Google Me in all my Awkward Bipolar Cracked Nudity

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It has to be done!

A while back I posted a list of the search terms that people use that bring them to my blog.  Since then they have gotten … ever so much better.  And so once again I give you the best of the search terms from the last thirty days.  I am amazed and amused and as always – I must share the wealth.  I can;t include all the search terms – some are of course perfectly reasonable, so here are just the best of them… or worst depending.

Enjoy!   🙂

naked old ladies
naked hidden photo
running naked lizziecracked
runing naked
dr. seuss be who you are and say what you feel
bipolar disorder nude
naked 10th grade
water buffalo and naked kid photo
sarcastic retorts
old ladies laughing
ignorance is a bliss, stupidity is a choice
lizzy vinizzi
to say                                            (to say what??) 
girls of penn state nude
nittany lion crying
naked scissors
happy birthday retort
pictures of nude angry birds     (I’d kinda like to see that one?)
old lady naked
naked old lady
rip joe paterno
neil armstrong naked
joe paterno running
verge of confusion-love
ot activities for mental health
rude sayings about people
dr seuss quote
text on good manners for kids
hidden foto naked
old age is not for sissies
running naked
naked running
scizzers mental disease         (is this a new one?) 
dick magnet
nude bipolar
twinkies naked
proper manners (I guess I should be glad I either have or talk about good manners enough! 
paterno running
paterno dead broken heart
the truth about being naked
dr phil you either get it or you don’t
family naked pic together
passive aggressive facemaking
you tube mum scissor happy at home
clipart things that are far
picked my nose too much pain     (one of my top 5 favs!) 
hot young studs                                   (really??  WHERE? )
pic of challenge girl naked
etiquette ending text conversation
lump on my nose
define biting sarcasm
drunk old lady
reflection getting old not for sissies
musheemust gam         (do I even WANT to know?) 
old lady slut
running with scissors naked
joe paterno naked
google term nude
family photos pics naked
naked self portrait photo
running naked from the mob
family naked photo
birthday card getting older isn’t for sissies
cheshire cat
crabby old women images
understand text etiquette
bipolar awkward moments
moogly cracked
glitter e. yanus award
cracked nudity
ass sparkle spank
grandmother and grandson sex
ridiculous word
does anyone think joe paterno was wrong?
“good manners of text messaging”
nichole coulard naked
sorry folks, mexico is closed. the moose outside should have told you>
i’m growing old earlier and begin losing my mind
charlie brown naked
twinkies funny
theme park sorry folks try again
posted photos streak nude
humor how is god going to do this without me?
manners don’t hurt
text edicate closing
how do i make people spank my but   (maybe a good how-to mental moment?)
sarcastic retorts
old ladies laughing
ignorance is a bliss, stupidity is a choice
lizzy vinizzi

There you have it folks –

I couldn’t make it up –
Lizzie Cracked (not broken)


12 thoughts on “Google Me in all my Awkward Bipolar Cracked Nudity

  1. I bet you could make up some of them if your tried…

    “water buffalo and naked kid photo” made me think of a very unusual take on the nastassja kinski snake picture…

      1. Everybody has a water buffalo – mine is fast and yours is slow….oh yes there is a song – I posted it somewhere, I don;t know where though oh! on the ABC Award post.

  2. OH.MY.GAWD! Maybe I need to check out my own search terms-that could be amusing!

    And, I LOVE your Blog MakeOver!!! Very Lovely- just like YOU!!! Muah! I think mine needs some help, but I don’t know how to help it- I ‘m not blog savvy or technically gifted. At.ALL.

    1. I’m not either – I closed my eyes and hit the botton. It’s the new theme with my own pictures but other than that I don;t know how the hell to make it work!

      Yea yea check em out I bet there would be some good ones!

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