Irish Mentality – Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

A representation of a Clurichaun in T. C. Crok...
having a wee bit o the blues i am - who can i call?

Well Valentine’s Day is behind us and guess what is coming soon?  Well I know I am early but I do love St Patrick’s day – I get to tell people to kiss me and they don’t think it’s too weird – what?  I’m Irish what can I say?

The Irish also have stellar mental health support services *

Coming off of such a monumental holiday, if you are feeling blue and depressed, there is help available and in the form of a little Irish mentality.

This is the best hotline I have ever called – cured me of my blues in a minute

And because this is a Mental Moment, I could only do the right thing and share it with you all.

Enjoy….  🙂   (Gotta Love the Irish )  😉

To your Mental State, Whatever it may be

Lizzie Cracked (not broken)

*I make no claim to really know if the Irish have good mental health services – I’m sure they are quite good, just don’t go flying to Ireland to find a shrink on my advice alone.  🙂 


19 thoughts on “Irish Mentality – Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Any of those choices could work for me, depending on the day…

    I saw the post in my inbox and felt my face light up, lizziec. Love these.
    Hope the blues clear up. Spring is coming!

    1. Yay! that makes me happy 🙂
      I miss the seasons and where I grew up there is a very definitive arrival of spring – the sun was warmer and the air – it usually was before March 20 but hey it snowed into June – just the difference could change the whole outlook ya know? I used to go outside and soak up the sun – like a battery charge.

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