I Changed my Mind. What? It Happens.

Children's Valentine, 1940–1950
That might explain it too...

I’m a girl among other reasons. I ‘m allowed.  That’s all the explanation you need.

But I am inclined to expound, or I would not have made it the title to my latest imparting of my take on the workings of.. everything.

I wasn’t going to say anything today.   Well any thing besides the comments I made and the Mental Moment.  Geesh I wasn’t going to comment on Valentine’s Day.

Mostly because I have a wishy-washy back and forth, hot and cold opinion.  Almost….bipolar if you will.

Oh come on that was a little funny right? Despite the fact that almost bipolar makes absolutely no sense.  Think about, discuss if you need to, and get back to me.  If I continue, this whole post will be about that…. which I guess would fit too, becasue then I could just say I changed my mind again and ….. ARRGGGGGHHHH

Just…ok whatever.  Back to where we were which was…  where?  Oh right, my opinion on Valentine’s Day which I am sure you are just dying to hear.  🙂

Maybe not but here you are, so that’s what you are getting.

Valentine postcard, circa 1900–1910
Chocolate !!! Wear's the chocolate?

Valentine’s Day as a concept is beautifuland the best holiday ever.In reality, it sucks.  Plain and simple.

I know what you are thinking – ok no I don’t and I am sorry, I shouldn’t say that I do because it is one of my pet peeves when people think they think what I am thinking and don’t even bother to ask.

I am not inclined to dislike Valentine’s because I am alone. (Or is it, disinclined to like Valentine’s Day? hmm)  I had worse Valentine’s days when I was married.  And dislike is actually a strong word.

It’s not because of the fact that in school I never, not once got a secret admirer flower on Valentine’s Day while my beat friend got so many she couldn’t even carry them all.  She let me carry some for her so it’s not like anyone knew I was not secretly admired by anyone.

In retrospect I think that’s what ruined it.  Anybody who might have been inclined to secretly send me a flower thought I was quite widely secretly admired and one more wouldn’t matter – as opposed to one being all the difference.

It’s not because I would watch girls in the office get flowers delivered and every time the flower guy came in I would have a burst of hope that maybe this time they were for me.  And they never were.

Is anybody getting what the overall drift is here?  I hope so.  I don;t know how much more I can take.

There are just so many opportunities for disappointment.  For huge expectations to be dashed.  It’s kinda like… well if it was a religious holiday I would have to think it was one of the jokes of life.

I am a hopeless romantic and I am all for a day about love.

Why not everyday?

Or any day?

Why one day that just rarely rises to the occasion?

I am not unhappy today.   About Valentine’s Day anyways.  I have decided to not have any expectations and I am never disappointed.  I haven’t decided if it’s a totally  lame or brilliant outlook.  I know that I have no grand stories of displays of love to tell, but I also have no stories of horrible things gone wrong.

I don’t begrudge anyone this day.

I just don’t have much to say about it.

And I changed my mind about talking about it because…. well just because I can.  Let’s leave it at that.

Here’s to Love and Valentine’s and chocolate.  

Cause no day can really go wrong if you add chocolate.  🙂

Scan of a Valentine greeting card circa 1920.[/caption]

10 thoughts on “I Changed my Mind. What? It Happens.

  1. I was never a fan of the day either, until I got the girl. And I agree with the why not everyday.
    But you do have valentines form the grandson to look forward to, and I bet every day with him is better than the Hallmark holiday!
    Rock on, LizzieC.
    And just for you…

    1. you are so right, and my 5 yo and 7 yo were so cute this year. I am blessed and I have a whole drawer full of love you Mom Valentines going back to 1995ish…yes I have saved very one of them.
      ANd I am not complaining (did it sound too whiny? I hope not cause I don;t feel whiny and petulant) just


      thank you… that, is … thanks 🙂

  2. Oh boy! That would suck having a popular secretly admired best friend who got lots of flowers! Yup that would pretty much leave a bad tasting candy heart in my mouth for sure. Luckily back in my day (the olden days) we only gave each other little cards and it was mandatory that you give one to everyone in the class. So it was all good. In the 50’s and early 60’s, kids had no iidea they could purchase a flower to give to someone. Boy things were simplier back then!

    The good thing is that you LOVE the heck out of Christmas and you have so much fun making all the cookies and with your kids and Santa! And next year Little Monkey Man will be big enough to eat one! Wow! YAY! Now I’m getting myself excited for Christmas! How many more days til Christmas??

    1. 315

      It will be here before you know it! Wow how funny to think he will be able to eat cookies by then.. 😕
      I finally understand the beginning narration of Days of Our Lives lol….Like Sands through the hour glass… yea no shit one minute you are here and then you are there and wow…. Amazing. MOnkey Man went to the Dr today (1 month old!) in the last two weeks had packed on a whopping pound! I think it’s time to do a observations of …OH geez I never looked at the poll! I mean I never announced it. Darn those Coffe SPot People and their Construction 🙂 Hope you and 37 had a wonderful day 🙂

  3. All I know is that you definitely have a lot of admirers in your blog and with the CCCs. And you’re right about the chocolate. Next to me is a big spoonful (I’d say ladle, but it’s not quite that big) of Nutella. I’m starting the day right 🙂

    Love this post because what you say has weaved in and out of my noodle for years. Some of the best Valentine’s Day I’ve spent has been either alone or just with friends. Sharing this on CCC FB page.

    1. oooooooo nutella! yumminess! My son asked me to get him some one day and now he has to hide it from me 🙂 That is high praise indeed thank you 🙂 and I am glad I could write it so that it didn’t come out as a bitch because I wasn’t part of a couple – which is why I wasn’t even going to write about it. Strangely though I got a little emotional – stupid flowers! lol… I like flowers 🙂

  4. […] Valentine’s Day was Tuesday – and I thoroughly enjoyed reading so many different perspective’s on a day that inspires so many different feelings.  Linda Vernon gave us an amusing recollection of her first date with 37 that had me in stitches, Nicole gave us a first-rate Single Girl’s Survival Guide which I found to be most helpful and Chrystalyn ended up her Valentine’s Day Countdown, which was ever so much fun with a teaser.  By far my favorite and I think I can speak for a lot of people if the fact he is STILL getting comments is any indicator, was El Guapo’s …tribute is the best word I can think of to his wife, The Most Wonderful Girl In the Universe.     Beautiful.  And even though I wasn’t going to contribute my exact opinion, I changed my mind. What? It happens.  […]

  5. With all that mind-changing, you’re beginning to sound like Mitt Romney. And what with Newt Gingrich potentially being bipolar (maybe–not likely, is it?), you could start to run in the Republican primary. There’s a thought, right? Hope you enjoyed Valentine’s Day anyway.

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