I Need a (Irish) Moment – TGIF, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Well Friends, it;s Friday.  Damn fine skippy too cause I need a moment away from my mental moment…  like THAT’s about to happen…

I AM a mental moment,( in time.)..  🙂  I LIVE the mental moment… every moment is a mental moment..you get the idea ..

Mental images logo
every moment is a mental moment

Yes I tried a Twix – 5 actually …  what are ya gonna do.?  or rather, what am I gonna do….  well I’ll tell you  cause I know you just can’t wait to see what I will do next.. right?  😉   

I had a delightful end of the week mental moment in the form of those delightful characters the V……oh wait I can;t say that ..which is why I had to put on the brakes reverse directions and I am going blind here….as in on a whim by the seat of my pants.  Really I do the almost everyday but I usually have it ready in the morning to present to you at the proper mid afternoon point of time.  Bet you can tell which days I haven;t been so on top of that huh?

The reason I can;t use those little bites of goodness is because of a challenge, a game, if you will,.. presented by The Hobbler.  Check it out here and join the fun!!!!

It won;t bite.  We are all doing it….  PEER PRESSURE!  bend to it…..That’s not to say I am a big fan of following the pack.  I mean I wouldn’t  jump off a cliff if everybody else was and don;t expect you to either.  And I am leery of It’s fun everybody is doing it as a devious way for my children to get me to give in….but I tell them picking up dog poop is fun..they should try it…  Negative on the cool Mom points but oh so satisfying to not be bamboozled.  Like I wasn’t a kid once, or ..still…geesh.

So on with the moment…..

*crickets chirping….*

OH! well it;s Friday, I’m Irish, and this is the Month of the Irish…(I am also a little desperate here)    Perfect!  Enjoy!

TO your Mental State, Whatever it may be…..
LizzieCracked (not broken) Irish, lover of a good beer and happy to share a little of my Irish heritage with you… 🙂 Have a great weekend!!!


9 thoughts on “I Need a (Irish) Moment – TGIF, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. you..are good. dang! I question whether vegetarian can truly be deemed Irish – yes there was the famine and cabbage and the measly potates that didn;t get blighted and not much meat were more the norm – but if you aren;t vegetarian by choice…are you really a vegetarian? the recipes look tasty tho..wonder what the finished product will look like in real life – might be one of those pics on he website would work for this weeks weekly photo challenge..distorted.. 🙂 I
      When my older kids were smaller – they fell for the dog poop thing once or twice – the dog poop being of course any given chore you want to substitue so by switching it up..i ogt them a couple of times when 16 yo was about 5 – he actuallly finished whatever it was and came back to me and said….that was NOT fun mom…. with my young kids now, i got too many things working against me…the older kids to tell em the real deal and too tired (netaphorically) to do more than…the If everybody was jumping off a cliff would that be fun? would you do it? I hope they don’t feel cheated.

      1. I think they will be alright. Kids are tough, and I am not a vegetarian at all. I actually got bored with the word game and just now quit…sorry. I’m as bad as the kids sometimes.

  1. I love fridays. And Saturdays. Sundays are ok, but on sundays there’s always this fucking darkness in the horizon, like a cloud full of shit, a cloud full of shit that is screaming at you:

    “Tomorrow it’s monday and you’ll have to waste another week at your pointless fucking job! And the weekend won’t show up for another 5 days!! Haha!”

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