Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot 2/19/12

You HAVE to try the donuts! O.M.G.  

They are to. die. for. Almost worth the wait.  I like what they have done with the place and they even have new coffee cups too!  I will have to get some made up with the Happy Talk thingy huh?

Kinda took a cue from that other coffee place with the couches and more casual seating.  And brightened the place up too!



So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the second  time I ….wait maybe it’s the third?  And we have done Sunday for a while now right? Ok the first  Happy Talk of 2012 in our new Happy Spot er….Coffee Spot.  Which isn’t really new…remodeled..  oh Whatever it’s not like we have all day…..

Today’s Music Selection:

Music is such a big part of my life.  I think I may have talked about it before but I think it would be fun to do a soundtrack of my life.  Obviously it wouldn’t be from birth because I can’t remember what I listened to then.  Probably from 5 years old on.

People often choose their music based on how they feel or what is going on in their life and I have several songs that when I hear them will take me right back to that moment in time when it was important.  Music can be the time machine – the fountain of youth that everybody searches for.

I will forever be 16 years old when I hear Boston’s More than a Feeling  (not 16 when it came out, 16 when I first heard Boston)…  15  and filled with teenage angst when I hear Don Henley’s Boys of Summer…  Queen,  Pink Floyd, SuperTramp, Berlin, Crack the Sky, Journey, Boston, Chicago, John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel, INXS, Art of Noise, The Cure, U2, Rush,..I am not even to my 20’s yet and didn’t even cover 5 -15.

Anyways, today it’s all mental.  Kinda where I been at.

Happy Talk Mental Crazy Cracked Playlist.

(not yet available in stores)

Moving on –

The Week in Review:

  • We need to get back on track with the vocabulary.  Starting now though, I have prizes!  It’s true and you will just have to wait until next week to see what they are but c’mon everybody likes prizes right?  SO here is how we will do it – if you want to be considered, use the word for the day in a post and link it back to this week’s Happy Talk so I am sure to see it, or use the word in some outstanding way in the comments section.  All entries will be acknowledged and some will win 🙂
  • The week started out  How did it start out?  hmmmmm  I have kinda changed the way I do things during the week so I have to make a few changes here too I think.  So let’s just say the week started on Monday and go from there.  😉
  • The Weekly Photo Challenge  has eluded  me for the past couple of weeks as well as the   A-Z Archive Challenge from FrizzText of Flickr Comments  I am hoping to get back into it this week.  This coming  week’s Weekly Challenge is DOWN and I think we are on G? for the Archive Challenge.  No promises but I will do my best.
  • Valentine’s Day was Tuesday – and I thoroughly enjoyed reading so many different perspective’s on a day that inspires so many different feelings.  Linda Vernon gave us an amusing recollection of her first date with 37 that had me in stitches, Nicole gave us a first-rate Single Girl’s Survival Guide which I found to be most helpful and Chrystalyn ended up her Valentine’s Day Countdown, which was ever so much fun with a teaser.  By far my favorite and I think I can speak for a lot of people if the fact he is STILL getting comments is any indicator, was El Guapo’s …tribute is the best word I can think of to his wife, The Most Wonderful Girl In the Universe.     Beautiful.  And even though I wasn’t going to contribute my exact opinion, I changed my mind. What? It happens. 
  • For the Love of Lizzie – more aimless wanderings from a slightly cracked perspective but I have to say I think  I wrapped it up nicely.  🙂
  • My Mean Streak  – I don’t want to talk about it.  Tying to sign a movie deal or some stupid shit..yeah whatever….
  • Next –  I showed my ass.  Glitter and all in Spank my Ass and Call me Lizzie (use glitter, I like it like that)  But I sure had fun doing it.  🙂
  • Finally – A whole week of Mental Moments –  This is my way of contributing to Mental Awareness.  Mid-Afternoon seems to be a good time to take a break and check your mental state and they have been well received thus far.  So I think we will call it a regular weekday doing.    I will be adding a page so you can find them easily if the fancy strikes you.  This past week we had Princess Bride, and Dory and Squishy, Irish Mentality and a moldy toaster giving us fun facts.  I feel really bad about the Butter Canoe – stupid Parkay so we may revisit this moment at a later date.

That should put the week under wraps. .

blogs I like and the bloggers that blog them:  

So I have a couple of blogs I have found poking around on other blogs or from the related articles section or however.  You all know how it happens  – you decide to try something new and you close your eyes and click.  Ok that;s not really – well I did find a few that way….but anyways,  here are a couple of blogs you might want to check out sometime.  I like them.

For the time being I am going with blogs I have found, or have found me first, over the previous week that I found interesting and /or  funny.  There is also my list over there that always provides excellent entertainment.  So this section is a supplement to those that are on the blogroll.

Today I have 2 very special blog to bring to your attention.  Special to me because of the bloggers that blog them.  Yes this is favoritism all the way around so  sue me.  Orrrrrrrr  go visit them. 🙂

The World Behind Nicole Colored Glasses – Yay Yay And Yayness…  if any of you remember a while back I did a post called  Of  The Indigo Child Who isn’t Mine…Except in my Heart or you may not and that’s why I linked it.  This young lady is the inspiration of that post and I have been bugging the crapola outta her to start a blog.  AND she HAS!  And it rocks.  So does she.  I love her and you will too (you can’t but I PROMISE!)  She has figured out quite a lot of things that a lot of folks like me are much older before being enlightened and she has a unique perspective on the world.  Like she has flourescent rainbow tinted glasses.

Lauren’s Crazy Adventure – This girly here is talking about her adventure of Life and the things she has learned – especially about Motherhood.  And I am just busting with proudness and of course reading every little bit she writes because SHE is 18yo daughter (now you know her name 🙂  ) that just had a baby and made  me a grandma.  She had a blog on Tumblr but wanted to work on her writing so here she is.  She is a Kook and  I love her to the moon….  ❤  (she knows how it goes)

Next week I have a whole list of blogs to give you!

Shit I should a told ya but I forgot to and stuff that is still unresolved.  

  • the grandma name –  Thanks to all who voted and I only have to express a little disappointment that Most Revered Mother of Grandness did not receive any votes – one honorary mention but that’s cool I’m good with the winner –  with a whopping 50% of the vote – Gram Crackers – Grams for short.  Other votes were for MeMaw and other – Grammie – short for Gram Crackers.  
  • I haven’t forgotten to tell you anything….except uh…I started a  new blog called Artsy Brain Fartsies. The illustrated companion to Running Naked With Scissors.  I talk a lot about not having the words to convey my feeling and this was kinda the answer.  I had a hard time with the name, wanting to keep it relevant with running naked with scissors but Painting Naked with Crayons  – Running Naked with Paint, or  Running Naked with Scissors, open cans of paint and no drop cloth ….  eh I dunno I can change it anytime but the point, is that I use art as a creative outlet and I stopped for a while and turned  to words.  It’s nothing special.  Just Brain farts that look kinda artsy.  🙂  – if the link doesn’t work try again soon – it’s got some kinks.  

Word of the Week 

The word of the week is:

Voluminous;  adj.   1. having great volume, fullness, size or number; ample or lengthy in speech or writing.

And it looks like the time has come to say goodbye until next week.  

A thought before I go

~When trouble arises and things look bad there is always one individual who finds a solution and is willing to take command.  Very often that individual is crazy.  ~Dave Barry

Just saying….  

Have a wonderful week!

~Lizzie Cracked (never broken)    🙂 


7 thoughts on “Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot 2/19/12

  1. Ah Lizzie! Thank you for the Lizzie Cracked honorable mention for the week of my Valentine post! So glad you liked it. I’m happy to see Coffee Talk back! YAY and Lohove the new banner. So cool! Can’t wait to check out your recommendations for the new blogs especially your daughters and Fartsies! Two blogs, 6 kids and 1 grandkid Whew! I get tired just thinking about it! I’ll definitely be sticking in voluminous somewhere this week. Maybe more towards the end of the week as feel like my brain sprung a leak today! Which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it I guess! 🙂

  2. Love the remodeled Coffee Talk, and glad to be back here.
    Very warm and cozy.

    and mmm…donuts….

    Have a great week lizziec. Looking forward to the ongoing mental health series!

    1. Thanks. I dunno. Not so crowded and lighter. The donuts are yummy.. And they used Lindas recipe for awesome cake too. I wish I could wish it…
      You have an awesome week yourself and I’m on a mission to do the best mental moments. EVer. 🙂

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