Take a Mental Moment eh?

Doug McKenzie "action figure"

I am dating myself here…..

And I must say…..myself is a pretty good date.  Cheap too. ..

Not like cheap skate ….  Just  easy …

***wait for the pregnant pause*****   🙄

No, I don;t get knocked up on dates … you can;t get pregnant eating dates.

CHeap as in I don’t require that much money be parted with, to be content.  A donut and good company,… BUT

that has nothing to do with the mental moment today…,,well the donut part does but the rest –

Unless you want to take someone on a date to a donut shop…  anyone??

Let;s go back to 1983 …  I was….  😕  oh nevermind..  but still, go back to 1983 and to our neighbors in the Great White North..

Bob and Doug McKenzie  with timeless wisdom on donuts ,,parking..

Enjoy eh?

To your Mental State, Whatever it may be… 🙂 eh?
Lizzie Cracked (not broken) or easy ,…mostly


14 thoughts on “Take a Mental Moment eh?

  1. I kid you NOT, My husband just introduced our kids to this movie a few weeks ago LIZZIE! I wasn’t home at the time- they loved it!

    My 6 yr old says ‘Take off eh, you Hoser’. He’s damn cute.

    1. oh my dad got pulled over one dime right after my brother and I saw that movie – I don;t know how we got to see that one cause my mom wouldnt let us watch Star Wars…huh..anyways the cop was waling up the side of our volkswagon bus – small town in the nountains – and my brother nd i are in the back, windows open and we both sauy :Hey Cop – want Donuts? Take off eh? ” I paused before posting this I did – I bet Canadians hate it…but only for a quick second….important info ya know… so much of my life is marked by the SNL characters of my youth lol….

      1. Haha! That is so funny!! I bet your dad was happy with his two little SNL prodigies wisecracking from the back seat. It’s a good thing he didn’t arrest your poor dad, eh? I bet the cop didn’t think it was funny either. Which makes it even funnier of course!

      2. he still gets a little bent when we talk about it for like a quick minute- no cop wasn;t amused dad’s face turned red annndd he got a ticket…bu because it was a speed trap…no way that cop was gonna let him off anyways…

      3. FUNNYYYY! You know what my husbands dream car is?

        A1968 Volkswagon Bus- red. He wants to find 1 and restore it so he 7 I can travel the world (or just the continental united states) in it.


        I am NEVER gonna get a REAL camper with a REAL potty inside, am I?!?

      4. it isnt looking promising…

        We had a blue 1979 ish maybe I don’t know – all I know is I ended up having to drive it in highschool. Horrible at the time but fun to think about now – good times… 🙂

    1. no way eh? if it’s better now…then it ought to be peachy super good after today’s mental moment 🙂

      beer eh? and irish… some days I am just on it ..Today – is one of those days… eh?

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