottom and hit page two and it puts all the replies on the first page so omg….so I have been going to reply three times now – the first it was too low on my notifications thing ( I couldn’t get the reply button on the screen and I don;t know if there are short cut keys and then twice you have come around and been reordered…the real kicker is…I may have replied three times because I read your reply three times and replied in my head but I am thinking I haven;t replied yet – I guess I shall see soon 🙂 I am not anything.. i am replying to comments – possibly repeatedly at 3 am…:-)

      6. LOL… that is why I am afraid to reply now. We have been exchanging long replies now. And if I don’t check out your replies I am forced to read down again… and am even TEMPTED to butt in on your other conversation (when one said this was the most retarded post, and someone retorted that she was retarded, and I soooo wanted to say, “relax it was probably a compliment”, but I stopped myself).
        So now my screen problem is the same as yours: how do we get to press this darn POST button below????

      7. Haha – I fell asleep visiting last night er this morning….I don;t know don’t you think there must be a key shortcut? I also go full screen just to get the one that is right there that you can barely see but otherwise I don;t know – it looks like it only holds 9 at a timebut after the 4th one down you can’t reply – hmmmm i have a small screen though I thought it was me lol

      8. Yes there must be a shortcut. We will find out. I should not have replied so soon. It’s 1:40am in my side of the globe. I will just have to pretend I was “sleepwalking” and the laptop happened to be on my bed and…. aah, i can see the reply button clearly now. 🙂

    1. let’s see…1-4 no 4-6 maybe 5 -anymore..danger danger…..a lot…Yes.
      Yup accoprding to my calculations and the soon to be accepted DSM guidelines – a lot = Junkie.. 🙂

  60. Awesome Post! I can so relate. What’s worse for me is..I don’t have a job and I have ADD. But, I have Housework and things to do as well as WordPress..Now, that is tough.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

    1. LOL that’s funny – underwear drawer…I LIKE that 🙂 I want a like button on my comment space! I am wondering at what point I can be a diva and get demanding around here??? anybody know? Hit that refresh button if it makes you feel good! I’ve decided to blow recovery. I like it too much 🙂

  61. Sigh…… I have nothing but to say… I should probably get off of WordPress right now.. haha I’m amazed that you’ve replied to every single comment here. I would totally be glued to the screen waiting for comments and replying right away.

    1. I am glued to said screen… but my fingers hurt so I have to take breaks and If you all wonderful fellow bloggers took the time to comment on my ..stuff, I shall take the time to respond…it ends up being a little unbalanced but I got a good system going now…I think.. 🙂

    1. You are in Luck…here. Well there is a sign up sheet floating around somewhere and the twelve steps are up the page about 6 inches and possibly a little to the left? Welcome 🙂

  62. lol. i often start my conversations with: “i read on this blog….” blogging is an addiction. i get the highs on days with lots of hits and comments and lows when no one is reading. i also have days where i think, “what am i doing this whole blogging thing for?” well, simply because it does make me happy. great post!

  63. Great post!!!

    My first thought when I wake up in the morning is ‘What can I blog about today’

    I’ve loved every moment of it so far (even the writing blocks!) 🙂

  64. Lizzie! WTF! I had to get a restraining order on you when you was a newbie. I am afraid to think of what i will have to do now that you have been freshly pressed. You the MAN YO! I have created a monster!!! Yo go with your body suit wearing, scissor running, glitter ass self!!

    1. Lol – I know right? in the blink of an eye I tell you!! Persistence pays off…that’s all it was..is..persistence! Concentrated Power of Will -(just 15 percent though) I’m not a Monster – just a girl! that kicks ass and doesn’t bother taking names…ok I DO take names, sometimes.. (i thought we weren;t gonna mention that particular period of time ??? you got me flustered 🙄 you forgot TRASH TALKING!!! 😀 It’s awesome isn’t it?

  65. Somehow, after reading this, I feel both more and less like a loser… but at least I’m not alone. Thanks for bringing us all together in our craziness. x

    1. there are no losers on WordPress!!! well,..except…wait NO no losers..and it’s a beautiful thing isn;t it? Blessed are the Cracked for they shall let in the light!!! or shed light on the subject – or even bring us together in the light hearted spirit of….ok..I’ll stop now 🙂 NO LOSERS!!

  66. Hahaha, I guess I identify myself to be at least half of these WPJs.
    Please stop by my blog to check out some funny stories that I blog about. Sometimes I Am confused about if I have blogged it or I just thought about blogging it..

    1. I’m not sure which page it is either…I should probably do something about that huh? Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I am honored 🙂 I will pop over shortly to have a ponder 🙂

  67. You forgot email!

    21. When every email in your inbox in the last 24/48/36/72 hours (circle as appropriate) are notifications of new posts from your blogging buddies, likes or comments on your posts (the BEST kind of emails!) 🙂 or my favourite emails telling some one new has joined your little loyal band of followers. 🙂

    1. I did! you are right and well I had a reminder right in front of me….my email blew up ..it was kinda cool. Thank you for pointing that one out. It is most certainly one for the list. 🙂

    1. this is real life…just keep saying it over and over…wait! I really gotta figure out if I am going for recovery or trying to convince us all…we are ok…well we are ok… so what does that mean? this is real life…. 🙂

  68. I’m with you Lizzie. I have also read every response and your response to the response. It is so much fun watching you reap your rewards………… Congratulations dear.

    1. I have to tell you – I am truly amazed…I wrote this and mulled over it and took some tings out and almost tossed it – changd my mind at the llast second…but I thought – oh wow – it’s like showing the world (my small world at the time) how wrapped up I am…..and I felt like -well sure some of it is just funny but I am down here in the high 400 maybe 500 mark comment and overall I have gotten so many responses similar to yours….it is ..gratifying…and nice…to know that I am not all that disordered – either that or we all are a bunch of lunatics 🙂

      1. hahha…I’m sure you are BUSY!!!! I don’t even know you…but, based on what you wrote, I kinda wish you were my neighbor…so, yes…stop by the Candy Jar when you get a chance! CONGRATULATIONS!

  69. Yeah I hesitated to post a comment but then I remembered that I recently read something on another Freshly Pressed blog about not being discouraged when there are already hundreds of comments. There isn’t a comment counter here so I am choosing to believe mine is only #50. I guess I need to seek out a bloggers anonymous meeting in my area. A WPBFF of mine did create a blog-anon page on the rubberchickendinner blog, but that’s just for spouses and other neglected non-bloggers….thanks for helping me take that difficult first step, you’re a “real life” saver. : )

    1. You are actually #494… L-) I’m glad you weren’t discouraged. There are an awful lot of us here..everyone is welcone – all the time! You are very brave and the hardest part is over..:-)

  70. Fresh Pressed and well deserved! I ditched my FB account 6 months ago then began blogging a few months ago, I became addicted pretty quickly! The blogging and WP community is far greater though…….

  71. Awesome post ! WordPress is the best .. Unlike other blog engines , WordPress helps people connect well with other bloggers.. I agree with all your points .. There is nothing more awesome than waiting for some notifications .. I love that orange-ish notification icon on the screen 🙂

    Great post ! Well deserved for Freshly Pressed !

    1. thank you so much! I have a little experience at another and your right – it was so weird like an empty room – just the echo i=of my keys tap tap tap… this is a very social friendly place… 🙂

  72. When I got to #8, I laughed out so loud I just couldn’t read the rest: “Your Significant Other has to sign up for a blog of their own just to get any meaningful conversation out of you.” Brilliant!

  73. Runningnakedwithscissors,
    I thought I was the only one who referred to my virtual world buddies! LOL
    Oh, dear IF there was a score I would be ranking very high.
    Wonderful contribution to our virtual buddies and a new life story.

      1. Very much so. 🙂
        I’m trying to make an impact, if people see and share, then it’s working.
        I think helping someone with expanding linear functions 13,000 kilometres away is a pretty good sign, 🙂
        I have to admit, that’s very true. 🙂

      2. Yay! I’m glad you are having success. You helped someone expand linear functions? I don;t even know what a linear function is.. 😉 guess where I am going today ?

  74. Uh, I can relate to a couple of… okay, okay… a lot of those on your list.

    should I be worried? I mean, WordPress junkies don’t get to any sort of stop-daydreaming-about-wordpress-stuff rehab anyway, right? I mean… I should stop typing down this confession right now.

    Oh, don’t report me to WordPress junkie hunters. We can be friends, you know. And I can refer to you as my friend Runningnakedwithscissors when I talk to my neighbors about blogging (whenever that’s going to be). So… deal? 🙂

    1. Deal!! are there WordPress Junkie Hunters? oh don;t let that get out it’ll cause all kinds of panicky mayhem….. just between us k? shhhhh like hunting wabbits…and you can call me Lizzie 🙂

      1. Yeah, yeah, that’s right. We should totally keep that whole WordPress junkie hunters between us. We don’t want people to stop being WordPress junkies after all; it’ll take out all the fun here on WordPress.

        By the way, nice to meet you Lizzie! You can call me Cherszy (or Cheryl, if you fancy calling people by their normal names). 🙂

      2. Ah, junkie hunters… they’ll probably put junkies into rehab or something and they’ll ask wordpress junkies to sing instead of write. Now that I think about it, I kinda want to be hunted down by these junkie hunters just so I would know how it feels inside a junkie rehab. It might actually be fun, singing all night long. 🙂

  75. The most amazing this is that you have replied to all of the aforementioned comments!

    Great post. I’m almost a WP Junkie. Still recovering from deleting my Facebook account…just easing back into THIS virtual world. Haha!

      1. maybe…it just seems easier to go with it. you got ….we are at 569 comments – maybe 10 have said not a problem – everyone else… 🙂 I don;t like to make generalizations – or be a – everybody is doing it (it’s fun 😀 ) but sometimes I just know when I am beat…

  76. Definatly addictive!

    No5 made me laff!

    You actually look forward to work because you have better computers or peace from kids. spouse, pets etc or an office where you can close the door and pretend like you are “working” to your heart’s content while secretly blogging and chatting with WP buddies.

    And is totally true! Keep up the good work and check out my blog for some total arty randomness!


      1. Thanks! Question, how long have you been blogging? I am fairly new to this and attempting to get more readers. Also, not sure of the full potentials of Word Press. I am still learning it. Do you have any recommendations?

      2. I started in Oct 2011. Until the last few days I was seeing a fairly steady increase in hits per day. I have found that the things that helped me the most was going to other blogs reading and commenting. The important thing I think from there is if you are going around and then hoping to have those bloggers come visit you, make sure you have interesting posts and update fairly often. I could be wrong but in my experience, if I had a bunch of new readers at the same time as a productive and reliable time period of material…they will tend to subscribe. And read and reply to every comment, or as many as you can handle..it’s not hard to miss one every now and then but even if some time has passed and I stunble upon a comment I didn’t see and acknowledge, I will reply. I am really lucky to have had some very supportive people and I support them just as much.. I noticed a big difference too when I lightened up a little too… 🙂 as in word count. Just a few things I guess…I would be happy to email you – after my email box is freed up a little – its actually frozen up right now but if you go to the words and thoughts of the day page. .there is a contact form – it’s for something else but feel free to send me a message and I will reply through email. The best advice I can really give is be real. Don’t try to fool people into thinking you are anything different than just you. Be who you are and interact with as many other bloggers as you can. I get very comfortable in my little place and with the group I know sometimes but I try to branch out as much as possible …WordPress is really good for that – in my opinion the best platform to be on. I have learned tremendous amounts, rarely had any technical issues, there are plenty of tutorials and help. I don;t know if that helps- or even if I am qualified to give advice – I haven;t paid a a lot of attention to what worked or didn’t because being here and the friends I have made is what works for me… making someone laugh and letting my little light shine some is what works for me.. this is the gravy 🙂

      3. I appreciate your reply. Due to my long hours at work, I have not been able to be consistent. However, I just realized that I can create a post and release it on a later date. This will allow me to write for my blog and release it on a later date.

        Well, thanks for the advice. I look forward to reading and re-posting your articles.

        May you have a great week!

      4. You too! I like that scheduling feature. I used ot want to publish as soon as I wrote something – ok well I still do, in fact that was one of the things I took Off the list but I have learned it makes things easier all around sometimes. 🙂

  77. Love it!!!! Had to comment, only because I know I am a word press junkie! Started late last year and I have loads of fun! Sure – I have eaten up my internet bandwidth and had to upgrade, but that is ok! Luckily, as a travel blogger – I still need to get out there and do and see everything, after all, what will I write about if I don’t do it! Perfect excuse for that weekend in New York City! Just need to get myself over there now!

    1. I started this past October and it has been a great trip! I wish I could find a way to blend what I do everyday and my blog together – besides the obvious what I do everyday lol.. thanks for stopping in 🙂

    1. balance? REAL life? this isn’t real life? ohhhhhhhhh.. fiddlesticks.. I am in trouble. But we knew that when I posted this list huh? You make a very valid point. Thank you 🙂

  78. LOL! This post cracked me up! That is until I realized a good portion of them apply to me 🙂 Blogging is definitely addicting and since joining wordpress, I am loving it even more! I was on blogger and still have a blog there for right now. But, I find WP to be so much cleaner and just plain great! Thanks for sharing, it gave me a good chuckle.

    1. It is isn;t it? I also feel more conncected..with people. I don;t know if it’s just because I started here and this is what is familiar or what but I get the feeling like I am in a big room all by myself there – and here I don;t…

  79. i thought i wasn’t who we thought i was, cos i didn’t meet all the criteria,
    missed maybe a couple.
    so..what you meant was ‘if you have one symptom or more’. well, dang. (;

  80. Okay, I admit it, I am hooked. Hey, isn’t admitting it step four or something? Now we need WPA…wordpress anonymous…someone start it quick!

    on a more serious note, great blog, I am hooked!

    1. thank you – um i din;t remember the steos 🙂 but one of the wonderful self admitted WP junkies was nice enough to post a 12 step program modified just for WP up above – somewhere in the 100-200 comment range – I think? it is pretty good actually. I would tell you his name but I woudl get it Wrong but it is RP071 maybe? ohhhh soo sorry I probably mangled it… check it out it you get a chance.. 🙂 and thanks so much glad to have you!!