March Mental Inventory Recoup Recon and Re…phhhfpt

Today is the first of March –    March 1, 2012 –  1 March 2012 –  3/1/12 –  anyway you wanna look at it, there it is…  March right into it we did ….

Horn differences between Cape buffalo (above) ...
Monkey or ape? If it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey - even if it's in a monkey shape... if it has a tail it's a monkey,,not an ape..

March the First,  the first day of a new month that happens to also bring with it the first day of Spring.…   ahhhhh Spring, when thoughts wander towards warm sunshine and playful … and um…   😳   Springy things…  well that explains a lot.  To me anyways.

Today is my oldest (or is it eldest?) daughter’s birthday… no not My Grandbaby Mama  –  my older than her daughter.

She is 20.  The big 20.  Not a teen anymore…  and that makes me, not a teen anymore either.  Yea l I know haven’t been a teen for a few years.  Like 10 – or something.

What?  I was young…

SO today I need to do a headcount and inventory of the Gaggle.  Make sure they are all here and properly accounted for and dutifully named so as not to cause any confusion.

Just turned 20 –    

My Grandbaby Mama  18 yo ~ nearly 19  -in 10 days…   (don’t do the math folks ..really  🙄  )   ok  Lauren..  boy she just blew the lid off the mystery huh?  that’s ok though cause it;s more fun having her here than making up silly names.  I can still call her silly names – she really doesn’t mind…. no really….       

Next we have

Mr Know-it-all Smarty Pants 16 yo   

Doodle – 11 yo  (son)    

The Changeling – 8 yo (daughter)    

Mr. C  – 5 yo  (those are his initials isn’t that CUTE!!  yes it is.. I know it.)   🙂   

That’s the Gaggle –  all present and dutifully accounted for to start off the month …..

Next on the inventory / roll call  isssss

Little Monkey Man  – making his March debut I might add….   

Various supporting cast and characters that pop in and out on occasion – Mom, Dad, Brother, SIL (she of the butterfly wisdom)  favorite niece and favorite nephew   

My Nicole Colored Glasses – the better to see the world with  – true story  

 Asylum (within one and music!)  √  er is that a double check?  ok  


Hope for the Future ya know?    

My Soul Sister and Bird of a Feather  

The Crazy Chicks and Crazy Freak Club and their Fearless (and Crazy ! ) Leader  √ √annnd  

RC cola   😉   budda ist    

New Friends  

Endless Possibilities  

DONUTS!     √  (I ate one already …what? ) 

George Kato  


My Hairbrush wait …where is my hairbrush?  Where o where o where o where…is my hairbrush?  oh ok  there it is…   

Recipe for Homemade Laundry Soap  

My Je Ne Sais Quois –   

Pens and Pencils –   

Books to Read –  

Awards to Award – √   and um let me check,,., yea  

Tags to tag again   : -D    

A Spring Chick –   spring chick are you here?  oh ok well I can easily be the SPring Chick ..check!   

Ideas –    

Challenges –  

Randomness –   

Veggietales complete with Cebu, Water Buffalo,  (yes I have both.. I got it like that sometimes)  not an ape, not a monkey, annnnnd that should cover that section..  itty check check…  (not a monkey …..  or isssss it?  )

The Peanut Gallery and all the opinions they have to offer….. 

Mental State   ….   


My Mean Streak HEY!!  Mean Streak!!!..  dammit!  bet it comes back NOW! 

My Heart –  oh yeah …  nevermind

Happy Talk  

The Coffee Spot 

My Happy Spot   




Sense of Humor  

Rubber Body Suit that I half Rock  –  and patch kit   

Mania   – standby

Depression –  gotta have it – it;s the nature of THE BEAST..dammt    ehhh  not check you in Just YET

Watch that converts Lizzie Cracked time to real time or is it…real time to Lizzie Cracked time...  😕     

A Calendar  

Ok –  think that does it.  Phew so I pretty much got all I need to start off the month.  I gotta get some Smartfood Popcorn and I am going to check and see if the Holiday Inn Express has any deals this month – OH and can;t forget my scissors – geez that might be bad…  I think My Mean Streak took them though…a**h*le

Let me just write it here in my trusty little calendar…..  it’s new wanna see?  You just look up the day of the week, and then follow it to the day of the Month.

It’s made for people like me so there is no mistake on the day and date.  I love progress.

So, right here it says Wednesday…..  and down to…..

down to…..  um..  is this the right year?  WEDNESDAY THE ……  wow…

THE 29th of FEBRUARY!!!!!!  WTF   ….????    hang on… one. little. minute…..

(deeeeeeep breath…. NO deeeeper..  shit I forgot to put the klonopin… well now I got a day right….put it in a bubble…let .  it . go.  ….annnnnd  exhale……  phhhhhphfffttt….    😛     )

Well my eldest daughte COULD have been born today cause it was a leap year then too…  She’d be 5 …..  Like I need two 5 yos at my age…

You could come back tomorrow of you like..  pretend this never happened..  Jedi mind trick ??  you will come back tomorrow and it will be a new day…  *subtle wave of the hand*

(betcha it works too)     🙂     Happy Leap Year.!   ….er…day… yea….    

I gotta go now….

68.365 - Sick Little Monkey
68.365 - Sick Little Monkey (Photo credit: Jeff the Trojan) I BEG TO DIFFER WHERE IS THE TAIL!!!!!!!

14 thoughts on “March Mental Inventory Recoup Recon and Re…phhhfpt

      1. I asked because you said it was March 1st…here in the states it’s April 29th, leap day…this is leap year, so I thought you were overseas. I kinda like your little world.

  1. Perfect checklists.
    Your Je Ne Sais Quois should have three checks and a gold star next to it.
    So should RC (cola).
    Can’t imagine you without it. And I’m honored to have mode the roll call.

    Here’s to holding out for spring!

    1. I want to go to Colorado – overwhelming home sickness for a place I have not been in 12 years….. Spring and Fall 🙂 i actually was doing this post as if it were 1 March… when Lauren came into my room and I said hey you know it’s your sisters bday today right? – I was pretty pleased with myself too… pretty pleased… i started out with just the Gaggle… it grew. I took the liberty of putting the check mark there so ..hope you don’t mind I took it for granted you’d be present 🙂 which doesn’t mean I take it for granted just that ….. ok yea I been up all night.. it was kinda early to start waking everyone up…especially on the wrong day right?

      1. If you can, take it as a free day and go back to bed. Sure wish I could.
        I’m usually “present”. Just not always “here”… Or do I have that backwards?

      2. ummmmmm here in the present ..present not here… hereby presently with it or not i dunno i’m consused, it;s all good… it’s a monkey. Muffins with Mom today 🙂 not my mom – 5 yo preschool – me as mom and muffins

  2. Ha haaa! BBFF! You really got me! The whole time I was reading it I thought, apparently noboody told her. Apparently she has no idea that . . . I’m going to be the one to have to tell her that today isn’t March 1st. hahahaha!

    If this is what you do for March 1, I cannot wait to see what you’re going to do for April 1.

    I loved your checklist and getting a little info on your kids.:) I love the way you give us glimpses but only sparingly. You are so Cool! For Realiies!!!

    1. well… i did start writing it thinking ot was the first it was like 2 am – then when I was telling lauren she was like… i was committed to it though so i just went with it 🙂 I kinda thought I must look pretty funny when it hit me – brick…I know you would have told me gently… 🙂 I’m not gonna do APril 1 – 😉
      really really? is it part of my charm? my…. I don’t know what? it’s the lizziecracked effect… i ran across something that so made me think of you last night – but my brain is a little off so i’ll have to think – when i move there – when i do that at 2 am i will just run over to your house and tap on the glass – maybe i could write it down huh..

  3. I take Klonopin. Lol. Wow Lizzie. I was so damn bored I was dosing off until I read this. I knew you was up to something cause it most certainly ain’t the 1st. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh friend.

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