Not so Inconceivable! Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

So it’s Monday Again.  How did that happen?

Starting off the week on our toes – important especially since tomorrow is a very important Holiday

it’s about


Wuv – Twu Wuv

But Today…. is NOT!  

Today I give you a scene from The Princess Bride, one of my All Time Favorite Movies.  Ever. Ever Ever.

Tomorrow we can do love…today is about a battle of the wits and a gentle reminder that … well

Arrogance kills.  No not really except for Vinizzi here. 

We all have our specialness  and it’s great to know our own strengths 

But if we could all do the same things and were special for the same things…who would do the other things and who would be special?  

The moral of today’s mental moment:

Our abilities and special things do not make us better than each other,  and there is nothing quite as satisfying then to be yourself and knock  the arrogant idiot with the inflated sense of self importance and false entitlement right off his high horse without even trying.

Just saying ..     🙂

To your Mental State, whatever it may be.

Lizzie Cracked (not broken)

The scene continues and it comes to light that Dread Pirate Roberts is actually immune to the particular poison in question due to training with it and Vizzini, in his arrogance, did not consider the option, to him it was INCONCEIVABLE that someone could outwit him.   


8 thoughts on “Not so Inconceivable! Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had occasion to use the “land war in Asia” line over the years.
    Another great clip, lizziec! Hope your mental state is good.

  2. I definitely have to watch this movie from beginning to end. I’ve only see parts of it. I enjoyed this clip!. The dialogue is so rich and I can see how it’s one of those movies you can watch a bunch of times and always notice something new!

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