Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot 3/4/12

Top o the morning to ya!  I’m just practicing me irish  a wee bit so’s to be ready next week – er soon …

It’s better than starting off with “It’s a Small World After All – If it doesn;t have a tail it’s not a monkey so bugger off” Three great songs combined into one that I have just been singing over and over in my head.  AND OVER AND OVER…  it’s ok, I am oook.


We may be here a little longer than usual today – I am changing some things and need to explain and get opinions and blahblah blah ….kinda like gong to church on Easter Sunday.  Longer than your normal service.  BUT I have taken care of he coffee and donuts for today – its all you can handle – just keep ordering.  

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the…… Happiest Talk on Earth. ( just go with it for now k? )

Today’s Music Selection:

So while I was putting together a play list this week, I had a couple of great ideas – pretty effin brilliant if I do say so myself.  You will to I have no doubt or I wouldn;t already be so cocky about it…yea.  I like doing that every once in awhile.  Being cocky I mean,  Just to get an idea of where I am at on the modesty scale.  If I cringe when I write someting like that – that;s good becasue then I know I am still a humble Lizzie…This is just getting into all kinds of issues here.

So let me just tell you my ideas and it’s up to you my fellow coffee slurpers and donut snarfers as to whether it should be implimented or not.  First – here’s the playlist,  silly to get you half way though and no music eh?  I mean right?  I know I shouldn;t have used Bob and Doug but oh well……

Happy Talk Landslide Bridge over Rocky Mountain High in a Broken morning but I’ll stand by you  – there’s No Hurry. even if it has to be the Hard Way 

Now today’s play list is kinda mellow and a bit of nostalgic stuff, guitars, feel good friends stuff, Landslide.  That kinda thing.  Pretty good for a Sunday Morning I think, not too harsh, happyish and stuff so get that puppy playing while we get through our Happy Talk today…

Which gets me to idea #1 – not to say its the best but it’s the first. The current playlist is kinda, a …yea..a..for us older folks, so I have been informed, so I was thinking maybe instead of one playlist we can have two – there are actually songs I have every week that rock but I can’t get the mix right ya know?  Well of course you do because ….you listen to them (hopefully)  and also looking at the last few weeks, I kinda missed the whole HAPPY thing.  Being an emotional creature, I kinda just put what I like and feel.

SO with THAT I decided the second playlist will be …READER CHOSEN – SUGGESTED….you do it.  Any of you that want to give me a playlist for Happy Talk I include one reader playlist a week. In order to do this I am adding a contact form of some sort to the page that has words & thoughts of the week(s) for Happy Talk and I am going to add the playlists form all the week as well …you can go there and fill out the form with your name and a list of songs around 5 but no more than 10.  Depending on what you guys give me, I will change mine accordingly so that we have a good representation of tunes, and not overwhelming – if you give me 10 I probably will do three – see?  Whoever’s playlest is up, I ‘ll whip it up on YouTube on my Happy Talk Music Channel and link back to your blog as well…..and voila …interactive music experience (kinda) but I think it would be fun. Plus we can all get exposed, to differet types of music.

ALSO – I will be giving an award for the best playlist every,,,,,,let’s see..month or quarter? Probably month. Just to be clear, that;s an AWARD that you can if you so choose display proudly on your blog AND all you have to do is have the best playlist…no 124 random things, no questions, no acceptance speeches, which I can think of a few of you that that part will appeal to you.  Wold like to hear some thoughts and any other ideas you have in the comments section – if you all like this idea – or even just some of you…I will have the form posted by TUES MARCH 6 to start accepting your playlists.

How we liking what’s playing today?  Ok then…

Moving on –

The Week in Review:
Highlights of the Week:

  • We need to get back on track with the vocabulary. – I think I said that before.  Like last week.  Oh wait NO I forgot Happy Talk last week, Believe me it isn’t the only thing I forgot.  My brain was rebeling under too much strain. Don’t need to get into that here happy happy happy. No one that I know of used the word..Wow look at that there is a PRIZE! told ya!…so maybe everyone else would like to participate this week?  hmmm?  just use it creatively and properly in the comments or in a post linked back to this one.  All will be acknowledged a few will get their own Sparkle Star.  Every week.  We are bloggers we LIKE games and prizes, we are writers, new words should excite us. If this doesn;t get some excitement going…..then I will just .I dunno but it might not be pretty.
  • Speaking of Prizes,  since we are, my most popular post this week was A challenge and while tons of people saw it…i had four entries, OUTSTANDING entries I might add but again I am wondering if the promise of some bling blang and bragging rights may get some of you folks participating?  I also wonder if I didnl;t give it enough time although it was not a particularly tough or time consuming challenge,,,,little smelly but it;s all good.  So I am extending the challenge to next Friday. 11:59 MST (which actually gives you east coast folks a couple of extra hours.( or at lest you can tell yourself that. 🙂  I will put the entries up on Happy Talk next week and PRIZES!
  • The Weekly Photo Challenge  has eluded  me for the past couple of weeks as well as the   A-Z Archive Challenge from FrizzText of Flickr Comments  I am hoping to get back into it this week.  This coming  week’s Weekly Challenge is DISTORTED and I think we are on I? for the Archive Challenge.  No promises but I will do my best. I did did do DOWN but that was last week.
  • So it’s the First Week of March-  Spring is right around the corner, St Patrick’s day is before that,,,,  there’s been a lot going on these past two weeks – lots of games of tag and challenges
  • My Mean Streak  –  after being on strike and trying to branch out on it;s own – has agreed, it can not do it without me so should be making an appearance quite soon.  I’m sure all I have to do is dangle the right carrot and it will be back in full Mean Streak glory…thanks for your patience
  • Trifecta Challenge – This week I decided to participate in the Trifecta Challenge – thanks for all your kind words and support.  I encourage everyone to give it a shot,,,it’s good way to challenge yourself and grow as a writer.  I forgot to mention that this last week was to be decided by voters oops…but thanks for all the kind comments.  I think I will probably be participating regularly.
  • Finally – This week’s  Mental Moments – The importance of spelling, how to tell a monkey from an ape, DIY Laundry soap and tips on getting a parking spot (and a donut) from Bob and Doug. We learned a lot eh? Oh can’t forget the Irish Drinking Song!   That always makes for a better mental state.  

That should put the week under wraps. .

blogs I like and the bloggers that blog them:  

So I have a couple of blogs I have found poking around on other blogs or from the related articles section or however.  You all know how it happens  – you decide to try something new and you close your eyes and click.  Ok that;s not really – well I did find a few that way….but anyways,  here are a couple of blogs you might want to check out sometime.  I like them.

For the time being I am going with blogs I have found, or have found me first, over the previous week (s) that I found interesting and /or  funny.

Oh My Gawd Just Do What I say!
Lisa Summerlin
Edward Hotspur
Diatribes and Ovations
Xanax and Running Shoes

Let’s start there..I have a really long list but don;t want to overload!

Shit I should a told ya but I forgot to and stuff that is still unresolved.  

  • I have a few awards that I need to hand out – to those of you who so kindly honired me by giving them to me I thank you, and I apologize for not yet acknowledging them and passing them on.  I am considering doing it here in Happy talk…after I take care of the ones that are backlogged.  One at a time ya know? 
  • I haven’t forgotten to tell you anything….except uh…I started a  new blog called Artsy Brain Fartsies. The illustrated companion to Running Naked With Scissors.  I told you that last time I think and I haven’t added too much to it of late but I have an idea of linking to it when I feel the need to reply to any comments or have stuff to add to posts in artistc form so I will be working on it more this week to get it more interactive with this one- it can;t be an illustrated companion is I don’t illustrate huh?  

Word of the Week 

The word of the week is:   

Erudite;  adj.   1. deep extensive learning.  2. having or showing profound knowledge, book knowledge specifically.  an erudite professor…

Remember if you use the word in a post, link back here so I am aware of it or use it properly in the comments section.,  All attempts will be acknowledged and some will get the Cracked Vocab Sparkle Star Award every week – you KNOW you want one!  They aren;t always going to look the same either.

And it looks like the time has come to say goodbye until next week.


A thought before I go

People are like  Cadbury Eggs, (be it cream, chocolate or carmel)  if you don’t ever bother to look past the outer shell, you miss the best part.  

Just saying….  


Have a wonderful week!

~Lizzie Cracked (never broken)    🙂 

Cracked (magazine)
Image via Wikipedia
 (i know i’m late – better late than never sometimes !  )

19 thoughts on “Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot 3/4/12

  1. I recognize the symptomology…. you have a tendency, similar to my own, to get lost in your own thoughts, and it can be tricky to find a way back out to reality… am I right? I can relate…. This is a nice tour through your waiting room; I’ll be back next time you post to see what other rooms may get a tour….good stream of consciousness writing here…..take care out there… and in there….. 🙂 🙂

      1. LOL, I can relate. The C&H company sure knows how to get folks addicted to white sugar, don’t they? Almost everything in the world that contains sugar is something that my diet could do without, but as you say, giving it up ain’t gonna happen….especially if it’s a glazed twist!…

    1. yea – I am working on the submission form now – of course me being a little more…. um what;s the word? consistent – yea consistent…might bring it back to where it was..in the mean time, I get more donuts so….make sure you take a few to TMWGU (please tell me I got that right? ) I set some aside with sprinkles –

  2. Oh this is fun. I love all the things you are doing. The running naked with scissors cracked vocab sparkly star. Now that’s something to shoot for! Erudite eh? Ok, I accept your challenge BBFF! You’re on! I’ll see if I can sneak it into one of my more “erudite posts” which should be quite a challenge in and of itself! I’m off to check out your bloggers list.

    1. hee hee well you already got yourself an entry there – I am working on ways to make the coveted (if we say it it will be so right?) sparkly star – more sparkly – so by next week it may be blindingly brilliant! – I am also giving you and El Guapo honorary sparkly stars because you two always played and excelled – but don;t take that one up there cause I am still working on them (shhhh it;s a secret 😉 )

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