A Little Limerick How To. Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Knows nothing of these Mental Moments I am Sure..

Today’s Mental Moment is brought to you by…

Well by me but..

It is in honor of my fellow blogger and friend El Guapo – he of the Freshly Pressed…

I am sure that he was the most surprised, as the rest of us knew it would happen sooner or later and some of us even conspired 😉  to get him there…

Ok it’s a stretch, but the important thing, He of so many, many names is there.  That thing that bloggers aspire to..  after of course taking the plunge of starting a blog, then continuing it.  Once we are settled in, Freshly Pressed becomes a beacon that some openly admit they are striving for and some secretly hope will be them.

I had a pretty swell Mental Moment myself yesterday when I clicked on Freshly Pressed, which I am only inclined to do every so often, as in not on a regular basis, and saw him right there at the top (where he belongs)  ok enough brown-nosing – but seriously, he deserves it and I just wanted to point it out and extend my congratulations.

With that, today’s Mental Moment is brought …wait..I did that….

The Great Guapowski likes to throw a Limerick at us every now and again.  They are great fun and get their fair mix in reviews of delighted and pained…  🙂   So in his honor – no, not a hint thank you… today’s Moment is how to make a Limerick.  Just so happens its Irish and fits in with the rest of the Irish stuff as we rocket towards St Patrick’s Day.  I love it when it all ties together like that.

So a toast to El Guapo – with a nip of Irish Whiskey – or beer if ya like and


To your Mental State, Whatever it may be…….

Lizzie Cracked (not broken)  and hey Guap – it was this or VeggieTales soooooo….  just saying 🙂


19 thoughts on “A Little Limerick How To. Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. If the choice is between inflicting veggietales on me, or limericks on the rest of the world, I say the rest of the world should have known better. It;s their own fault.

    Great video lizziec, and thanks so much for the mention! Wow, a whole mental health moment in my honor. Way cooler than being fp’d!

      1. 😳 wow – see how you did that – this moment was for you – it still is but you just turned it right back around….thanks – Cool Beans .. I got this huge grin -the cheek hurting kind cause I wanted to so something nice and wow…. you really really liked it 🙂

      1. Looks like I got me some chugging to do to keep up! In the meantime, Lizzie, DO NOT repeat DO NOT go near the thistles unless you are carrying emergency extra-large tweezers!

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